BOS - November 21, 2000

BOS - November 21, 2000

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
November 21, 2000 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Ron Forget

1. Call to order at 7:05 PM

2. Chairman’s Announcements
• Lighting of the Town Common will be held on Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 6 PM
• Municipal center will be closed at 12 Noon on Wednesday, November 22, 2000

3. Elmwood Club Liquor License (skip)

4. Holiday Schedule for Municipal Center
• Angela Ernenwein stated that Municipal Center Employees did not receive Veteran’s Day holiday. She presented for approval for a floating holiday to be used before the end of the year.
• The Personnel Board met on Monday, November 20 and the 2001 Holiday Schedule is currently being looked at.
• As long as there is adequate coverage in each department, this can happen.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the floating holiday presented, seconded by Ron Forget.
 Vote: All in Favor

5. Library Board of Trustees – Internet Policy at the Simon Fairfield Public Library
• Ellie Cheseborough and Ann Carlson were present
• Proposal to not filter content in providing patron with Internet access.
• Ellie Cheseborough questioned whether it would be a violation of the fist amendment to patrons.
• Tom Navaroli stated that it has not been definitively stated that it violates the first amendment.
• Anne Carlson stated that filters are unreliable
• Tom Navaroli stated that there is a system of Id’s and passwords
• Rich Preston questioned the policy for minors if there were no filtering system.
 It would be in the hands of the parents
• Anne Carlson stated that the terminals will be in sight of the front desk and with the plan for renovation, the terminals will be in full view.
• Terri Feuersanger questioned accidental downloads
 It is unknown how this will be handled.
• Rich Preston questioned whether there is a possibility for segregated terminals with some unfiltered and some filtered for minors.
 There isn’t enough space for more internet connected computers
• Norman MacNeill stated that the “solution” would as the chairman to convey back to the board of trustees after discussion.
• Rich Preston suggested giving the DSL connection to the Library for a period of time being unfiltered.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved that the town’s internet filtering policy not extend to the library patron access to the internet from Library workstations, and further that the Library Board of Trustees has exclusive control over establishing internet usage policies for its patrons, seconded by Ron Forget
 VOTE: 3 in favor, 1 against (Tom Navaroli)

6. Per Bag Disposal System
• Meeting with Board of Health
• Marlene Bacon was appointed as spokesperson for the Board of Health
• Regina Barret, DEP Representative and John Alklen, North Brookfield Chairman of the Board of Health were introduced.
• Approximately one hundred towns have a “pay as you throw” system due to the price of disposal getting higher.
• There are environmental benefits because there is a want to reduce the amount of waste due to the cost attached to each bag thrown away and an increase in recycling.
• This method tends to be successful if the town backs the start of the system.
• Recommend holding an informational/educational program for residents to know about the system.
• John Alklen questioned the tons of trash for the town.
 16,050 tons in compactors, 310 tons of recyclable including metals.
 This makes recycling at about 19%
• Trash per capita could be decreased by 20% and increase recycling
• Marlene Bacon asked how long the education process was for North Brookfield
 It started about 6 months to a year before the program actually started.
• Ron Forget questioned what kind of set up was used before this program started
 Transfer Station
• National average of trash without this system is 4.6 bags per week, with the system in place the average is 1.4 –2.6 bags per week.
• Ron Forget questioned if there was an increase in staff due to an increase in recycling
 John Alklen stated that in North Brookfield when the system started, there was no need for an increase in staff.
• Tom Navaroli questioned the Board of Health what our next step towards this system should be.
 Joe Yacino suggested viewing other communities “pay per bag” systems that have a similar population, analyze true costs and look at grants available.
 Regina Barret offered materials if needed to research other communities.
• Joe Yacino questioned what the Board of Selectmen is looking for out of this program
 Short term – by January take a site visit and do the “number crunches”, put together a timeline to go forward with this system, get all of the information possible to come up with scenarios.
 $239,165.10 total expenses from last year (FY00) from transfer station.
 Tom Navaroli stated that if nothing is done, expenses will go up.

