February 4, 2016 Capital Meeting

February 4, 2016 Capital Meeting

Postby Mary Wright » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:03 pm

February 4, 2016

A meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) was held on February 4, 2016 in the Municipal Center Resource Room. Mr. Guzinski called the meeting to order at 1:06 PM.

PRESENT: Kent Vinson (Chairman), Ellie Chesebrough, Adam Furno, John Furno, Melissa Morrison, Shirley Mosczynski (left at 2:15 PM)
NON-VOTING: Mike Guzinski (Town Administrator), Norm Yvon (School Superintendent)
ABSENT: Brandon Auger (Excused), Don Gonynor (Vice Chairman-Excused?)

1. Meeting with Department Heads to Review FY2017Capital Requests
-Cable Committee
Mitch Cohen (Chair) and Pat Aldrich (Cable Coordinator) joined the meeting. They have two requests for FY2017. The first priority is playback equipment. Equipment purchased in 2005 has been running nonstop for eleven years and cannot handle high definition (HD) files. The current system only has two-channel playback: for government and public access. The current system also cannot determine how many times a recording was aired. Mr. Cohen has included a quote of $45,000. This purchase will be funded by Charter through funds received through the license.
A discussion was held including storage and playback of archived recordings, data conversion, backup power, and HD.
The second priority is studio equipment at an estimated cost of $50,000, predicated on the renovation of a classroom on the second floor of the Municipal Center as a cable studio. Currently, public access recording equipment and sets need to be set up and broken down for each public access programming session. They have voted to fund 25% of the build-out upstairs from Cable licensing fees.
The plans for the renovation of the second floor are pending a decision on a waiver for the fire suppression system and finding the funding for the renovations. Information needed to request the waiver is still being finalized with the Building Inspector. A discussion was held regarding the plans for the second floor.
Ms. Mosczynski spoke in favor of the Cable Committee’s self-funded requests.
-Fire Department
Kent Vinson joined the meeting as Fire Chief. He updated the Fire Dept. Capital Plan for FY16. Jaws-of-life, hose, SCBA, and turn-out gear have been removed. He added a washer/extractor/dryer ($13,000) to keep all the new gear in the best possible condition. The cleaner the gear is, the safer firefighters are from related cancers. Chief Vinson has applied for a grant for this equipment.
He also added: replacement of the fire station roof, replacement of the 1999 Pierce International ($450,000), and purchase of a pumper/rescue, which was voted the #1 Capital project last year. Chief Vinson would like the request for a pumper/rescue to go before the Town for discussion of possible debt exclusion. Chief Vinson looked at a 2012 demonstration truck yesterday in Connecticut at a cost of $380,000. A new truck would cost $500,000. A discussion was held. Mr. Guzinski does not see any way to fund a rescue/pumper or a catch basin cleaner truck through the Capital process. It could only be done through some type of bond. Mr. Guzinski can develop some scenarios. A decision for a debt exclusion needs to be made by mid-March in order to get on a ballot. Mr. Guzinski will bring this request to the Board of Selectmen at their next meeting on February 16, 2016. This item will be placed on the CIC’s meeting agenda for February 25, 2016.
Ms. Chesebrough asked about installing metal roofs. Mr. Adam Furno explained that a pitched roof can be metal, but a flat roof cannot.
-Highway Department
John Furno joined the meeting as Highway Superintendent to present the Highway Dept.’s Capital requests. He listed his priorities as follows: a 51” wide snowblower that will attach to the sidewalk tractor, a large snowblower to fit on the front-end loader, a new roof for the Highway garage (he can investigate the cost of a metal roof), and a catch basin cleaner truck with a plow and sander to replace two vehicles (a savings of $239,000).
He listed the following requests for FY18: replace the 2007 one-ton dump truck and a brush chipper. For FY19, replace the 2008 one-ton dump. In FY20, replace the 1997 dump truck. Lastly, Mr. John Furno requested a portable air compressor and a new Highway garage. He spoke about how the current garage has no ventilation and is well undersized for the trucks that are stored there. Much of the Highway equipment is stored outside.

2. Minutes: January 21, 2016
Mr. John Furno made a motion to approve the January 21, 2016 Capital Improvement Committee meeting minutes as presented. Ms. Chesebrough seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-4, Ms. Morrison and Ms. Mosczynski abstained.

3. Old/New Business
Old Business: Yesterday, Mr. Guzinski received confirmation that the State has signed the contract for the $165,000 grant. The 50% payment should be received within the week.
New Business: Bob Sullivan, Water & Sewer (W/S) Systems Manager joined the meeting to give the CIC an update on the water booster station. The engineering firm they were using, FST was bought out by Stantec, which slowed the engineering process. The engineering packet is mostly done. It will go out to bid soon. The entire station will be built off-site. Mr. Sullivan is hoping to have everything done before next fiscal year.
Mr. Guzinski, at the request of the CIC, presented a list of all updated project requests. He included a dollar total for each year. He will add the roof for the Fire Station.
The next meeting will be February 25, 2016.

4. Adjournment
Mr. John Furno made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:20 PM. Mr. Adam Furno seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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