March 8, 2017 Capital Improvement Committee

March 8, 2017 Capital Improvement Committee

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March 8, 2017

A meeting of the Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) was held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Vinson called the meeting to order at 1:02 PM.

PRESENT: Kent Vinson (Chairman), Brett Argall (left 2:18 PM), Brandon Auger, Ellie Chesebrough, Adam Furno, John Furno (Vice Chairman), Shirley Mosczynski
NON-VOTING: Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), Norm Yvon (School Superintendent)

1. Review Departmental Project Requests:
- Town Clerk
Christine Furno joined the meeting. She is looking to purchase three new voting machines. The current machines are 16 years old, and the State no longer supports them. The State is required to do an audit of precincts and Douglas was chosen for an audit for precinct 3. Doing that recount of the Presidential election, they found one ballot that was unaccounted for. She is concerned that election results could be compromised using the current machines. She presented information on two types of machines that are supported by the State. The cost is approximately $7,000 each. Two of the old machines would be evaluated and kept as back-ups.
- Community Development
William Cundiff joined the meeting. He stated that phase 2 of stormwater regulations mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) under the Clean Water Act is being initiated this coming year. He outlined what is involved in complying with phase 2. There is a larger cost at the front end. Mr. Cundiff outlined what the $50,000 cost would cover, and it is unfunded. Mr. Cundiff presented an email that presented the ramifications of noncompliance with the mandate. A discussion was held, including fines and work that can be done in-house.
- Water & Sewer
Bob Sullivan joined the meeting. All of the projects requested today have been requested in previous years . They are: North Street and Gilboa Street water mains and waste water/sewer master plan. He described the water main projects. His highest priority would be Gilboa Street.
Mr. Sullivan stated that there are some new programs that could assist with funding for the waste water management plan, however most say that the project has to be shovel-ready. A discussion was held, including infrastructure and whether or not a master plan could be developed in-house.
- Town Administration
Mr. Guzinski presented a request for a Municipal Center phone system, which dates back to the 1980’s and has been on the Capital list since FY2011. There are currently no technicians familiar with the system, and no parts are available on the market. Several thousand dollars a year are spent on maintaining the system. The cost to replace the system is $16,900. A discussion was held including using cell phones in lieu of a phone system.

2. Rank All FY18 Capital Project Requests:
Mr. Guzinski stated that Free Cash is higher this year than in past years. He plans to recommend to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and Finance Committee to use $600,000 in Free Cash for the Operating Budget, leaving $305,000 available for use for Capital Projects.
The following requests were discussed and scored as follows: Municipal Center phone system (52), Community Development EPA/DEP compliance (33), Highway tractor/snowblower attachment (37), Highway front end snowblower attachment (44), Highway dump truck (42), Municipal Center alarm system (62), Municipal Center first floor windows (57), Municipal Center gym window replacement (51), Municipal Center architectural plans (31), ambulance (43), Fire Dept. washer/extractor (44), cardiac monitors (34), Fire Station roof (33), police station floor (47), police station furniture (39), and voting machines (31). The following requests were ranked for the School Dept.: seal cracked driveway (36), exterior school door replacement (36), gym wall painting (33), and repairs to the high school access road (33).
Discussions were held including writing a letter to the BOS suggesting that the Water & Sewer Commissioner work with the BOS to develop a plan as to how to finance the requests from the Water & Sewer Dept. Presentations of the Fire Dept.’s Capital requests were made by Chief Vinson.
Mr. Adam Furno asked to use $10,000 to engineer the Municipal Center gym windows to get an accurate price for the project in lieu of the current $90,000 estimate to replace the gym windows.

3. Vote on Recommendations for Capital Projects:
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the ranking of the following Capital requests: Municipal Center alarm system ($71,000), Municipal Center phone system ($16,900), Municipal Center windows ($67,100), Municipal Center gym window engineering ($10,000), Police Dept. floor replacement ($25,000), school exterior door replacement ($15,000), Highway Dept. snowblower attachment ($85,000), Fire Dept. washer/extractor ($15,000) for a total of $305,000. Mr. Auger seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-5, No-1.
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to place the approved Capital List on the Town Meeting Warrant for a total of $305,000. Mr. John Furno seconded the motion. Vote: Aye-5, Ms. Chesebrough abstained.

4. Old/New Business:
Ms. Mosczynski and the Committee thanked Mr. Guzinski for all the work he has done as Town Administrator.

5. Adjournment:
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion at 3:24 PM to adjourn. Mr. John Furno seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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