BOS - October 10, 2000

BOS - October 10, 2000

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
October 10, 2000 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Shirley Mosczynski, Ron Forget, Buff Therrien

1. Call to order at 7:01 PM

2. Chairman’s Announcements
• Douglas Octoberfest is on Saturday, October 14, 2000 starting at 9 AM. There will be a parade at 10 AM, and the Dunk Booth will start at 11 AM

3. Pole Petition
• Tom Navaroli opened a public hearing at 7:05 PM.
• Turned to the board and the audience for any questions regarding the pole petition
• Ron Forget moved to approve the pole petition as presented, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski
 Vote: All in favor
• Tom Navaroli closed the public hearing at 7:07 PM
• Pole #40 on Wallace Road will be moved back 3 feet.
• Roger Martinsen noted that there will be a child I.D. program at the Octoberfest

4. Signing of Land Agreement (taken out of order)
• Norman MacNeill presented a land agreement to the Board

5. Limousine License
• Angela Ernenwein presented this process to the Board
• Chief Foley requested to have the driver have a criminal background/vehicle check run on all applicants.
• Angela submitted two motions for the Board
 “Motion to approve a livery business license for Arrow Limousine Service, Inc. with the designated operator’s, John A. Blatchford, Jr., livery operator license subject to approval by Police Chief Patrick Foley after submittal of copies of his motor vehicle and criminal records.”
 “Motion to approve a livery business license for Douglas Limousine with the designated operators’, Billie-Jo and Mark Desmarais, livery operator licenses subject to approval by Police Chief Patrick Foley after submittal of copies of their motor vehicles and criminal records.”
• Ron Forget moved to approve motions which were submitted by Angela Ernenwein, seconded by Buff Therrien
 Vote: All in favor
• Billie Joe Desmarais paid the $10 fee for her license

6. Cable License Renewal
• Attorney Bill Hewig was present for this discussion of the process of Cable License Renewal
 Within 36 months the contract with Charter Communications will be expired
 The process takes 36 months. The town or Cable Company can open a public hearing for negotiations of renewal.
 The contract can be anywhere between 3 years and 10 years
• The process:
 Surveys: sets what residents are willing to pay and gets a sense of what people want and need from the Cable Company
 Public Hearings: gets people out and participating (schools, residents, departments heads such as churches, police chief, fire chief, etc.)
• There will definitely be a representative of the Cable Company that will attend these public hearings
• Tom Navaroli questioned whether we can bring in competition
 Bill Hewig answered yes, but the basis for non-renewal are limited
• The company is not complying with current license and did not comply after notice of this
• The company is not offering future cable related needs and financial feasibility for the town
• Tom Navaroli questioned whether internet access is negotiable with the license
 Bill Hewig stated that it is not of law for the company to provide this but the town can request for an upgrading of the system technology. This cost would be added in to rates.
 Paul Crandall stated that it is not economically feasible for the cable company
• Ron Forget questioned if all towns which are using the same cable company are paying the same price
 Bill Hewig stated that the costs vary from one town to the next because of different situations such as the age of the system in the town.
• Tom Navaroli questioned if we could go into a new license before the current license expires
 Bill Hewig stated that that it is a good idea to, because companies are pleased when that happens
• Bill Hewig stated that it is important to have an active and willing cable advisory committee of about 7-8 people.
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to accept the letter sent to residents, regarding the Cable License Renewal Proceedings, seconded by Ron Forget
 Vote: All in favor

7. Obstructed Intersection on Grove/West Street
• Norman MacNeill presented the Board with a letter to a resident to meet with him regarding this obstructed intersection
 Mr. Nedoroscik was asked to be present for the October 24 meeting
 The board requested for the town engineer’s recommendations for the October 24 meeting
• Buff Therrien questioned why the Highway Superintendent wasn’t included
 Norman MacNeill noted that this should have happened

8. Motions of October 11th STM Warrant
• Norman MacNeill stated that the moderator has reviewed and recommended the articles.
• Norman MacNeill stated that Ann Burgess would not be able to attend the Special Town Meeting because she is ill.
 Shirley Mosczynski agreed to make the motion that she was going to make
• Article 5 – “a sum of money” has been changed to $20,000
• The Board signed the Election Ballot

9. Snow Plow Policies
• Norman MacNeill suggested reconsidering policy to delay implementation, lower percentage requirements or due away with the policy completely.
• Tom Navaroli stated that we have over-legalized the policy
• Tom Navaroli questioned if this effected the process for petitioning to become a public way
 Ron Forget requested to start looking into what it will take to bring these streets up to public ways.
 Shirley Mosczynski requested for input from the Engineer on what needs to be done to do this.
• Ron Forget motioned to rescind the snow plowing policies as submitted, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski
 Vote: All in favor, Buff Therrien abstained

10. Executive Administrator’s Report
• Fire Pumper Tanker bid was awarded to Pierce.
• Bids are currently out for the recreation fields.
• Library Building Committee has selected an architect and is working through the contract

11. New Business
• Buff Therrien
 Youngs Road (off of Davis Street) is not fit for more than five-ton trucks, and signage is needed for this for safety.
 Questioned the hold up with the heating system
• Norman MacNeill stated that the system is under contract and scheduled to be fixed. The current problem is not related to the contract, but will be fixed.
 Question of a door being put in the Community Development Office
• Norman MacNeill stated that this would provide customers with the illusion of a “long counter” and a one stop permitting spot.
• Shirley Mosczynski
 Behind in the minutes
 Questioned what is going on with Chapter 61 Policies
• Norman MacNeill stated that it will be covered in the next meeting
• Tom Navaroli
 The Special Town Meeting will be October 11th, 2000 at 7:00 pm at the Douglas High School

12. Adjournment
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to adjourn at 9:00 pm, seconded by Ron Forget.
 Vote: All in favor

Respectfully Submitted,

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