BOS - September 26, 2000

BOS - September 26, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Meeting
September 26, 2000 at 7 PM

1. Call to Order at 7:04 PM
2. Chairman’s Announcements
• Douglas Cultural Council accepting applications for FY01 grants.
3. Article # 5 within the October 11 Special Town Meeting Warrant
• Community Development Office Renovations
 There was a removal of a wall, painted offices, and a counter put in.
 Plans to request for the board to recommend this project in the amount of $12,750 at Special Town Meeting
 Adelle Reynolds requested the remainder of the funds needed for completion of the project
 Tom Navaroli questioned how long this project would take for completion.
• Adelle Reynolds stated that it would definitely with in thirty days.
 Shirley Mosczynski questioned Adelle Reynolds if she felt that it would take the whole $7,252 to complete the project.
• Adelle stated that Old Colony would probably help them out because of the amount of ordering we’re doing from them.
 Shirley Mosczynski motioned to place the article on the Warrant as a sum of money, with the understanding that it will be amended on the town floor and understanding of getting firm estimates before the Special Town Meeting, seconded by Rich Preston.
• VOTE: All in Favor
 Rich Preston questioned the status of the project
• Adelle Reynolds stated that there is painting and moving furniture to be done. But every department is able to work.
4. Pole Petition
• Roger Martinsen presented a pole petition for Franklin Street to the Board of Selectmen
• Ron Forget moved to accept this as presented, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski.
 Vote: All in favor
5. Smith Hill Estates - Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer
• The developer is requesting the release of a bond that the Board has in the amount of $13,000.
• Attached in the agenda package is an estimate of the work that Bill Cundiff felt has to be done
 Strictly for drainage structure and info structure
• Bill Cundiff suggested that we do not reduce or release the bond
• The town should be credited because we had done what the developer should have done.
• Shirley Mosczynski made a motion to approve the recommendation of the town engineer, not to release any of the bond, as presented, seconded by Ron Forget
 Vote: All in Favor
• Shirley Mosczynski questioned if Ed Therrien should abstain from the vote due to this item being in his department area.
 Tom Navaroli suggested that we look into it with Town Council, but he thought it wasn’t a problem.
7. Shirley Mosczynski motion to reconvene into an open session, seconded by Ron Forget
• Roll Call: Tom Navaroli aye, Rich Preston aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye, Ron Forget aye, Ed Therrien aye
• Rich Preston noted that the Planning Board has reworded the Adult Entertainment Bylaw
8. Order of Taking
• Tom Navaroli stated that there will be one more week of negotiation
9. October 11 STM Warrant
• Article 1 – Cemetery, no changes, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 2 – Sign Account, no changes, not recommended by Finance Committee
 Finance Committee recommended to pull the item from warrant
• Article 3 – Lease of Highway Dump Truck, no change, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 4 – Town Collector’s Compensation, wording change – it will be the town collector’s salary account, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 5 – Community Development Office Renovations, no change, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 6 – Prior Year Bills, clarifying language, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 7 - Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-off Abatement Program, no changes, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 8 – Administration of the Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-off Abatement Program, no changes, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 9 – Larvicide Applications, no changes, not recommended by Finance Committee
 Finance Committee recommended to pull the item from the warrant
• Article 10 – Mosquito Control, no changes, not recommended by the Finance Committee
• Article 11 – Wireless Communications Bylaw, no changes, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 12 – Adult Entertainment Bylaw, word changes, recommended by Finance Committee
• Article 13 – Acceptance of Sandra Circle, Tucker Circle, and Marilyn Drive
 Mr. Cundiff, Town Engineer, inspected and saw that there has been no changes made.
 Note that the Planning Board does not recommend this item
 Ron Forget made a motion to remove article 13 from warrant, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski
• Vote: All in Favor
• Rich Preston made a motion to approve the warrant as it was presented and as amended, seconded by Ron Forget.
 Vote: All in Favor
10. Executive Administrator’s Report
• Proposal to invite three groups to meet with facilitator and discuss the roles and relationships between these groups
 Board of Selectmen
 School Committee
 Finance Committee and Finance Team
• Tom Navaroli questioned target dates for this meeting
 Norman MacNeill stated that it would be either very soon, or it will be held off until December.
 Norman MacNeill stated that if the Board were willing to commit, then he would find a date that will comply.
• Board of Health wants to meet with the Board of Selectmen about a pay-per-bag program for the transfer station.
 Recommended to get all of the information before a date is decided
 November meetings, if not convenient, pick an off day to meet
11. Limousine License
• Tabled until next meeting
12. New Business
• Rich Preston stated that he is looking into wiring for sound in the Planning Board Meeting Room (mounting a camera in the room, which will be used to their discretion). The wires will run to the current cable room so the existing equipment can be used.
• Ed Therrien
 Commented that the Town Engineer should not be painting the offices when there are jobs to be done.
 Selectmen should be more involved in remodeling projects
 Evaluation of departments will cost $14,000. He questioned what exactly this was.
• Norman MacNeill noted that the objective of the personnel study is to review all non-bargaining positions. The study was approved as part of the upbringing budget for this year. The study is more than a salary survey.
• Ron Forget noted the discrepancies on what is required of the jobs, comparing to other towns.
• Ed Therrien commented on a light at the end of the building that is on 24 hours, which shines into a resident’s home.
 Tom Navaroli stated that it would be taken care of
• Rich Preston questioned some asphalt by the flag pole at the high school
 Ed Therrien stated that he would take care of it.
13. Adjournment
• Ed Therrien motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ron Forget at 10:10 PM
 Vote: All in favor

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