BOS - December 5, 2000

BOS - December 5, 2000

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Board of Selectmen’s Workshop
December 5, 2000 at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Tom Navaroli, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Shirley Mosczynski

1. Call to Order at 7:00 PM

2. Chairmen’s Announcements
• There were no announcements

3. Acceptance of Deed/ Signing of Warrant
• Board signed the current warrant
• Ron Forget moved to accept the deed for Reidell Brook, a 50.5-acre parcel of land off of Davis Street, for the sum of $546,435, seconded by Rich Preston.
• Norman MacNeill stated that the title was not in the name of Guaranteed Builders but it should be corrected without a problem.

4. Review of FY01 Goals
• #1 – Relying on Massachusetts Rural Development Council for grants to simulate and seek resource commitments to preserve the village character of East Douglas through Main Street.
 Initiating a series of sessions to preserve the Village Character of East Douglas and what people want to see for the town.
 Promote vision of town-town area.
 Richard Preston questioned how many planning sessions are there going to be?
• There will be two to three sessions of planning.
 Tom Navaroli questioned if the goal can be met with in the appropriated time frame?
• Yes
• #2 – Develop a comprehensive Town web site
 The web team was organized, which has been concentrating on the design aspect of the site.
• #3 – Developing and implement strategies to coordinate financial functions through a Finance Director and/or Finance Department.
 Norman MacNeill will report to the board with at least three options.
 Expectations to come back in January about March Special Town Meeting being part of the agenda/goals.

• #4 – Design and manage and employee and a committee member performance incentive and recognition program.
 Presentation in January of “Employee/Volunteer Appreciation Program”
 Angela Ernenwein stated that the feeling from the employees is not very enthusiastic. They do not see this as genuine.
 Shirley Mosczynski stated that the employees write up why the recipient should receive this award.

• #5 – Development and implement a communications plan and policy to increase the Town’s capacity to reach residents and other targeted audiences with information about Town and School programs and issues.
 Norman MacNeill stated that there has been no progress made on this goal.
 Shirley Mosczynski stated that this is the most important.

• #6 – Develop and manage a community outreach program to engage the Board of Selectmen in representing the Town, providing civic leadership, promoting citizen participation, and resolving community issues.
 The goal is to produce something to be mailed to all residents to get people interested in the town.
 A booklet of roles and responsibilities of the town departments was discussed.
 Rich Preston is to compile information to develop the flyer to be mailed with Norman MacNeill.

• #7 – Work with Town boards, committees and staff to take steps to keep growth consistent with the Town’s vision of a livable community and our resident’s capacity to bear the cost of growth.
 Norman MacNeill mention spending time with Master Plan and Economic Development.

• #8 – Streamline the permit process to minimize time delays, improve opportunities for customer satisfaction, and encourage economic development.
 Helps applicant have a positive feeling about the town system and have an understanding of rules.
 GeoTMs has been installed and is in use. Currently working out “bugs”.
 Expecting to make a presentation in March 2001.

• #9 – Develop a multi-year grant application plan and prepare a minimum of three grant applications totaling $400,000 in aid.
 The first meeting is in January to present the plan.

• #10 – Actively recruit and seek public financing support for a minimum of two new Douglas businesses.
 Norman MacNeill stated that there hasn’t been much progress on this goal.
 Purchase of Davis Street property is a related effort.

5. Water/Sewer Commission
• Stated that Sutton wants to build a plant instead of connecting into Douglas’ system.
• There has been negotiations with Sutton regarding the cost of homeowners being connected to the system
• Rich Preston questioned if they decide to build a plant, what is the life expectancy?
 20 years before major set backs come along.
• The preference is for water to go back into the ground as opposed into the river.
• Ron Forget questioned how much growth factor will Douglas receive if Sutton builds?
 There is a possibility to make “sewer district” for industry
• Norman MacNeill stated that the issue is figuring out a negotiation strategy.
 Should this be a “take it or leave it” situation or should we negotiate with Sutton?
• Question of when the decision has to be made
 January
• Shirley Mosczynski recommended presenting both options
• Norman MacNeill stated that a proposal from the Board is needed.
• There are three options to propose
 Have Sutton pay one time of $1.8 million
 Have Sutton pay an additional $100 thousand above the fees
 Have Sutton pay $500 thousand extra to the O&M fees.
• The consensus of the Board is to negotiate with Sutton.
• Rich Preston stated that at these workshops there should be an opportunity for more discussion.

6. Adjourn
• Shirley Mosczynski motioned to adjourn at 9:35 PM, seconded by Rich Preston.

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