2/7/12 - Meeting Minutes

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2/7/12 - Meeting Minutes

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All material presented at this meeting can be found in the Board of Health office files.
The regular monthly meeting of the Douglas Board of Health was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chairman Justin Lapham.

PRESENT: Justin Lapham, David McCallum, Steven Donatelli, Philip Smith, Marleen Bacon and Arthur Griffin.

MINUTES OF JANUARY 3, 2012: David McCallum made a motion to accept the minutes of January 3, 2012 as written. Motion was seconded by Steven Donatelli and passed by a unanimous vote.

SCHOOL PROJECT: This is for an earth removal permit. The Board of Health will reply with no comments.
PYNE SAND & STONE: Site plan for farm stand at 34 Davis Street. The Board of Health will submit to Planning Board the comments made by Malley Engineering stating that the plan submitted does not show any sewage disposal area and that this needs to be addressed as the project proceeds.
WEST SIDE CONNECTOR ROAD: The Board of Health will submit Mr. Malley’s comments to the Planning Board for the proposed connector road through Douglas, Northbridge and Sutton. There are no Board of Health issues presently, but the Board reserves the right to comment as the project proceeds.

TRANSFER STATION HANDOUT REVIEW: The Transfer Station handout for the period from March 1st to September 1st was reviewed. It will be added that helium tanks and fire extinguishers can be deposited in the metal box. Also, the issue of disposal of 1 lb. propane tanks was discussed and will be looked into further.
The price that the Board of Health pays for the printing of the Transfer Station permit has gone up. When ordered again Mrs. Bacon will contact other printers to see if a better price can be obtained.

2011 TRANSFER STATION TONNAGES: The monthly and total year Transfer Station tonnage reports for 2011 were presented and will be kept on file.

BILL WALSH, BLACKSTONE: Bill Walsh from the Blackstone Recycling Center and Blackstone Board of Health wants to attend a Board of Health meeting. He wants to discuss the recycling tonnages and the program at his Blackstone recycling facility.

BUDGET FY 13 – ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR: David McCallum made a motion to reclassify, in accordance with the Personnel Board’s evaluation, the Board of Health Administrative Supervisor position from an AO4, step 10 to AO5, step 6 and for additional funding in the amount of $608.40 be added to the Fy 13 Health General full time wages.
Motion was seconded by Philip Smith and passed unanimously.

EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS: The Board members will review the employee evaluations prepared by Mr. McCallum and after review the evaluations will be distributed to each employee.

2011 ANNUAL REPORTS: The 2011 annual reports for the Board of Health, Transfer Station and Public Health Nurse were reviewed by the Board members and will be forwarded to the Selectmen’s office.

COMPOST AREA: The Board reviewed copies of letters sent on behalf of the Board of Selectmen by William Cundiff to area towns asking if Douglas could share in the use of their leaf and yard waste composting areas. So far, the only town that has replied is Northbridge who stated that their facility is not large enough to accommodate another town’s use.

Douglas Board of Health -- Page 2 -- February 7, 2012

MONITOR WELL TESTING – DEP: An email had been received from the DEP stating the procedure to be followed to request a reduction in the monitor well testing schedule. This email had been forwarded to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith stated that DEP had previously stated they had some issues with monitoring but they were not specific as to what the
issues involved. He would like to follow up on this by contacting DEP again. He will keep the Board informed of his progress. It was also noted that the Board of Health recently signed a new three year contract for twice a year testing.

UPCOMING MEETINGS: Mrs. Krauss and Mrs. Bacon will participate in the following meetings:
February 9, 2012 – School Health Advisory Board, 9 AM at the High School
February 15, 2012 – MAVEN training at the Westboro Police Station - 8:30 AM to noon
February 16, 2012 – Reg. II consultant meeting in Board of Health office at 11 AM

TOWN COUNSEL: A memo was received from Michael Guzinski reminding Town departments that they must receive approval from him prior to contacting Town Counsel.

OLD/NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Lapham informed the Board members of an unemployment issue dealing with a recent employee. This is an ongoing issue that is attempting to be solved through the Town Accountant and Treasurer’s offices. If not resolved, there is a possibility that the unemployment funds will be taken out of the Transfer Station Enterprise Fund.

There will be a meeting of the Central Mass Recycling Council to discuss textile recycling on February 14, 2012 in Shrewsbury. Textile recycling is the next targeted waste recycling material.

The Board members reviewed and approved use of the newly designed Transfer Station Daily Log. This new form was designed by Don St. Germain and will result in saving paper.

NEXT MEETING: The next regular Board of Health meeting will be held on Tuesday March 6, 2012 at 6 PM. The date of this meeting could be changed if Bill Walsh cannot attend.

ANIMAL INSPECTOR: Kevin Sullivan, Douglas Animal Inspector, was unable to attend this meeting. He still needs to submit his annual report for 2011. When this is received, Mrs. Bacon will forward the report to the Board members for their approval.

Steven Donatelli made a motion to adjourn this meeting at 6:35 PM. Motion was seconded by David McCallum and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Marleen R. Bacon, Administrative Supervisor
for the Douglas Board of Health
Marleen Bacon
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