BOS - January 13, 2009 Workshop

BOS - January 13, 2009 Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Workshop Meeting Agenda
January 13, 2009

7:00 pm

1. Review Updated Draft of Special Act

2. Discuss Establishment of Insurance Advisory Committee

3. Discuss Possible Establishment of Wind Turbine By-law

4. Discuss List of Projects Submitted for possible Federal Funding

5. Kingwood Estates Subdivision

6. Other Business

7. Adjournment
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop Minutes – Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Approved February 17, 2009

Call to Order:
Chair Mike Hughes called the workshop to order at 7:00 pm in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane
Other staff/citizens: Town Engineer William Cundiff, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson

1. Review Updated Draft of “The Special Act” (Handout):Mike Guzinski reviewed essential changes suggested by the Board at a previous meeting (highlighted in red),and recommendations from conversation with Atty Lauren Goldberg.
Consensus of the Board: Look at wording regarding Assistant Assessor being appointed by Town Administrator, who would still work with the elected Board of Assessors, but bring functions and hiring of this position underneath Finance Department through the same process as Treasurer and Collector to keep all finances under the same roof. Mike (Guzinski) will talk to the Assistant Assessor, get feedback from her and that Board, so they are aware this is being considered.
This is a “Special Act”, will not be in the bylaws of the town, will follow in the general code book of the town because it’s under the laws of the town but different than a bylaw. If there were a conflict with the bylaw this would supercede the bylaw. Charter, special acts, bylaws and then policies.
The end result and goal to achieve, is to have a complete functioning finance department.
Once this document is finished, goes to town Meeting and there’s enough disagreement, it should be pulled unless it’s something insignificant.
Review of the following:
-Section 2-2: Director of Municipal Finance: Section added to do with education experience, mirrored off the first part of the Town Administrator, except for accounting and business administration.
-Section 2-3: Duties and Responsibilities: Wording change. Town Treasurer and Collector, one person could hold both titles in the future if decided.
Section 2-4 Implementation: Wording changes and language recommendations by Atty Goldberg.
-Revisit and look at Assessors function
-Add a sentence regarding appt of Town Counsel & Town Auditor
-Section (h) involving the Capital Improvement Plan
No statutory requirement on timeframe in terms of having a public meeting but strongly recommend one mid to late February, still gives a full month before the warrant closes to have time to respond to comments/suggestions from the public. Hopefully have copies to review at the second meeting in February or a workshop, if comfortable post on Town’s website.

2. Discuss Establishment of an Insurance Advisory Committee (Handout): Mike Guzinski Under state law (attached) Board of Selectmen are required to establish an Insurance Advisory Committee who will make recommendations to the Board to the design of a health insurance plan. Currently in the process working with the Town Treasurer and Town’s Insurance Advisor/Rep-Deb Young from USI, to look at the possibility of making some plan design changes and cost of premiums that will not have major negative impacts on the employees and keep premiums from increasing next year. Met this afternoon with School Business manager. Requesting the Board form this Committee and authorize the attached letter be sent out and inform by February 13, 2009 the identity of the individual they’d like seated on the Committee. Plan to meet after the winter school break when teachers return and have a meeting to discuss this with our Insurance Advisor. Current health insurance year expires on February 28th, however, talking to our insurers they have no problem extending our current year out several months to give us time to go through this process. Hopefully, depending on how things progress with this Committee, within several months come back to the Board with a plan for your consideration and hope to have it implemented for July. Legal aspects of this that have to be addressed but enough positive things that through education and discussion that everyone can get behind.
Motion- Mitch Cohen We create an Insurance Advisory Committee as proposed and authorize Mike Guzinski to sign letter to send out. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Hope to have a list of Committee members appointed by mid-February at your first meeting.

3. Discuss Possible Establishment of Wind Turbine By-law (Memo): Bill Cundiff joined the meeting. Mike Guzinski Tonight is just getting general feed back. Back in the fall our Permitting Coordinator sent some copies of wind turbine bylaws other towns have done. If the board is interested in pursuing this at this upcoming town meeting, it would be something that Bill would need to start working on soon. Brief conversation with EDC Chair, indicated they were generally supportive of looking at a bylaw but didn’t want to hold up the current proposed project.
Bill Cundiff: Have about a half dozen community samples and state models. One valuable thing we get as a result of having a bylaw in place is, if there is a loop hole by getting a variance and applicant, not necessarily the one before us, increases the density of these types of things and have a use variance, they can by right then proceed and add on as long as they’re not increasing the non-conformity. If they get a variance they may increase the magnitude at a later date as long as they can demonstrate that they’re not increasing the non-conformity. If you have a bylaw, there’s a process established, then you’d adhere to that process.
Discussion followed: Bylaw for residential use, wind farm or combination of both, lot size. May or Fall town meeting. Bylaw process requires: input from a lot of people, a particular public hearing, town meeting discussion and vote, ZBA process, to lead to a better set and more effective regulations on a major project that has positive impact for the community. No down side, at this point what it would take to look at putting a bylaw in place, or even recommend having a commercial or residential application in place. Have components built in to protect abutters, concern if we’re saying we’re allowing people to put wind turbines eventually that they meet the criteria and don’t get hung up in a governing situation. Defer to Bill on both research and bylaws, how they’re established, there may be reasons why you want them all separate bylaws so you don’t keep re-visiting the issue over and over again. May want to include the developer as we move forward.
Consensus of the Board: Agree and look at wind turbines as a whole, both residential application and commercial. Need to go through the process and come up with something we all agree on, whether in time for May town meeting or fall and protects the Town. Bill will develop a schedule, a draft and submit a comprehensive draft to the Planning Board before we have a public hearing and will copy the Board, after review and comment, will pare it down and have a public hearing at that point.

