BOS - March 15, 2000

BOS - March 15, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Workshop Minutes
Wednesday, March 15, 2000

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7PM. In attendance, Rob Guiou, Ron Forget, Tom Navaroli, Mark Bloomfield, and Norm MacNeill. Also in attendance, Shirley Mosczynski, Leon Mosczynski, Lisa Mosczynski, Chief Foley, Edward Therrien, Tom Mattson, Marylynne Dube, and several townspeople.

2. Waiver of First Refusal Right –Northwest Main St. (Susan Mosczynski) – 7PM

This issue concerns two pieces of property on NW Main Street and Oak Street owned by Susan Mosczynski. They have been reviewed by conservation and planning and have been determined to be unbuildable lots.

Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to waive the Town of Douglas’ first right of refusal. Vote Unanimous.

3. Assignment of 1st Refusal Right to Metacomet Land Trust – Wallum Lake Road. (Gerald Dyer) – CANCELLED – NOTICE WITHDRAWN

Two days ago Mr. Dyer withdrew his notice of intent to sell at this time. Norm MacNeill said it was a missed opportunity for the Town to develop a relationship with Metacomet and noted he would like to see the Town work with Metacomet in the future.

4. Ratification of Appointment – Cliff Van Reed to the Economic Development Commission – 7:05PM

Norm MacNeill is looking for ratification of the appointment of Cliff Van Reed to the EDC. Mr. Van Reed is a realtor who has interest in property on the western side of town for commercial use. The EDC has expressed interest in having a realtor on the commission. Mr. Van Reed attended their meeting on Monday and they all came to a mutual agreement.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to ratify the appointment of Cliff Van Reed to the Economic Development Commission. Vote Unanimous.

5. Dale Road – 7:05PM

There is a question of whether or not this road has been abandoned by the Town. There is no record of the Board of Selectmen going through the abandonment process. Town Counsel feels it remains a public way unless the owners (Mosczysnkis) go to land court and prove otherwise. Currently, there is a barrier blocking the public way. According to the Mosczynskis, the road has been blocked for at least thirty-five years by a barbed wire fence and now there is other debris blocking the road. The road goes entirely through Susan and Shirley Mosczynski’s property. Edward “Buff” Therrien said that it is a town road and has not been given up. He also said that the Town needs to follow through and find out further about the road. Possible uses he suggests could be for walking or as a go-through. The Highway Department has received complaints about it. It could eventually be a new road.

Rob Guiou suggested that it could be used as a fire road. The Mosczynskis reported that the road would need a lot of work to become a real road. Tom Navaroli believes that the Town needs to keep town-owned land and set a precedent in doing so.

Keith Langer, attorney for the Mosczynskis, presented further information to the Board. He stated that on January 12, 1976, Article 9 on the Special Town Meeting, the Town voted to approve a map and town road list. Dale Road was on neither document. He therefore believes the road was deemed abandoned by the Town Meeting. The road did appear on a later street list, but he believes that it was an anomaly. He further restated that all of the physical evidence combined with the documents from independent sources and no town records shows that the road is abandoned.

Buff Therrien asked Betty Ann McCallum, Town Clerk, about the road being left off the street list. She said it was just a typo.

The Board has no legal right to give up the road because it needs to go to Town Meeting for a vote. There are two courses of action that can occur: Land Court or Receiving the petition, having the Board refer the matter to the Planning Board, and then have the Board act on the report they receive from the Planning Board.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to refer this matter to the Planning Board for a review and a report to the Board of Selectmen. Vote Unanimous.

The Mosczynskis were told by the Board that they could leave the fence up until this matter is resolved.

6. Ground Water Issue at 104 North St. (Charles McCallum) – 7:10PM

Mr. McCallum borders the Colonial Estates development and when his neighbor put in a swimming pool, ground water was re-routed under his house and has been causing severe damage to his home. Mr. McCallum contacted the Building Commissioner, Conservation, and Buff Therrien because he has lived in this house for 46 years and all of a sudden he has a water problem. The Board agreed that this was a terrible problem that Mr. McCallum is dealing with, but the Town feels it did not create the problem, the neighbor’s pool did. Norm MacNeill reminded the Board that they had visited this issue last May. Last May, the Board concluded it was not the Town’s problem and that it was between neighbors and the developer of Colonial Estates. The Board advised Mr. McCallum that he should look into going to Small Claims Court.

