BOS - April 5, 2000

BOS - April 5, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2000

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM. In attendance, Ron Forget, Rob Guiou, Tom Navaroli, Mark Bloomfield, Betty Therrien, and Norm MacNeill. Also in attendance, Sharon Brotherton and Walter Bird.

2. MCNConnect Contract

Mark Bloomfield chose not to do any further research on it.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to enter into a contract for WAN with MCN. Vote Unanimous; Mark Bloomfield abstain.

3. Completion of FY01 Budget Recommendations – Budgets Held:

• Treasurer

Sharon Brotherton explained her pay increase was a salary adjustment, not a percentage increase. She completed a salary survey with 18 comparable towns and following the same rules as other new positions. Discussion about qualities of other towns in survey. Sharon Brotherton agreed to spreading the adjustment over two years.

Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to approve the increase to the Treasurer’s salary for $5,000 over the next two years or $2500 per year with a promise to address all other elected officials (Clerk, Collector, Assessors, etc.) adjustments as well. Vote Rob Guiou aye, Mark Bloomfield aye, and Tom Navaroli aye; Ron Forget oppose, Betty Therrien oppose.

Tom Navaroli made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to approve the Treasurer’s budget as amended. Vote Unanimous.

• Technology

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Tom Navaroli, to approve the Technology budget. Vote Unanimous.

• Water/Sewer

Rob Guiou talked to Tony Gressak about the increase in salaries. He explained it was a cost of living raise and a merit raise combined.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to approve the Water Sewer Enterprise Fund budget at $599,754. Vote Unanimous.

Rob Guiou stated that the Town should give 3% to everyone. Betty Therrien stated she wants a professional firm to come in and do a salary survey. Norm MacNeill was directed to get prices for a classification study.

1. Executive Administrator’s Annual Evaluation

The Board presented to Norm MacNeill the review they have compiled together. Board discussed Norm MacNeill’s Annual Evaluation with him and he will take this initial evaluation and make comments. There was discussion about the overall evaluation possibly being too low in comparison to all the areas evaluated combined.

Rob Guiou made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to move Norm MacNeill’s overall evaluation to meets requirements. Vote Unanimous.

The Board will meet with Norm MacNeill on April 18th to finalize the evaluation.

Mark Bloomfield out at 8:50PM.

2. New Business

Derek Brown discussed the need to have an authority structure that outlines clearly who reports to Norm and who relates to him. He discussed this with the Board briefly.

There is now an opening on the School Building Committee with Rose Ellis’ departure. It was discussed that it would be natural for Jeff Marsden to take over the spot.

3. Adjournment

At 9:11, Ron Forget made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to adjourn. Vote Unanimous.

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