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BOS - January 20, 2009

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:59 am
by Suzanne Kane
Board of Selectmen
January 20, 2009

6:30 pm

• Exit Conference for Audit

7:00 pm
• Call to Order

• Chairman’s Announcements

• Citizen’s Forum

1. Chapter 61 A – Mosczynski

7:15 pm
2. Water/Sewer Update

3. License Renewal – Class II

4. Minutes: December 16, 2008 Regular and Exec. Session

5. Administrator’s Report

6. Old/New Business

7. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:

March 17th:
7:00 pm, FinCom

TBD: Policies, EDC, School Building Committee Application

Note: Times are estimates unless denoted as a hearing.
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Approved March 3, 2009

Call to Order:
Chair Mike Hughes called the meeting to order in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Other staff/citizens: Town Accountant Jeanne Lovett, President of Melanson, Heath & Co-Frank Biron, Ernie Marks, Atty Edwin Taipale, Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds, Water/Sewer System Manager Dennis Croteau, Water/Sewer Commissioners Bob Josey & Colin Haire, Linda Dempsy & Susan Mosczynski, Planning/Conservation Agent Steve Zisk, Faye, Spofford & Thorndike Dennis Boucher & Bill Beyer
T&G Reporter Ruth Vecchione, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson

Exit Conference/Audit – Frank Biron & Jeanne Lovett (Handout): Mr. Biron Our second year as outside auditors, will review highlights of the financial statements and management letter where we had recommendations for improvement. The Independent Auditors’ Report is what we’d call a clean opinion, as out side auditors the rest of the financial statement are the responsibility of the town and the numbers come from those records, reviewed:
-Cash is Down: Part because some was spent during the 2008, very important to lien your accounts in a timely manner to protect them, the town gets a secured interest in those receivables and allowed to lien them in a very aggressive way. Very unusual to have a 2007 levy, these receivables are at risk, the town could loose its interest if tax payer’s declare bankruptcy. The town did catch up somewhat on the liens last year. Every dollar that’s collected that wasn’t collected on June 30, 2008 would add to free cash balance.
-Unreserved Balance: $755,720 in general fund probably the most important number in these financial statements, the bond rating agencies focus on that number, they like that as well as your stabilization account combined, if between 5 – 10% of your overall budget for your general fund they consider that to be a very strong fund balance.
-Statement of Revenues, Expenditures (income statement): Change in fund balance, spent more than took in-amount of free cash used in 2008 as a funding source. Whenever any free cash is used, you’re actually budgeting to have a loss that year, because free cash is money earned in prior years, not a current year revenue.
-Financials: From an outside auditor’s point of view, although using more free cash than building, still have a good free cash balance at June 30, 08 and very good stabilization fund balance, better than most other communities. Because the fund balance is going down, bond rating agencies may start looking at this, still like the numbers because it’s 10% of the budget which is strong as far as they’re concerned. Anticipate free cash and stabilization going down over the next year or two.
-Management Letter: #1 “Develop Departmental Receipt Policies and Procedures (Significant Deficiency), a weakness in the internal control: A pro-active comment to avoid problems in the future and think should be in the towns’ policies and procedures so the departments have guidance and no risk of an dishonest town employee (no situation here). Irregularities or errors could happen and not necessarily be detected by the employees. Recommend the Town Accountant periodically visit the various departments
#2 Establish FTC “Red Flag” Security Documentation (new requirement by the Federal Trade Commission): Helps identify any identity theft that could be occurring at the town. Recommend the town establish this documentation by the May 1, 2009 deadline.
-Summary: The town did a very good job last year implementing a lot of the recommendations we made last year, condition of accounting records much better in 2008 than 2007, the town was able to close it’s books in a timely manner and get the accounts reconciled particularly cash.
Mike Guzinski will be working with the financial officers of the town for the board to review. Jeanne Lovett Looking to work on that in January and February.

Chair Announcements: None
Citizens Forum: No one came forward.

