BOS - September 12, 2000

BOS - September 12, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Meeting
Resource Room
Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 6:00 PM

1. Call to Order
2. Executive Session on Litigation and Land Acquisition – 6:00 PM
3. Chairman’s Announcements – 7:00 PM
4. Acceptance of Minutes – August 22, 2000
5. Appointments
• Representative to Joint Purchase Group for Health Insurance Board of Directors – Norman MacNeill
6. Presentation of Staff Finance Team
7. Notice of Intent to Layout Roads – Springmeadow
8. Limousine License
9. Ballot Date – October 26th
10. October 11 STM Articles
• Mosquito Control – Meeting with Board of Health
• Cemetery – Meeting with John Manning, Cemetery Commissioner
• Thermal Imaging Camera – Chief Gonyor
• Senior Work Off Program – Meeting with Board of Assessors
• Wireless Communications
• Adult Entertainment
• Prior Year Bills
11. Use of Town Property – Girl Scout Leaders
12. Smith Hill Estates – Release of Security
13. New Business
14. Adjournment

Upcoming Meetings

• September 20 – Special Meeting with School Committee
• September 26 – Regular Meeting (close warrants for 10/11 & 10/21 STM’s)
• October 10 – Regular Meeting
• October 11 – Special Town Meeting
Board of Selectmen Meeting
September 12, 2000 at 7 PM

1. Call to order at 7:35 PM


2. October 11 STM Articles
• Mosquito Control – Meet with Board of Health
 The Board of Health recommends the use of pellets.
 Angela Ernenwein stated that the district that we would become a part of, looks at may different methods of mosquito controls. It is a year round project.
 Ron Forget questioned area towns and states being a part of this district spraying.
Angela responded that the method is still has a level of effectiveness without these communities joining.
• Cemetery – Meting with John Manning, Cemetery Commissioner
 John questioned the item being on Special Town Meeting ***
• Thermal Imaging Camera – Don Gonyor, Fire Chief
 Requesting $2,000 for thermal imaging camera be left on the October 11th warrant for insurance
 Fire Station has reached goal by fundraising
 Total cost of the camera is $20, 000

3. Chairman’s Announcements
• Commended the Fire Chief regarding the successful open house for Douglas’ new fire station on Sunday, September 10th

4. Presentation of Staff Finance Team
• Norman MacNeill, Don Jacobs and Louise Redding presented a financial analysis of the School Construction Project to the Board
• There will be two public hearing regarding options for the School Building Projects (“H” or “C”) held on September 13 at 6:30 PM and September 16 at 10:00 AM
• Tom Navaroli requested a summary level of Finance Team’s recommendations
 Don Jacobs stated that he did not feel comfortable as a team to put out a final conclusion, but he did feel that this is managable
 Norman MacNeill stated the projection illustrated that there is no way to avoid the extra operating cost in the school
 Louise Redding stated that affordability is an individual decision because the information is all there.
• Tom Navarolli collectively summarized the information for the public
• The Finance Team will be available at the Town Meeting for clarification

5. Acceptance of Minutes – August 22, 2000
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the August 22, 2000 minutes as amended, seconded by __________________
 VOTE: All in favor

6. Appointments
• Norman MacNeill asked of the Board’s appointment of him to the Health Insurance Joint Purchase Group to serve on the Board of Directors.
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to appoint Norman MacNeill to the Health Insurance Joint Purchase Group to serve on the Board of Directors, seconded by Ron Forget
 VOTE: All in favor

7. Notice of Intent to Layout Roads – SpringMeadow (skip)

8. Limousine License
• Resident wants to provide limousine service transportation to and from Logan Airport. MassPort requires the town to sign off.
• There is currently no application process
• Looking at license to come before the board on September 26th
• Angela Ernenwein presented a sample procedure, letter and applications to the Board
• The Bylaw states a $10 fee per car
 Angela Ernenwein questioned the application fee
 Based on administrative cost and if the vehicle is housed in town or out of Town
• Recommendation from Board is to have the applicant fill out the application forms we have now, but discuss the fee during the next meeting.

9. Ballot Date – October 26th
• Mitch Cohen approached the Board with a preferred Ballot date of October 26th, due to a variety of issues
• State statute states that the Town Clerk has to be informed in writing of ballot date and working of ballot 35 days prior (by September 21st)
• The Board will take the item under advisement

10. October 11th STM Articles (continued)
• Senior Work Off Program
 Assessors recommendation of changes is in agenda package
 Assessors will be at the Town Meeting to sponsor this
• Prior Year Bills
 This has been under discussion with CME
 This is the last act before payment of outside engineer services
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the request to be put on the Warrant, seconded by Ron Forget
 VOTE: All in favor
• Wireless Communication Bylaw
 Presented by Rich Preston
 Our current bylaw will expire ante there will be nothing “on the books”
 Expanded the new bylaw
 A public hearing for the two new bylaws will be on September 26th at 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM
• Adult entertainment Bylaw
 Recommendation in the Master Plan for an adult bylaw
 Currently, by law, you cannot prohibit adult entertainment in entirety
 Without a bylaw, any adult entertainment can be in any commercial area in the town
 The use would not be by right, but by permit from the Planning Board and would be under conditions

11. Use of Town Property – Girl Scout Leaders
• Elizabeth Davis presented a request, asking to use facilities for a monthly Girl Scout leaders meeting.
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve____________

12. Smith Hill Estates (withdrew)

13. Executive Administrator’s Report
• Norman MacNeill requested to withdraw himself

14. New Business
• Richard Preston inquired about an “Entering Douglas” sign to be posted on Gilboa Street
 Norman MacNeill responded and will raise the issue at the next Community Development meeting
• Shirley Mosczynski stated that the Blackstone Valley Heritage Condor is conducting a canoe trip from Worcester to Providence, along the Blackstone River, from September 20th to the 23rd.
• Tom Navaroli requested to set workshop and next executive session dates
 Goals Workshop will be held October 3rd
 Snowplowing Workshop will be held October 3rd
 Executive Session will be held October 3rd
• The next meeting will be with the School Committee on September 20th

15. Adjournment
• Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 PM, seconded by Buff Therrien
 VOTE: All in favor

Respectfully submitted,

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