BOS - May 22, 2001

BOS - May 22, 2001

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Board of Selectmen Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 22, 2001
Resource Room


1. Call to Order
2. Minutes April 17, 2001
April 21, 2001
May 15, 2001
3. Thornton/Buxton Driveway and Fence—Discussion
4. Chapter 90 Contract with Mass Highway Dept.--Approve
5. Capital Improvements—Discussion
A. Connector Road
B. Main Street
C. Municipal Buildings Use Study
6. Cable TV
A. Survey Results
B. Compliance Audit
7. Executive Administrator’s Job Description--Approval
8. Council on Aging Appointment
9. June Special Town Meeting—Set Date
10. Gymnastics Place—Land Disposition—Discussion
11. Executive Administrator’s Report
12. Adjourn
Upcoming Meetings
May 29, 2000—Workshop Meeting

Future Business

Review and approve warrant for June Special Town Meeting
Annual Appointments
Audit Report
West/Grove Streets Intersection
Working with Town Government Booklet
Acceptance of Deed—Tusino/Davis Street
Street Deed Acceptances
Directional signs
Executive Administrator Interviews
Meeting Notes

Minutes There are enclosed three sets of meeting minutes for the Board’s review and approval.

Thornton/Buxton Driveway and Fence
Al Thornton requested time on the Selectmen’s Agenda to discuss the situation concerning his driveway and the fence to be installed. Your interim Executive Administrator visited the site with Mr. Thornton to see what he was talking about. There is enclosed in your packet copies of correspondence and a recommendation from Town Engineer Bill Cundiff.

Chapter 90 Contract
The Town just received the contract for the latest apportionment of Chapter 90 monies from the Mass. Highway Department. As you will see, Douglas’ portion is $91,309.47.
It is recommended that the Board vote to the contract with the Mass. Highway Dept. in the amount of $91,307.47, and to authorize the Board’s Chairman to sign the contract on behalf of the Town.
These funds also need to be appropriated by Town Meeting, which can be accomplished at the June Special Town Meeting.

Capital Improvements
The Capital Improvement Committee has requested time on the Selectmen’s agenda to discuss the status of various capital improvement projects, including:
1. Connector Road
Town Engineer Bill Cundiff and your interim Executive Administrator have met with the School Superintendent to review the concept plan for a connector road between the Elementary school and the present Middle/High School. The School Administration supports this project and is willing to act as its sponsor.
The acquisition of approximately one acre of land will be required to enable this project to go forward. Bill Cundiff has agreed to contact the landowner to beginning discussions about the possible acquisition.
A sketch plan of the layout of this proposed connector street will be presented to the board at your meeting,

2. Main Street Improvments
The report from the Mass. Rural Development Council as a result of their site visit last winter has now been received. It contains a number of suggestions for downtown improvement and mentions various funding programs available to help support those efforts. Arrangements will be made to have them make a presentation to the board at one of your upcoming regular or workshop meetings.
Bill Cundiff has written to Mass. Electric about the feasibility and costs of placing utility wires underground and is awaiting a response. Bill has also begun work on the grant application to the Blackstone Valley Heritage Commission for downtown improvement planning monies.

3. Municipal Buildings Use Study
The Capital Improvement Committee also wants to approach the Board about possibly accelerating the schedule for the Municipal Buildings Use Study. This study, which is planned as the second phase of the already completed facilities audit of municipal buildings, is not presently planned to be funded until fiscal year 2003. The Committee feels that is too long to wait, and would like to seek the Board’s support for funding the Building Use Study in FY ’02. This could be done by a warrant article at the June Special Town Meeting.

Cable TV
A. Survey Results
All of the responses received to date to the Cable Advisory committee Survey are being tabulated by Selectmen’s Office Staff. The preliminary results are included in your packets. There remains some tabulation works to do, and it is anticipated that the full survey results will be ready for the Selectmen’s review at your meeting.
B. Compliance Audit
It is a recommended practice to conduct a compliance audit of the existing Cable TV contract before beginning to negotiate a new contract. In this way the Town can determine whether there are areas where the company is not in compliance with the current contract, or whether circumstances have changed to render some contractual items unnecessary. I have prepared a draft compliance audit letter to Charter Communications for the Selectmen’s review. If there are any other questions that the Board would like to include in the letter, they can be included when it is sent out.

Executive Administrator’s Job Description
There is enclosed in your packets a copy of the revised job description. If approved by the Board, it can be given to the Search Committee and the applicants for the Executive Administrator position.

Council on Aging Appointment
As you will see in the materials submitted by the Council on Aging, they are requesting that Margaret Nelson be appointed to fill a vacancy that they have determined to exist on their board. Inasmuch as the Council on Aging is having difficulties in having a quorum to have meetings, it is recommended that the Board ratify this appointment in advance of the annual appointments, which should occur sometime in June.