1. Chapter 61A (Handout): Mike Guzinski Under Chap 61 a request must be made to the Board of Selectmen for them to waive their right of first refusal. Info has been sent to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission, both recommended the Board of Selectmen not exercise their right of first refusal on this piece of property. Based on their responses I recommend the Board exercise the right of first refusal on the property. Open space has not replied due to quorum issues.
Motion- Mitch Cohen Waive the Boards’ “Right of First Refusal” pending recommendation consistent from Open Space Committee. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All - aye.

2. Water / Sewer Update – Dennis Croteau, Bob Josey, Colin Haire, Dennis Boucher, Bill Beyer joined the table (Handouts & Power Point Presentation): Bob Josey Introduced everyone and relayed here to give a presentation on the water system master plan study for the next 20 years and give an update on the aquifer study along with it. Dennis Boucher gave outline of the study they have been preparing for the past 6 months. FST has been working as the towns water consultant for the past 20 years or so, design, installation and pipe work about 3.5 Million dollars of improvements to the water system. Last master plan was in 1994.
-Largest demand for water is residential (shown on pie chart)
-Water supply system is adequate
Recommend the existing well site should be looked at for possible future development and purchase and protect any land that might be required for future development.
-Findings and Recommendations: Developed a 20 year Capital Improvement Program allowed for $25K a yr over the next 5 yrs to be used for water supply exploration.

Aquifer Protection-Bill Beyer Map shown pg 13.
Right now essentially have three areas that supply water, any one of those can meet demands through the planning period. DEP requires the town own or control the “Zone 1 Area”.
-Glen Street: Potential areas to test on town land, an attractive area to look at, easy connection to the distribution system, good water quality
-West Street: Looks like it should have potential for additional development, town put in a few test wells on the northern end in 198-86 with disappointing results. Sand and gravel at the edge of the well just doesn’t stop there. It goes someplace. Missed the extent of the sand and gravel feature. Would like to test it further. Also on land the town owns.
-West Street wellfield: Has potential wells and wellfield are close to the property line, would have a hard time getting DEP to let us expand because of how close it is to the edge of the property.
-Our opinion is that there is no advantage to the Town to extending the water supply protection to the north east area. As part of the master plan we’re recommending looking for other places not this corner so you’d have additional well sites should you ever need them.

Industrial Development-Dennis Boucher: The Board requested we look into what infrastructure might be needed to bring water into these industrial areas that have been established here in town. EDC has identified four opportunities (map page 18 for locations) (improvements page 19)
#1 Better served by the Webster system, #3 approximately 28 acres, very far from existing distribution system, improvements needed are quite substantial.
#2 & 4 greatest potential for the town for industrial development
All improvements outlined in master plan. Currently have a blue print and conceptual plan in place. Contract drawings would be out dated 3 years from now.

Questions/Discussion: FST Master plan submitted to the Board of Water Commissioners, now soliciting their comments, hopefully finalized in the next month. Consider tying into the street plans and Capital Improvement plans. As part of the final upgrade of the master plan it was suggested we look and make some projections on industrial use and possible increase to take into account for any future industry that may come to this community.
-11% Unknown Useage- DEP likes to see that at 10%. Water that’s used but not going into a meter and unaccounted for: broken water main, hydrant flushing, leakage, flushing of the distribution system, directional flushing once a year, three million gallons plus, just for hydrant maintenance, one million is to over flow the tanks for water quality issues for testing. The remainder is fire fighting, street sweeping and catch basins. Every three years we have an independent company come in and do a leak detection survey and make recommendations.
-DEP wants residential at 65 gallons per capita per day ours presently is 68. New figures coming in in March, and if over 65 we’ll have to go to town meeting and implement mandatory out door watering every day 9-5, there’s a criteria to be followed.
-West Street property-2 wells. 2 separate (properties) well locations not town owned, but could be moved to the property locus and clearly have it zoned.
-East side of town EDC area: A tank in this area could serve several purposes.
DEP does not control fire requirements, typically that’s a decision made by the town/local Fire Chief (the level of fire fighting capability you want to provide to the Town).
-The best control of a very large water supply as Douglas has, is zoning it, your expansion territory is driven by zoning.
-Capital Plan includes future well exploration and potential land ownership.
-We have 11 sites look at these resources of water and what kind of protection should there be. We have tons of water, but where does the growth of our system stop and do we have limits established, if we don’t, regardless of the quantities, is this a limited radius to service?
-Building Use Study should be reviewed with projections of capital and municipal water use.
-Population projection 2030