4. Federal Funding Projects Submitted (Handout): Mike Guzinski The Monday after New Years, found an email from the Lt Governor giving three days to submit a list of all our major infra-structure projects for a chance to get any funding. In order to accomplish this, contacted Bill (Cundiff) who did a lot of work in a very short amount of time. Our limitations were the 180 days we show shovel ready and actual project completion in two years submitted to the that office within the deadline. Based on the timeline believe we were successful in the projects that were possibly feasible in that timeframe.
Bill Cundiff joined the table to brief projects and answer questions. Contacted Highway, Water & Sewer, and Library for projects to submit.
-North Street Bridge:Immediately got eliminated, couldn’t most likely adhere to the 180 days and require Mass Highway review. Previously had funding from town meeting, it was determined they couldn’t fit a pedestrian bridge in the right of way and decided to not use an eminent domain taking, stopped the project and money returned.
-North Street Reconstruction:John (Highway Superintendent) indicated difficulty with drainage at North Village Project, plans sent to a consultant for drainage estimates and sidewalk construction. Estimate of $2,000,000, a local road and do it in house.
-Martin Road Park:Shelf ready plans for some time, spoke with the consultant that helped us prepare that (in 2004). Phase 1 Estimate $1,300,000.
-Library/Handicap Accessibility Project:Submitted from Trustees and Ann Carlsson-Library Director to have Bob Farley, architect, to come up with the $1,100,00 cost.
-Sidewalk Extension/Franklin Street to Sunset Drive: Work and funding approved at last town meeting. Survey is done, working on the design this winter for bidding in spring.
-Sewer Extension/Sunset Drive to proposed safety complex site location: Worked with Beta Engineering, cost estimate up slightly $2,000,000, anticipation of price increase with the contractors. Bill spoke with Dennis (W/S Systems Manager) about going through their department with that and Manchaug Road. Conversations with Capital, looking at having design cost fund out of stabilization.
-Mechanics Street and North Street Bridges: Submitted two project notification forms to the state for both done by Greenman Pederson but haven’t heard back yet.
Mike Hughes Commended on a great job in pulling it off in 3 days.

New Business:Staff Meeting January 27th with Secretary of Business & Development at the 4 Town meeting to discuss our current regional efforts, ways the state can help us out and in conjunction with the 43D Program and some of the joint work we’re doing on a connector road. Representation from some of the Boards and Selectmen.

5. Kingwood Estates Subdivision: Bill Cundiff working on having Kingwood Estates, Royal Crest Drive, accepted as a public way for this May Town Meeting. Town Counsel pointed out that it may not be proper the way the bond was structured, that we can pay for his services out of the bond. Requested they prepare this agreement which would allow the Planning Board to expend the bond money for any reasons associated with road layout and acceptance. Agreement between the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board willing to sign and owner of the subdivision also willing to sign. Jeanne Lovett requested the Selectmen have a signature spot on the agreement. There is enough money to finish the work unless we have some unforeseen circumstances. Expect legal fees to come in less than $5,000, currently the bond is about $20,000. Some construction needs to get done, spoke to John Furno he looked at the sight and gotten some estimates on crack sealing, survey has been done for layout and road acceptance plans. Will contact Suzanne with date of public hearing
Motion- Scott Medeiros to endorse the release and donation agreement. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

6. Other Business:
Highway Department / Snow & Ice:
Mike Guzinski (Handout) Highway Superintendent came before FinCom last night. As of today have had 14 different weather events that have affected the budget, entire budget appropriated at town meeting expended. In addition as of today he’s had to expend an additional $101,000, in vendor bills and over time which includes the cost to restock the sand and salt supply. FinCom voted to approve deficit spending of the snow and ice account in the amount of $175,000 which provides an additional $74,000 expending for the department. Possible we may have to revisit this again.
Motion- Mitch Cohen Authorize deficit spending of up to $175,000 for snow and ice removal. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Fuel Oil Bid: Mike Guzinski Going through the French River Collaborative able to go out to bid for FY10 for our large tank here as well as tanks at the schools for $1.79 a gallon, since has gone up.

7. Adjournment- Motion: Scott Medeiros at 8:23pm. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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