January 12, 2010 Capital Improvement Committee

January 12, 2010 Capital Improvement Committee

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JANUARY 12, 2010

A meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee was held on January 12, 2010 in the Municipal Center Resource Room. Chief Gonynor called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

PRESENT: Paula Brouillette, Don Gonynor (Chairman), Mark Dunleavy (Vice-Chairman), Shirley Mosczynski, Ellie Chesebrough, Dean Iacobucci, Mike Guzinski (Executive Administrator).
ABSENT: Betty Ann Therrien.

Mr. John Furno, Highway Superintendent was present to discuss requests for capital improvements. He reviewed the list of requests including:
FY2011 - replacement of a 1979 dump truck with a 2010 International dump truck with plow and sander at the cost of $148,616,
FY2012 - replacement of 1997 John Deer Backhoe with a current backhoe,
FY 2013 - replacement of 1986 catch basin truck for the cost of $295,000 to replace new,
FY2014 - the purchase of a mower that attaches to the sidewalk tractor for the cost of $28,494, 1962 brush chipper for $20,000 and 1964 air compressor for $20,000,
FY 2015 - to begin replacing the oldest trucks which at that time the oldest will be 1996 International for $148,616.
Mr. Furno noted that these prices are current and will increase. Some discussion held.
Chief Foley joined the meeting. He discussed the capital request for a new station and indicated that it may be time to put it to the voters. He noted that a study has been done, the land is available and designs can be used from towns that have recently completed new stations. He noted the cost efficiency of locating on the Fire Station site. Discussion held including the sewer extension, the need for the replacement of video equipment and whether that should be done if a new station is to be built, and the process of moving forward with the plan.
Council on Aging
Ms. Alyssa Graveson joined the meeting and distributed further information for the Committee’s review. She discussed the request for an awning over the entrance but indicated that they are not in a position at this time to move forward with it. She indicated it would be cosmetic and beneficial but not necessary at this time. Some discussion held. It was suggested that further pricing and designs could be reviewed.
Ann Carlsson, Joe Biagioni and Pete Tetreault were present. Ms. Carlsson noted that an electric upgrade was done this year using State aid money. She distributed an overview of the Library’s continuous increase in business. The need for handicapped accessibility was discussed. Mr. Tetreault discussed the electrical upgrade and the new sign the Library has moved forward with. He discussed the role of the Library in the community and the ADA compliance. Future fund raising for the capital expense was discussed. It was suggested that further estimates be obtained for the building project. Mr. Guzinski will look into this with the Town Engineer. Chief Gonynor noted a meeting to be held in Millbury on January 14, 2010 regarding Libraries being used for central planning in disasters. The Chief will be attending.
Mr. Iacobucci discussed the capital requests for schools including the roof for the elementary school, refrigerator/freezer unit in the elementary school, and the replacement of a 1996 pickup truck. He noted the truck replacement is critical because the present truck is inoperable. Options for replacing the truck were discussed. Further discussion held regarding grouping the elementary school roof with another project. Mr. Iacobucci updated the Committee on the school building project.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the Capital Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes for June 24, 2009 as presented. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the Capital Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes of September 30, 2009 as presented. Ms. Brouillette seconded. Vote unanimous.
Ms. Brouillette made a motion to approve the Capital Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes of December 14, 2009 as presented. Mr. Dunleavy seconded the motion. Vote: Yes – 4, Abstained – 2. Motion carries.

Mr. Guzinski noted that he spoke with Mr. Colonero regarding the packet of building and maintenance projects that was distributed earlier in the meeting. He asked that the Committee consider inviting Mr. Colonero to an upcoming meeting to review these projects.
Mr. Guzinski reviewed the updated report on the 2010 projects. He noted the vehicle exhaust system contract for the Fire Department has been awarded. He noted that the Police Department fire arms have been purchased.
Mr. Guzinski discussed the revenue and funding issues. He reviewed the FY09 Carry Forwards. Some discussion held.
Water and Sewer as well as Finance Committee were contacted regarding representation on this Committee. However, there was no interest at this time.
The next meeting of this Committee is scheduled for February 9, 2010.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 PM. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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