June Special Town Meeting
At the Board’s last meeting, the Selectmen set Wednesday, June 27th as the date for the Special Town Meeting in June. However, the Town Clerk has indicated that she has a conflict on that evening, and every Wednesday evening. Thus, the Board may wish to choose another date for the Special Town Meeting. The Moderator indicates that he has every evening of the week of June 24th open and available.

The Gymnastic Place
Tia Hetu and Rod Spearin, representing the Gymnastic Place, have requested time before the Selectmen to discuss the possibility of acquiring a Town-owned parcel of land to develop a gymnastics facility here in Douglas. Specifically, they are looking at approximately 7 acres of the land acquired as a buffer to the High School project. They have provided a sketch of the proposed facility and how it would be located on the site, all of which is in your packet.
Please note that the acquisition of this parcel of land from Louis Tusino is not yet complete. Because a required legal notice was not previously placed in the Central Register, the closing on this parcel can not be scheduled before June 25th.
Once the Town actually owns the land, there is a lengthy legal process that must be followed to dispose of real property. That process includes:
1. Declare property available for disposition and identify use restrictions
2. Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP)
3. Advertise for a minimum of 2 weeks
4. Open and evaluate proposals
5. Submit disclosure to Central Register at least 30 before the closing
It would take several months to go through this procedure.
The same procedures would apply to a long-term ground lease as to an outright sale.
The advantage of a long-term ground lease is that ownership of the facility would revert to the Town at the end of the lease period, and the land would remain under the control of the Town in case that it would be needed for another purpose sometime in the future.
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2001

1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tom J. Navaroli at 7:03 PM. In attendance were Shirley Mosczynski, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, and Interim Executive Administrator David Owen.


Chairman Tom Navaroli attended a Safe Graduation presented by the Safe Program. 120 third graders wrote essays on Fire Prevention. Chairman Tom Navaroli gave his congratulations to those students along with congratulations and thanks to Kent Vincent, Fire Chief Donald Gonynor, Jeff Marsden, and the third grade teachers.

Chairman Tom Navaroli reminded everyone of the upcoming Memorial Day Parade, Sunday May 27th, at 1:30PM.

2. Minutes:

Minutes from April 17, 2001 – Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes with amendments. Motion seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. 4 members in favor, Ron Forget abstained.

Minutes from April 27, 2001 – Motion made by Rich Preston to approve the minutes with the packet of Economic Development Articles to be provided by Interim Executive Administrator David Owen. Motion seconded by Shirley Mosczynski. 4 members in favor, Ron Forget abstained.

Minutes from May 15, 2001 – Motion was made to approve the minutes as amended. Motion seconded by Rich Preston. All in favor.

3. Thornton/Buxton Driveway and Fence – Discussion:

Driveway: Martha Buxton and Albert Thornton were asked to join the meeting. Also asked to join was Town Engineer Bill Cundiff and Mr. Richard Olson from Amorello & Sons, Inc. Discussion was based around the following attachments included in the Agenda Packet: Letter from D. Mason Paving, Inc. dated May 8, 2001 to Mr. Albert Thorton; and a Memo from Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, dated November 8, 2000, Re: Buxton Property Driveway. Mr. Thornton did not feel that the driveway was installed as promised, two layers
- a base coat and a top coat - as he feels the Fire Department’s driveway was done. Fire Chief Donald Gonynor pointed out that the Fire Department’s driveway was done in two steps to prevent damage from heavy construction equipment. The end results were the same as what Mr. Thornton had. It was the general opinion of the Board that Mr. Thornton’s driveway was of the highest quality, that of a road and not a residential driveway. The Town has fulfilled its obligation to Mr. Thornton. He is responsible for preventative maintenance. Mr. Thornton then pointed out the seam that was mentioned in Bill Cundiff’s memo. He feels that the seam is a defect and should be fixed by the town. Although the Board does not feel that the seam is a maintenance problem, and after more discussion, Mr. Olson offered to supply emulsion and sand to seal the seam and the Highway Department will do the work. Chairman Tom Navaroli added that maintenance from then on should be the responsibility of Mr. Thornton.

Motion was made by Rich Preston that the Town would fill and seal the seam with emulsion. Motion seconded by Ron Forget. All in Favor.

Fence: Mr. Thornton asked the status of the fence to be installed between his property and the Town Barn. He believes he was told it would be an 8’ chain link fence with green webbing. No decision has been made yet as to the type of fence. The Board would like to re-evaluate the present quotes and look into where the money is coming from.

4. Chapter 90 Contract with Mass Highway Dept.:

Board of Selectmen need to vote to enter into a contract with the Massachusetts Highway Department for compensation of $91,309.47. Letter from Mass Highway Office of the Commissioner and Copy of Contract included in Agenda Packet.

