BOS - August 8, 2000

BOS - August 8, 2000

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Resource Room
Tuesday, August 8, 2000 at 7:00pm

1. Call to Order
2. Chairman’s Announcements
3. Demonstration of GeoTMS Permits Management System
4. Acceptance of Minutes
5. Chapter 61 Mosczynski Waiver
6. Appointment of Octoberfest Committee
7. Special Town Meeting Schedule
8. Finance Committee Request to Discuss Debt Management Policies
9. Mosquito Control
10. Transfer Station Fees
11. Old Elementary School Stabilization
12. Land Purchases
13. Executive Administrator’s Report
14. New Business
15. Adjournment

Upcoming Meetings

• August 22 - Regular Meeting
• September 5 – Special Meeting
September 12 – Regular Meeting

Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
August 22, 2000
7 p.m.

Present: Tom Navaroli, Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Buff Therrien

1. Call to Order - 7:02 p.m.
2. Chairman’s Announcements
• Mosquito control and steps to take
 Treatment of stagnant water
 Joining of mosquito control district
 Spraying (town and state land would be effected)
• Ed Therrien reported that the catch basins in town are being treated and will be finished this week.
3. Acceptance of Minutes – August 8, 2000
• Corrections need to be made
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the August 8, 2000 minutes as corrected, seconded by Rich Preston.
4. Appointments
• Library Building Committee
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the individuals and charges as presented for the term of the project, seconded by Ron Forget.
 VOTE: All in favor
• Special Police Officer and Animal Control Officer – Jay O’Connor
 Ron Forget moved to accept Jay O’Connor’s renewal as a special police officer and an animal control officer, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski.
 VOTE: All in favor
• Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Committee
 This is an agency that many towns in our region belong to
 Douglas can appoint two members because of our population
 The primary delegate is named by and must be a member of the Planning Board
 We can choose a member of the Board of Selectmen or a resident of Douglas
 Rich Preston volunteered to be the representative
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to appoint Richard Preston as the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Committee Representative, seconded by Buff Therrien
• Capital Improvements Committee
 Terri Feuersanger
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to appoint Terri Feuersanger as a member of the Capital Improvements Committee, seconded by Rich Preston
 VOTE: All in favor
• Representative to Joint Purchase Group for Health Insurance Board of Directors
 Douglas is among thirteen towns to join this program
 As a participant, we are entitled to have a representative of to the Board of Directors.
 The Board agreed to put this item off until the September 12th meeting
5. Capital Planning Committee
• Paula Brouillette announced that the committee will not be ready to present their plan in October due to the School Department.
• Don Jacobs is working on development of the Capital Plan for school. The Capita Plan will be ready November, December or January.
• The committee will be doing a municipal building review on September 7th and a tour on the 30th.
6. Mumford River Property
• Alternatives, Inc is the owner of this building. It was donated a few years ago. Dennis Rice was attended the meeting to represent Alternatives, Inc.
• The building would be used to support development of a small riverfront park area, anchored by a multi-cultural community and arts learning center, including a community theater
• A “river walk” along the Mumford River is a plan
• Town Roles
 Apply for funding
 Provide technical assistance in the site planning and development
• Dennis Rice (representative for Alternatives, Inc.)
 Alternatives, Inc. has put out $20 thousand on a feasibility study in Whitinsville, and if Douglas shows an interest in the project, it might be included in the study.
 Looking to improve social position in the community
 Redefine community
 Alternatives, Inc. will decide if they will sell the building by the end of September.
• Christine Anderson (resident and property owner near building)
 Critical to have “arts group” that wants to have a home or a base
• Norman MacNeill (Executive Administrator)
 Plan to integrate sites behind Main Street. This could serve as stimulus to retain and restore the character of East Douglas
• Looking for an indication from the Board to support a partnership with Alternatives, Inc.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to endorse exploration of the partnership between Town of Douglas and Alternatives, Inc., seconded by Ron Forget.
 Vote: Tom Navaroli aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye, Ron Forget aye, Buff Therrien aye, Rich Preston abstained
7. Spirit of Douglas Logo Contest
• Angela Ernenwein presented the Board with a contest sponsored by the Web Development Team
• A new logo would be used for the Town of Douglas Web Site and may eventually be used for printed materials
 The deadline is Tuesday, September 12th at 4 p.m.
 Original artwork must be used
 Computer generated or hard copy
 Bring, send or fax it to the Selectmen's Office
• Board of Selectmen will have the final vote on winning logo
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to endorse the proposal, seconded by Rich Preston.
 VOTE: All in favor
8. October 11 STM Articles
 Warrant close date is 9/26/00
• Senior Work off Program
 Excepting provisions of Chapter 59 section 5k of Massachusetts General Laws
 Work off program for residents over 60 in exchange to reduction of property taxes up to $500
 This item will be brought up again at the September 12th meeting
• Town Collectors Certification Compensation Account
 Transfer of $1000 to this account
 Tom Navaroli had a concern regarding the Town Collector’s certification which is expiring 12/31/00
(a) Her re-certification program starts in September 2000
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the article submitted by the collector, seconded by Ron Forget.
 VOTE: All in favor
• Funding for Dump Truck Lease
 Five year lease for Highway Department Dump Truck Lease
 Ron Forget moved to put the Dump Truck Lease article on warrant, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski
 VOTE: Tom Navaroli aye, Rich Preston aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye, Ron Forget aye, Buff Therrien abstained.
9. Sign the Lease for Dump Truck
 At the end of the fifth payment, the town will own the truck.
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the lease /purchase resolution as presented, seconded by Ron Forget
 VOTE: Tom Navaroli aye, Rich Preston aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye, Ron Forget aye, Buff Therrien abstained.
10. Chapter 61 Procedure
 Angela Ernenwein presented the Board with a Chapter 61 Procedure and Certified Letter.
• This should be on Town of Douglas letterhead
 There was discussion about courtesy copies to the town clerk, whether it can be requested or not.
 This form will be circulated to other departments that would be involved for their input.
 This procedure and letter should cover Chapters 61, 61a and 61b
11. Snow Plowing Policies
• Postponed to the next meeting (9/12/00)
12. Executive Administrator’s Report
• October 21st Special Town Meeting
 Schedule of Meetings leading to the Special Town Meeting
 Norm MacNeill presented the proposed schedule for October 21st STM on School Construction Project
• Goals Workshop
 Postponed until next meeting (9/12/00)
• Grove and West Street
 Obstruction of view at intersecting point of Grove and West Street
 State statute requires land owner to remove any obstructions
 Extend invitation for these property owners to join the next meeting on 9/12/00.
13. New Business
• Angela Ernenwein
 Town Clerk requests that the Board of Selectmen sign warrant for state primary
• Buff Therrien
 Discussed that the Town Clerk and the Moderator should be consulted regarding Special Town Meeting dates.
 Ron Forget questioned when we would be voting on the Route 146 overlay
 Rich Preston stated that he has been trying to get another camera for the Planning Room.
 Buff Therrien also questioned about the land on Davis Street
• Norman MacNeill responded that he was planning to speak with Mr. Tusino at the end of this week
14. Adjournment
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to adjourn at 10:15 pm, seconded by Ron Forget

Respectfully submitted,

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