School Building Committee Minutes June 15, 2009

School Building Committee Minutes June 15, 2009

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JUNE 15, 2009

A meeting of the School Building Committee was held on Monday, June 15, 2009 at the Douglas Municipal Center. Mr. Cohen called the meeting to order at 12:50 PM.

Voting: Mitch Cohen (Chairman), Paula Brouillette (Vice Chairman), Nancy Lane, Leslie Breault, Shirley Mosczynski, Sarah McConnell.
Non-Voting: Dean Iacobucci, Damian Sugrue, Michael Guzinski (Executive Administrator), William Cundiff (Town Engineer).

Mr. Cundiff noted indicated that he called three references of similar projects for each applicant. He noted that Cardinal Construction did not have any municipal projects. In addition they only gave three references. The YMCA project reference was done while April Kelly (applicant) was with another firm. However, they spoke highly of her. Mr. Cundiff also warned that the team coming in for interviews may not necessarily be the team doing the day to day work.
Committee members discussed issues they wanted covered in the interviews including helping to get Town approval, negotiating style, and ability to handle multiple projects,

The following interviews were conducted:

Cardinal Construction
Brent Artdog and April Kelly from Cardinal Construction were invited in. Mr. Artdog indicated that he would be the proposed Project Director and Ms. Kelly the Project Manager. They gave a brief presentation and distributed a handout. They noted years of commercial construction experience. Brent Artdog noted being a key player in over 20 school projects with a former firm. They discussed personnel, communication, outsourcing specialty needs, noted examples of work, submittal reviews, phasing and timing, process of determining design. They indicated they would personally be working this project and live locally. They discussed the issues of building green. A question and answer period followed. Issues discussed included construction during school hours, change orders, MSBA approval. It was noted that they do not have MSBA experience.

Strategic Building Solutions
John Winiker, Owner indicated that due to another project Mel Lamoyer would be the Project Director and Gary Galonto would be Project Manager. Mark Ardella is Director of Marketing and Communications. They discussed experience and projects. They discussed the MSBA process and the issues that have to be addressed with that process. Question and answer segment included dealing with issues of construction during school time, process of getting feedback prior to design, location of project team, their approval by MSBA, schedule of projects, voting process, meeting attendance, methods of communication, initiation of technology, experience with application for green initiative grants.

Mike Pagano indicated that they are withdrawing from the project due to the amount of the fee involved for the scope of work. He did discuss process involved with the project and the importance of the work done in the early phases.

URS Corporation
A handout was distributed. Scott Beanny, Principal in Charge, Chirs Watson, and Chris Lawson who would be Project Manager were introduced. They discussed experience and current projects. They noted working relationship with MSBA, duties of each, support staff, process involved with this project, scheduling, creating a collaborative approach, communication, managing traffic flow, priority of safety, national and local resources.
A question and answer period followed. Issues discussed included the handling of more than one project at a time, introducing new technology, communication, time lines and hurdles, voting process, change orders, parent communication, and fees.

Discussion held regarding the prioritization of the companies. Some discussion held regarding the companies. It was noted that only URS and Strategic Building Solutions are MSBA approved. It was noted that Cardinal is a local company. In addition Cardinal thoroughly discussed the feasibility issues, however, concerns noted of their lack of MSBA projects.
Numerical values were assigned to the companies in terms of their interviews. Ms. Brouillette scored 22 points to Strategic Building Solutions, 18 to Cardinal Construction and 14 to URS. Mr. Sugrue, Ms. Mosczynski and Ms. McConnell scored Strategic Building Solutions 20, Cardinal Construction 20, and URS 10. Ms. Lane scored 20 to Strategic Building Solutions, 20 to Cardinal Construction and URS 14. Mr. Iacobucci scored Strategic Building Solutions 20, Cardinal Construction 18 and URS 10. Ms. Breault scored Cardinal 22, Strategic Building Solutions 20 and URS 10. Mr. Cohen scored Cardinal 10, Strategic Building Solutions 20 and URS 12. Mr. Cundiff scored URS 15, Cardinal Construction 15 and Strategic Building Solutions 20. Mr. Guzinski scored Cardinal Construction 20, Strategic Building Solutions 20 and URS 13.

This brings total average scores to:

Strategic Building Solutions - 20.2
Cardinal Construction - 18.3
URS - 11.8

This brings totals in rankings to:

Strategic Building Solutions - 99.77
Cardinal Construction - 95.25
URS - 96.22
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to score Strategic Building Solutions at 20.2, Cardinal Construction at 18.3 and URS at 11.8. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.
Ms. Brouillette made a motion to rank Strategic Building Solutions at 99.7, URS at 96.22 and Cardinal Construction at 95.25. Ms. Mosczynski seconded. Vote unanimous.
The next step will be to send this information to the Board of Selectmen and the MSBA for approval.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the minutes of May 28, 2009 as presented.
Ms. Brouillette seconded. Vote: Yes – 5, Abstained – 1.

Ms. Lane made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:22 PM. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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