7. Availability of Building at 6 North Street – 7:20PM
Taken out of order after the budget reviews.
Alternative Unlimited owns a building on 6 North Street and approached Norm MacNeill last week regarding possible uses of the building. The building was donated to them some time ago and they have not utilized it yet. The building is in good shape with a new roof, new windows, sprinkler system, and is divided into two spaces. The Board went on to discuss possible uses: Municipal, Commercial, or School. Adelle Reynolds, Building Commissioner, looked into the issue further and came up with a few ideas on the school side. The Board decided to refer the issue to School Committee for their review. The Board also decided to allow Norm MacNeill to open a dialogue with Alternatives Unlimited. Chair of the School Committee, Larry Jeznach, said the school committee would act aggressively.

8. FY01 Budget Review With Departments – 7:30PM
• Overview – 7:30PM
Norm MacNeill discussed the basics around the budget. Five departments are present to present their budgets to the Board.
• Highway – 7:40PM
Buff Therrien believes that whatever the Town gives to the schools and Police Department, the Highway Department should get. Therefore, he believes everyone in the Highway Department should get a 3% cost of living increase. Buff Therrien went through each line item and answered any questions. Overall there is a 4% increase.
• Fire – 7:50PM
There is a significant increase proposed in this department. A Full-time chief, a clerk, new radios, antenna, etc. are proposed for next year. Norm MacNeill relayed that the Town has made a significant investment in the department in the form of a Fire Station and making the Chief Full-time is consistent with the Town’s previous actions. Mark Bloomfield agreed with making the Chief Full-time and that the Highway Department should change the vacancy that the Chief going to Full-time would create to a laborer to offset some of the cost of the full-time salary.
• EMS – 8:00PM
The biggest increase in this department is for full-time staff. Also, there is a need for more training. Norm MacNeill discussed the Town’s need to improve response time and believes this department should be a priority.

• Building – 8:10PM
Adelle Reynolds, the Building Commissioner, went over the budget. There are no significant increases.
• Police – 8:20PM
There is a proposed increase in Part-time dispatchers to include four more 4-hour shifts. Also, there is a need for more overtime for officers’ to attend court hearings. Gasoline could be an issue if the price continues to rise. The Police Department utilizes many grant programs to aid in paying for departmental needs. Norm MacNeill believes that this is a solid budget that he would like to see maintained with minimal cuts.

9. Personnel Bylaws – RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 28th

10. Opening STM Warrant – 8:30PM

With the passage of the Water/Sewer plan upgrade design ballot question, the Board needs to set a prompt town meeting. It would have to be 14 days from the close of the warrant. Norm MacNeill suggested an April 17th Special Town Meeting.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to open the warrant for a Special Town Meeting to be held on April 17th. Vote Unanimous.

11. New Business

The Old Elementary renovation project passed at the ballot. How should Norm proceed? The natural course of action would be to file a notice with the central register, create a RFP for architects, and create a 5-member building committee that would get under way by next Tuesday. The timeline needs to be changed to be school year 2001 instead of February 2001 to reflect the delay in the start in the project. SBA may change their reimbursement at the end of the month which could be a plus.

The Board needs to sit down with the School Committee to look at immediate space needs. Ron Forget feels the Board failed to inform the public. The Board decided to set up a workshop with the School Committee on Monday, March 20, 2000 at 8PM to discuss space needs.

Lynlee Fertal asked the status of the School Building Committee. The Board agreed the SBC should proceed in order to meet the timelines this month and in the next. Mitch Cohen stated that there are three vacancies and suggested they be filled with Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee.

Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to give another vote of confidence to the School Building Committee Members who are willing to remain on board. Vote Ron Forget and Tom Navaroli Aye; Mark Bloomfield Nay, Rob Guiou Abstain; Motion Carries.

At 9:47PM, Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to go into Executive Session, to discuss possible pending litigation, and not to reconvene into regular session. Mark Bloomfield Aye, Rob Guiou Aye, Ron Forget Aye, and Tom Navaroli Aye.

12. Adjournment

At 9:59PM, Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Ron Forget, to leave Executive Session and not reconvene into regular session. Vote Unanimous.

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