September 17, 2014 Capital Meeting

September 17, 2014 Capital Meeting

Postby Mary Wright » Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:45 pm

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014

A meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on
September 17, 2014 at the Municipal Center. Ms. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

PRESENT: Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairperson), Sean Holland (Chairman-arrived 7:34 PM), Linda Brown, Michael Fitzpatrick, Ed Gouin, Virginia Howe, Matt Sargent, William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Adam Furno (Facilities Maintenance Manager)

Action was taken on this item at the last meeting.

Mr. Cundiff stated that he met with Nancy Spitulnik, Interim Superintendent and Cortney Keegan of the School Dept. and Michael Guzinski, Town Administrator and they are very interested in grouping their primary school roof project with the Municipal Center roof project. The value of that project is $150,000, which was approved at Town Meeting a few years ago. The School Committee will be voting on October 8, 2014 to consider combining the primary school roof project with the Municipal Center roof project. If the intent is to group the projects, Mr. Cundiff will have to redo the RFP.
The fee for designer services does not include the school project. He walked the Committee through the Designer Services sheet. The Construction Budget is $516,000. Mr. Cundiff presented the nine selection criteria used to rate one proposal against another proposal. The total number of points should be adjusted to add up to 100%. Item #7 was increased to 10% and #8 was increased to 15%.
A discussion was held regarding the pros and cons of bidding the roof projects as one project vs. two projects. Mr. Cundiff went through the RFQ. They will have to go out on prequalifications because the project is over $100,000. Mr. Furno does want as-built plans. It will be 4-5 months from the award of the contract to construction documents. Mr. Cundiff feels it is wise to have a pre-proposal meeting where the site can be viewed.

Mr. Furno took the BFCC on a tour of the building, which included the first and second floors and the basement. Mr. Furno and Mr. Cundiff explained the proposed uses for the second floor spaces. Storage and scanning of documents was discussed. There is asbestos in the basement. If fire suppression is to be installed for the second floor, a new water line will need to be added in the building. The current line would be insufficient. The Town Administrator is talking to the Fire Marshall about requirements for a fire suppression system, but he has not heard back yet.

Mr. Holland took over as Chairman of the meeting. Ms. Mosczynski stated that the BFCC is scheduled to meet with the School Building Committee (SBC) tomorrow night. She suggested that everyone look at the agenda to see the items to be discussed. The schools are operating , the students are in, and she has not heard any adverse comments. She advised everyone present to attend tomorrow night’s meeting instead of discussing the same items tonight.

Mr. Cundiff stated that the bridge is due to be open for traffic on Friday. Paving was done on Tuesday. He acknowledged that there have been complaints about the inconvenience of the detours with the two bridges being worked on. The project is about 85% complete and they do have retainage on the project.

Mr. Cundiff stated that the project is just getting underway. The abutment is exposed. Erosion controls are up. Traffic is down to one-lane with a traffic light directing traffic. They are working closely with the design engineer.

Ms. Brown made a motion to accept the August 27, 2014 Building Facilities Construction Committee meeting minutes as amended. Ms. Howe seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-5, Mr. Gouin and Ms. Mosczynski abstained.

There was no discussion.

October 15, 2014 and November 19, 2014.

Ms. Brown made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 PM. Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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