7. Old Fire Station – Chief Gonyor
• Request of definitive plans for the old fire station
 The building has been “winterized”
 Houses the antique fire trucks
 There is no water or heat (thermostat is set at 40 degrees so nothing will freeze) in the building
 There is no use for the main section.
 The tower with siren will remain in the same place as long as the Town owns the building.
 Chief Gonyor stated that unless there is intent for the building to be fixed up there is a recommendation to pedal the building or tear it down.
• Norman MacNeill suggested input from the Capital Improvements Committee because of the current building study.
• Shirley Mosczynski questioned how much land is owned for the old fire station
 It is unknown. There is 4,000 square feet that the station sits on.
• Chief Gonyor Requested for an old fire truck to be sold to the Fireman’s Association.
 Ron Forget stated that the truck should be kept as a town vehicle. It was the consensus of the Board to leave this as a town vehicle.

8. Capital Improvements Committee
• Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen and Terri Feuersanger were present
• Land Voted on 10/21/00 (Article #2)
 Paula Brouillette stated that she prefer the Selectmen not to proceeded with the purchase because the correct process was not taken to be put on the Warrant.
 The recommendation as a committee is not to proceed with buying this land.
 Mitch Cohen stated that this did not go through the Capital plan review or recommendation.
 Rich Preston had concern with funding and future value but recommended an establishment of a Land Bank.
 Paula Brouillette agreed that there is a concern with the future value, but any Capital Plans within the next 3-5 years will be hard because money is tight due to the current Capital Projects. She also has concern about reclamation and funding.
 Mitch Cohen stated that there is an objection to the proceeding of buying this land because there was no time taken to see if the land was really appropriate.
 Derek Brown (resident) questioned if the vote permitted or demanded the town to buy this land
• It authorized or permitted the town to buy the land
 Mitch Cohen questioned if there is an option for the landowner to extend the time of purchase.
 Tom Navaroli stated that the Board is taking what has been said under advisement to make a decision at a later meeting.
• Capital Plan Status
 Looking to present the 5 year plan at the Special Town Meeting in March of 2000.
 Working on a review of the buildings (maintenance plan).
 Looking at debt policies
 Looking at other communities outlook of debt separation

9. Resolution Approving Master Lease – 2nd Highway Dump truck
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve Master lease for a second highway dump truck in the principle amount of $78,666.00, seconded by Ron Forget.

10. Acceptance of Deed
• Norman MacNeill presented a deed for Davis Street Reality.
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to accept deed for Davis Street Reality, seconded by Ron Forget.

11. Request for use of Town Property
• The Common Preservation Society requests to use the Old Douglas Common for the lighting of the common on Saturday, November 25, 2000 from 5:30 –8:30 PM. This function will serve 100 to 200 people.
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve the Common Preservations Society’s request to use the old Douglas Common or the lighting of the Common on November 25 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, seconded by Ron Forget.
• Michael Yacino requests to use the Municipal center for an information session for residents regarding certain statutes and regulations on December 11, 2000 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. This function will serve approximately 30 people.
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to approve Michael Yacino’s requests to use the Municipal center for an information session for residents regarding certain statutes and regulations on December 11, 2000 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM, seconded by Ron Forget.

12. Appointments
• Pat Koslak – replacing Betty Yacino on the Insurance Advisory Committee
 Ron Forget moved to appoint Pat Koslak as a member of the Insurance Advisory Committee, seconded by Shirley Mosczynski
• Darlene & Brian Crowley – Octoberfest Committee
 Shirley Mosczynski moved to appoint Darlene & Brian Crowley to the Octoberfest Committee, seconded by Ron Forget.
• Police Contract Negotiations Team
 It was the consensus of the Board for Norman MacNeill, Richard Preston, Tom Navaroli and Chief Patrick Foley (or designee) to be on this team.
 The first meeting will be November 22, 2000 at 7:30 PM.

13. Executive Administrator’s Report
• MMA Annual Meeting is January 12-13. Norman MacNeill requested an informal count of who is interested in attending
 Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Ron Forget and Tom Navaroli

14. New Business
• Rich Preston commented that the video was not working and suggested that the camera should be turned on a half-hour before each meeting so it has time to warm up. He also stated that the new camera will be installed in the other meeting room tomorrow.

15. Executive Session
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to go into Executive Session for the purpose to discuss Land Acquisition, seconded by Ron Forget.
• ROLE CALL VOTE: Tom Navaroli aye, Richard Preston aye, Ron Forget aye, Shirley Mosczynski aye.

16. Adjourn
• Shirley Mosczynski moved to adjourn at 11:30, seconded by Rich Preston.

Respectfully Submitted,

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