BOS - February 22, 2000

BOS - February 22, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Workshop
Municipal Center
Tuesday, February 29, 2000 at 7:00pm

1. Call to Order

2. Land Acquisition Fund

3. Selectmen;s FY01 Budget

4. Animal Inspector Appoinrment

5. Adjournment
Board Of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 22, 2000

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:38PM. In attendance Tom Navaroli, Betty Therrien, Ron Forget, and Norm MacNeill. Joint meeting with Dick Vanden Berg, Marylynne Dube, Richard Preston, Ernie Marks, and Chris Anderson. Also in attendance, Betty Ann McCallum, Keith Whittaker, Linda Brown, Shirley Mosczynski, and Maria Chesley.

2. Joint Meeting With Planning Board – Vote to Fill Planning Board Vacancy

There were three candidates for Planning Board: Linda Brown, Dan Podolsky, and Keith Whittaker.

Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to nominate Keith Whittaker to the Planning Board until May. Vote Unanimous.

Tom Navaroli made a motion, seconded by Betty Therrien, to appoint Linda Brown to Planning Board until May. Vote Tom Navaroli and Betty Therrien Aye; Ron Forget Nay.

3. Discussion of Proposed Town Engineer and Planning and Conservation Agent Positions

Norm MacNeill was looking for preliminary consensus before moving forward. There is no doubt that there is some need for the position. Planning Board, a member of Conservation Commission, and the Board of Selectmen reviewed the job descriptions. Norm feels the Town should want a professional background, credentials, knowledge of the process, and someone who can answer questions and direct them. By having an agent, the department will be able to streamline bringing businesses in. Ron Forget stated he doesn’t want to see the boards shoving work off to the agent, but wants to see the agent as a facilitator for business.

Mark Bloomfield in at 7:10PM.

The Boards looked at the salary survey. The Planning Board asked that the Board of Selectmen allow them to discuss the positions and they will let them know.

4. Conservation Commission Appointment

Norm MacNeill asked that the board ratify the appointment of Ralph Dudley to the Conservation Commission. However, in order for an employee to serve all commission members must be made special municipal employees.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to make all Conservation Commission members special municipal employees. Vote Unanimous.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to ratify Ralph Dudley’s appointment to the Conservation Commission. Vote Unanimous.

5. Supplemental Snow Authorization

The snow account has statutorily allowed deficit spending and that is the case right now.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to declare a snow emergency and to authorize spending up to $10,000 for snow removal. Vote Unanimous.

6. MMA Consulting Group – EMS Study 7PM

Mark Morris and Phil Mcloughlin performed a quick EMS study. Their mission was to take the Chief’s proposal and advise the Board. MMACG spoke with all parties and looked at response times and whether Douglas is getting coverage. MMACG believes the Chief has a good plan and it can be supported by the Town and it can save lives. Douglas needs a whole plan with trained paramedics during the day, but not 24hrs. MMACG recommends having BLS during the daytime with a goal of ALS during the day. Douglas needs to seriously reduce the response time. The Fire Station should help this. MMACG discussed the probable command structure as being the Chief remaining the same, the EMS coordinator remaining the same, and the paramedic oversight being handled at Milford and the quality of skills reviewed regionally. There is no need to change structure right now, but may grow in the years to come. MMACG feels the community will be able to fund it. The Board was in consensus. Chief Gonyor will now go back and create a budget using MMACG’s recommendations.

7. Louise Redding

On March 1, 2000 Louise Redding will have been Town Accountant for twenty years. Ms. Redding initiated a discussion about setting up a contract. The state mandates a minimum of 3-year appointment for a Town Accountant and a maximum of a 5-year contract. Having a contract with Ms. Redding buys a commitment from her until the end of the contract period. Tom Navaroli discussed having the assets spelled out in the contract and to have a figure not to exceed in regards to professional dues and membership. Norm MacNeill will meet with Louise and Tom Navaroli will e-mail Norm MacNeill with any more changes. The Board will go over an updated contract on the 29th.

8. First Refusal Right – Manchaug

The appraisal has been received. A formal report will follow in 30 days. The valuation is set at $185,000. They determined it to have six lots with minimum acreage and frontage. Marylynne Dube volunteered to go and record it at the registrar of deeds if the Board exercises its right.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to proceed with exercising their first right of refusal and record the deed subject to affirmation by a May Town Meeting and May Ballot. Vote Unanimous. If not approved, then the Board will do nothing else.

9. Land Acquisition Fund

Tabled until next Tuesday.

10. Selectmen’s FY01 Budget

Tabled until next Tuesday.

11. New Business

Discussion occurred around the possibility of the school renovation passing and the portables being leased/purchased: If the School Committee goes forward and the Town passes the renovation project at a special election will that give us too much space? The ballot question gives the Board the authorization to spend the money, but they do not have to spend it. The Board also discussed the need to further look into and discuss the ramifications of the school’s possible decision.

12. Adjournment

At 10:50PM, Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to adjourn, Vote Unanimous.

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