April 5, 2010 Capital Improvement Committee Minutes

April 5, 2010 Capital Improvement Committee Minutes

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APRIL 5, 2010

A meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee was held on April 5, 2010 in the Municipal Center Resource Room. Chief Gonynor called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.

PRESENT: Paula Brouillette, Don Gonynor (Chairman), Mark Dunleavy (Vice-Chairman), Shirley Mosczynski, Ellie Chesebrough, Dean Iacobucci, Mike Guzinski (Executive Administrator).
ABSENT: Betty Ann Therrien.

Chief Gonynor indicated that the purpose of this meeting is to review the Articles for Town Meeting that relate to the Capital Improvement Committee.
He distributed information regarding Article 9 including the revised Capital Plan for FY 2011 – 2016 as well as the funding source for the Fire Department supply hose, the School pickup truck and the Municipal Center roof repair totaling $114,500. Some discussion held. Mr. Iacobucci corrected that the School pick up does not have a plow. In addition he corrected from the funding source $7,000 comes from the High School Repair Account and $19,000 from the IES Building Needs Assessment Account. Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve Article 9. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.
Chief Gonynor noted Article 10 is for Douglas Elementary School partial roof repair in the amount of $150,000. He indicated that Ms. Lovett will provide an explanation of the funding source. Some discussion was held. Mr. Dunleavy made a motion to approve Article 10. Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.
Article 11 Purchase of a Freezer/Refrigerator for the Elementary School was reviewed and discussed. Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve Article 11 with the transfers as stated. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.
Mr. Guzinski discussed Article 16. He notes that the Water and Sewer Department is requesting the purchase of a new pickup truck and to transfer the funds from the Water and Sewer Retained Earnings Account. Mr. Bob Sullivan from Water and Sewer indicated that of the three trucks they have one is going to the Fire Department for training purposes and the other is no longer usable. They wish to replace these two with a two wheel drive truck. Some discussion held.
Mr. Colonero, Facilities Manager was present to discuss the roof project in Article 10. He discussed the process of determination for the need of the repair. He noted that once this repair is completed, at a later date, a restoration process could be performed to extend the warranty. The funding source for this project comes from unexpended funds from completed capital projects.
Ms. Brouillette commented that the use of this old debt for a funding source is a great find. Some discussion held.
Article 15 – Debt Exclusion was discussed at length. This includes the Library Project and the designs for the new Police Station, Highway Department Garage and sewer extension. Mr. Guzinski indicated that the Library Trustees met and voted to recommend not to bundle the Library project with the design projects. The Board of Selectmen will be meeting this evening to discuss this request. He distributed language for separate Articles and separate ballot questions for the Committee’s review. Ms. Chesebrough discussed the Library Trustees decision to request that the project be unbundled. She indicated that it is their feeling that this is a maintenance project in order to meet ADA compliance and therefore, felt more comfortable that it not be bundled with design projects. Much discussion held. It was pointed out that the Committee has previously unanimously agreed to bundle these capital projects. In addition, it was noted that this is last minute to make a change in an agreed upon plan of action. Mr. Guzinski noted that the Article as it is presently bundled would not cause a net increase in the debt load of the Town. However, ultimately if the construction of the Police Station and Highway Garage are approved, that would cause a net increase, therefore, causing the tax bills to increase. It was noted that the tax payers should be made aware that in this economic time the cost of construction can be much lower than it would be in a better economic climate. Mr. Guzinski indicated that some numbers could be prepared regarding the impact. Chief Gonynor felt that this Committee has done their job and it is now up to the Board of Selectmen to decide whether or not to bundle these items.
Chief Gonynor noted that he will be meeting with Mr. Guzinski to prepare a Capital Plan Report for the flyer.
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:10 PM. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

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