Dennis Boucher We can sit here as engineers, make our recommendations and tell you what we found, but there are pros and cons to the issue of should the controls remain in place or be removed. Based on what we see, we think it should be removed. That decision has to be here, discussed with the community, and develop a consensus of what the town wants to do with this land. You don’t’ want to design a pump that’s going to meet your peak demands, you want a pump that will pump at a constant rate during the day and when peaks that water’s supposed to come out of storage. Recommend starting well exploration program this year
Mr. Boucher and Mr. Beyer left

-Sewer Discussion (December 2nd Memo) The facility 20 year master plan was done in 2002 for the treatment facility for 10 years. Extending the sewer line to Ridell Road is not in the master plan, extending the serviceable area does extend and it wouldn’t be cost effective to put in a million dollar lift station because it has to be gravity fed both ways.
Paula Brouillette: Note to Board: We keep running around in circles with economic development as far as I ‘m concerned, if we don’t’ have plans in place then we are fooling ourselves into believing we’re ready for economic development. To have Expedited permitting sites that we don’t’ know how we’d connect utilities to, we need to work on that.
Dennis Croteau Will talk with Steve Zisk (Conservation Agent) and do a site walk and red flag areas of concern if any that we can work on.
After lengthy discussion: Have an open discussion with representation from this Board and Conservation, all on board with 43 d, work together and be ready in advance.
Consensus of the Board that’s the kind of thing we’re asking to be done.
Ernie Marks (Planning Board) The site they’re talking about in the north east corner, according to the engineers tonight, it should be taken off as a well site, decide whether this can be done and what the reclamation process is, being in an aquifer area
-Manchaug Road Extension: In the master plan there are generic permitted areas that can extend the system to with no particular plans for expansion other than economic development. Mike Guzinski informed the Commissioners they will need an individual warrant article addressed at town meeting with the people affected by it. Recommend having all financial aspects and turned in by the last Friday in March. They Water/Sewer Commissioners left.

3. Class II License Renewal (Handout): Suzanne Kane Application for Aaron Roy d/b/a Roy Automotive, is complete and ask the Board approve as presented.
Motion- Scott Medeiros Approve the Class II license renewal as presented. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

4. Minutes:
-December 16, 2008 “Executive Session”:
Motion Paula Brouillette approve the Executive Session meeting minutes of December 16, 2008 and hold from release.
Mitch Cohen General discussion: In executive session minutes there are multiple items. Approve in bulk but release in segments, some could be released earlier than others so a set is not being held unnecessarily because of a couple items. It would be additional work. Each topic done separately. Case by case basis and moving forward.
Seconded - Mitch Cohen. Abstain - Scott Medeiros. All - aye.

5. Administrator’s Report: Mike Guzinski
-Special Act
Copy in packets of changes made last week involving the draft special act proposed changes. All agreed, better language.
-Assessors: Town Counsel is looking at possible language for the board to consider and should have by the next regular meeting.

6. Old / New Business:
New February 3, 2009 Agenda: Review preliminary budget, changes and revenue reductions on the ‘09 budget and the one page document Jeanne puts together flat lines for chap 70 and expenses for schools.
- Public Vehicle Safety: Review maintenance records to insure they’re safe to be on the road.

7. Adjournment Motion- Scott Medeiros at 9:45 pm. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary