December 15, 2011 Joint BFCC/SBC Meeting

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December 15, 2011 Joint BFCC/SBC Meeting

Postby Lisa Lannon » Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:17 pm

DECEMBER 15, 2010

A Joint meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee and the School Building Committee was held on December 15, 2010 in the Municipal Center. The meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM.

PRESENT (BFCC): Shirley Mosczynski, Virginia Howe (arrived at 6:55 PM), Linda Brown, William McConnell (Chairman), Ed Gouin, Matt Sargent, William Cundiff (Town Engineer).
ABSENT: Sean Holland (Vice Chairman).
Voting: Mitch Cohen (Chairman), Paula Brouillette (Vice Chairman), Shirley Mosczynski, Sarah McConnell, Nancy Lane, and Leslie Breault.
Non-Voting: Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Tom Ellis, Ken DiNisco (DiNisco Design), Donna DiNisco.
Non-Voting: Dean Iacobucci, Beverly Bachelder, Leno Filippi, Mark Lydon.

Members of the Building Facility Construction Committee and the School Building Committee and Design Team all introduced themselves. Mr. Cohen noted that it is the responsibility of the School Building Committee to give periodic updates to the Building Facilities Construction Committee.
Mr. Ken DiNisco gave a presentation regarding the next phase of the project. Areas reviewed include District goals, a description of the site, the model school – Fort Banks Elementary School, new Elementary School site plan linking to Intermediate School, new Elementary School floor plans. He reviewed the issues that will be addressed in the Intermediate School and noted some of the parameters they will be working with. He reviewed the schedule. Through December and January work will continue to finish the schematic design for submission to the MSBA.
Ms. Donna DiNisco noted the intent to bid the Elementary School and the repairs to the Intermediate School as one contract. She discussed the processes of completing the construction with regard to School operations.
Mr. Cohen noted that they would also be taking a look at the Old Elementary School. He indicated the potential dates of March 28, 2011 for Special Town Meeting and April 5, 2011 for Special Election.
Some discussion held regarding potential structural issues at the Intermediate School, addressing technology issues, the boiler replacement, the need for addressing additional insulation in the Intermediate School and the process of energy modeling. Discussion held regarding the stretch code and the potential for enforcement and how it would impact the project. MSBA has indicated that this would not impact the project.
It was noted that more periodic updates with the Building Facilities Construction Project would be helpful.
Ms. McConnell made a motion to adjourn the School Building Committee meeting at 6:59 PM. Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Mr. Joe Biagioni joined the meeting. Discussion was held regarding the Library Project. Mr. Cundiff reported on the results of reviewing records regarding the designer selection for the Library Project. Town Counsel has advised considering a new selection process since the last one was for a contract that is 10 years old and the scope of work in that contract was limited to that project. It was the consensus of the group to proceed with the designer selection process again.
In addition, Mr. Cundiff noted that the scope of work for this project presented does not include the services of a land surveyor. He also noted that there is a percentage of the land that falls within the aquifer. There are implications with that such as soil testing and permitting.
Mr. Cundiff noted some similar RFQ’s for similar projects. He will work on the RFQ and developing the scope for review at the next meeting.

Chief Foley and Lt. Nick Niglionico joined the meeting. Mr. Cundiff reviewed a draft of the RFQ for the Feasibility/Preliminary Design of the Highway & Safety Complex. Discussion held including the scope and the evaluation criteria. Mr. Cundiff will put together a final draft for review prior to the next meeting.

The need to adopt written rules for designer selection was discussed. The Model Designer Selection Procedures for Municipalities and Other Local Public Agencies was noted. Mr. Cundiff will draft an adaptation of the Model for the Committee’s review at the next meeting for a possible recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.

Mr. Cundiff gave an update on the municipal wind turbine. He noted that the Town received an $85,000 grant for the erection of a meteorological tower as well as the monitoring for a one-year period. This will determine the feasibility of a wind tower at this location. He noted that this is considered horizontal construction and therefore, designer selection is not necessary. The Building Commissioner is presently reviewing the building permit. The goal is to have it erected by the end of the calendar year.

Mr. Cundiff gave an update on the Hemlock Street Bridge Project. He indicated that an engineer is working with the Town to prepare replacement plans. He noted this is also horizontal construction. MA Highway has authorized funds to be paid out of Chapter 90. He discussed the process moving forward to put the project out to bid.

Mr. Cundiff gave an update on the Green Communities Planning Assistance. An informational summary of Mr. Leiran Biton’s presentation at the last meeting was noted. Mr. Cundiff gave and update with regards to the criteria.
• Criterion 1 – As of Right Siting: Mr. Biton has forwarded a Model Solar Bylaw, which has been forwarded to the Planning Board for their review.
• Criterion 2 – Expedited Permitting: This is complete.
• Criterion 3 – Baseline Energy Inventory & Energy Reduction Plan: Mr. Biton has provided two model energy reduction plans for the Committee’s review. Mr. Cundiff is working with Mr. Guzinski regarding the energy data entry. He noted that WPI has offered student assistance. Committee agreed to accept this assistance. Some discussion held regarding the type of assistance that they could provide. Mr. Cundiff will speak with the students and their professors to see what their skills/capabilities are.
• Criterion 4 – Green Vehicle Fleet Purchasing Policy: Needs to be reviewed by the Selectmen and/or School Committee.
• Criterion 5 – Stretch Code: Needs to be reviewed by the Selectmen.
Mr. Cundiff will contact Mr. Biton to arrange for him give a presentation for the
Selectmen and the School Committee, focusing on Criterion 4 and 5. In addition, he will begin scheduling the educational sessions on the stretch code. Mr. Biton is targeting the May Town Meeting. It was the consensus to holding off on that until some of these meetings have taken place and there is a clearer understanding of the direction the Town will take on Criterion 4 and 5.
Planning Board will continue to review the Model Solar Bylaw.

The minutes from the December 1, 2010 meeting were reviewed. Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the Building Facilities Construction Committee of the December 1, 2010 meeting as presented. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: Yes – 5, Abstained – 1.

The 2011 Meeting Schedule was reviewed. There was much discussion held as to whether members could make the first Wednesday of every month. It was agreed to continue with the third Wednesday of the month. January 5 would be kept for the next meeting for now and the schedule will be further reviewed at that time.

Mr. Cundiff distributed the FY2012 Budget Request Packet from Mr. Guzinski. Some discussion held. It was agreed to level fund the budget as requested.

Ms. Mosczynski made motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:23 PM. Ms. Howe seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Lannon, Recording Secretary
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