January 13, 2011 Capital Improvement Committee

January 13, 2011 Capital Improvement Committee

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JANUARY 13, 2011

A meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee was held on January 13, 2011 in the Municipal Center Resource Room. Chief Gonynor called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

PRESENT: Don Gonynor (Chairman), Mark Dunleavy (Vice-Chairman), Paula Brouillette, Shirley Mosczynski, Ellie Chesebrough, Mike Guzinski (Town Administrator).
ABSENT: Dean Iacobucci.

Meeting with Highway Superintendent to Review Capital Requests for Fiscal Year 2012
Mr. John Furno, Highway Superintendent, joined the meeting to discuss the following capital requests in order of priority: 2011 dump truck with plow, half ton 4X4 pickup truck with a plow, John Deer Backhoe, catch basin truck, boom flail mower, brush chipper, portable air compressor, and International truck. He indicated that the first two items would be requests for this year.

Meeting with Water & Sewer Systems Manager to Review Capital Requests for Fiscal Year 2012
Mr. Bob Sullivan, Water & Sewer Systems Manager joined the meeting to discuss capital requests including: waste water master plan, leak detection, water booster station, and clean and paint the Church Street tank. Discussion held regarding the wastewater master plan. Mr. Sullivan will email a list of all the projects that will be looked at by the Commissioners.

Other Business
Mr. Guzinski noted that the next meeting would be held on January 27, 2011. He indicated that the Committee would meet with the Police and Municipal Facilities at that time.
Mr. Guzinski will check with Mr. Iacobucci as to whether the Schools have anything to bring to the Committee. In addition, he will check with the Council on Aging regarding the past request for a canopy. He will also check with the Fire Department and any other departments that failed to submit something this year.
The importance of maintaining a master plan of expenses was discussed.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:55 PM. Mr. Dunleavy seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Lannon, Recording Secretary
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