BOS - February 1, 2000

BOS - February 1, 2000

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Board of Selectmen
Workshop Minutes – February 1, 2000

1. Call to Order

The workshop was called to order at 7:00PM.

In attendance, Betty Therrien, Rob Guiou, Tom Navaroli, and Norm MacNeill. Also in attendance, Tom Mattson from the Blackstone Valley Tribune

2. Capital Planning Committee Appointments

Tom Navaroli made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to appoint the following individuals to the Capital Planning Committee:

Glenn Gilbert – 1 year term
Betty Therrien - 1 year term
Edward Therrien - 1 year term
Tony Gressak – 1 year term
Don Gonynor – 1 year term
Bob Saster – 2 year term
Mitch Cohen – 2 year term
Paula Brouillette – 3 year term
Shirley Mosczynski – 3 year term

With the remaining two openings will each be for a 1 year term. Vote Unanimous

2. Review of Town Administrators Goals

It was agreed that as soon as possible at one of our next meetings, we would discuss the original goals that were given to Norm MacNeill and make adjustments because of the amount of time that he has been spending helping the School Building Committee and Finance Committee prepare for the proposed school building project. Tom Navaroli asked that we try to arrange it so that he can be present; he would notify Betty on Wednesday February 2, 2000 of his upcoming schedule. The idea is to set a workshop for Wednesday night February 9th or the 15th to discuss Norm MacNeill’s Goals, Water and Sewer project and discuss with Louise Redding the idea of a Municipal Finance Department and a contract for the Town Accountant.

3. Town Administrators Annual Review

Betty Therrien reminded the Board that it was time to begin the annual review process of the Town Administrator that is due in April; she will forward forms to begin the process.

4. Creation of a Municipal Finance Department - Discussion of Chapter 43C

A discussion took place about implementing MGL Chapter 43C. It was the general consensus that it would be good to implement a Municipal Finance Department and that the Board should begin working on presenting a ballot question and preparing a new by-law for presentation at the Annual Town Meeting in May 2001.

Norm MacNeill will obtain copies of by-laws from towns that have already implemented MGL Chapter 43C for our review. He will also draft possible ballot questions for our review.

5. Town Accountant Contract

A discussion took place about the Town entering into a three-year employment agreement with the Town Accountant. All parties had questions. It was agreed that we would invite Louise Redding into a workshop on the 9th or 15th to discuss our concerns with her. Some of the issues needing discussion are termination clauses, transition period for new hire, definition of assets, salary, benefits and policies documentation.

6. Municipal Finance Software

A brief discussion of the software that is being used for accounting took place. It is not a true network product and has caused some restraints. The need to form a Task Group to review other products available was discussed. Also who would be on this Task Group. This is something that may possibly need to be contracted out.

7. School Building Project

The Board agreed to support bringing a ballot back to the people to address the Water Sewer Project and the Renovation of the Old Elementary School. It was the Board’s belief that the voters were confused because of the vagueness of the articles and that they did not understand them. The Board agreed that they would let the School Committee and the School Building Committee know that the Board are all in agreement that everyone needs to listen to the voters and to present the questions in a more detailed structure and to let people know what a yes vote says and what a no vote says.

8. Adjournment

Tom Navaroli made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to adjourn the meeting at 9:37 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty A. Therrien, Chairwoman
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