Motion made by Shirley Mosczynski to approve signing contract and to authorize Chairman Navoraroli to sign the contract on behalf of the Board. Motion Ron Forget. All in favor. Chairman Tom Navaroli signed the contract.

5. Capital Improvements:

Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, Paula Brouillette, Committee Chairman, and Mitch Cohen, School Committee were present. Discussion was a follow up to the April 17th BOS meeting.

A. Connector road for schools: Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, brought a map showing the proposed location of the connector road extending the drive from the Middle/High School to the Elementary School. Currently they are looking into the wetlands on the parcel owned by Sheila Collins, the use of this land would save the ball field. The Highway Department is needed to test the soil types and see if there is ledge. Shirley Mosczynski asked if Pam Holmes had found out who would be funding the project. There was a question if the School Committee would be funding the project. Mitch Cohen, School Committee, said that the School Committee had endorsed the project but he feels that they do not have the funding. Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer noted that the original design, done by CME, was done back in 1997. That design now conflicts with new fields and buildings. Paula Brouillette mentioned that the Capital Improvement Committee estimated $300,000 for this project which she feels is low because they did not include land acquisition. She feels the project will be a debt project. They will keep the Board updated.

B. Main Street: Bill Cundiff reported that the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor Commission was receptive to receiving a proposal from the Town. He and Angela Ernenwein, Administrative Assistant, are currently working on a package to solicit money to cover planning for improvements in the downtown area. The package is being called “Downtown Douglas, Creating the Future through Rediscovering the Past”. Bill Cundiff asked that the Board give authorization to David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator, to sign off on behalf of the Board, for the grant application. Bill and Angela are looking for letters of support and they may not come in by the Boards next meeting. The deadline for the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor Commission Grant is sometime in July. They would like to get it in ASAP.

Motion was made by Shirley Mosczynski to authorize David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator, to sign, on behalf of the Douglas Board of Selectmen, the grant application to be sent to Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor Commission with a copy to the Board. Motion seconded by Rich Preston. All in favor.

Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, noted that a Community Development Block Grant is being prepared and is due in August. They are also looking for a Water Grant for the water main project which he is concerned could take money away from the main street project. He will look further into this.

Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, also reported that a requirement for the Community Development Block Grant is to have a Downtown Business Association in place before the August application is submitted. Bill mentioned that a Dr. Ron Linari from Blackstone Valley Technical High School suggested the Town have a full time Grant writer paid by the grants. Dr. Ron Linari and Carol Seyer, of Webster, have both offered to help, but they are very busy. There was discussion as to “seed” money for the grant writer and where does it come from. Chairman Tom Navaroli asked David Owen to draft an advertisement for a grant writer. Bill Cundiff is going to see if he can find interested people to spearhead the Downtown Business Association project.

C. Municipal Building Use Study: Chairman Paula Brouillette, Capital Improvements Committee, was seeking the support of the Board to expedite the scheduling for the Municipal Buildings Use Study. They are seeking the Board’s support for funding in Fiscal Year 2002. The Board was supportive. Paula will follow up.

6. Cable TV

A. Survey Results: Out of a possible 500 cable customers (exact number not known), there were 60 participants in the survey. Results were tallied and presented to the Board of Selectmen and copy to the Cable Advisory Committee.

B. Compliance Audit: David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator reported that our current Cable Franchise Agreement was signed in August 1988. It expires August 2003. We have ample time to renew the agreement. Mr. Owen has compiled a Compliance Audit to send to Charter and would like the BOS’s approval to send it to Charter. Mr. Owen had solicited information from Town Counsel for the Cable Television Renewal License Proceedings. Package was handed out to all board members. After we receive a response back from Charter Cable, decide if they fulfilled their original contract, then hold a public hearing to hear the public’s concerns, has Charter meet their needs? It was noted that we are not asking Charter to document 12 years of past service: the intent of the Compliance Audit is to see if they are currently complying. Mr. Owen feels it will take a week or two for their response.

Motion made by Shirley Mosczynski to approve sending the Compliance Audit for Charter Cable. Motion seconded by Ron Forget, all in favor.

Mr. Owen also reported that Cable TV Division Staff Brian Merrick, the Municipal Liaison Representative, has a presentation for communities preparing for negations at no charge. Mr. Owen will ask him to come out if the board would like to meet with him. Brian Merrick would like to do it in a casual setting and asked Mr. Owen to give him a few dates. Mr. Owen will see if he is available June 5th or June 19th (Board of Selectmen meetings are planned for June 12th and June 26 in accordance with the 2nd and 4th Tuesday being listed in the Town Report as BOS meetings). Chairman Tom Navaroli thanked Mr. Owen for all of his work.

7. Executive Administrator’s Job Description:

Motion was made by Shirley Mosczynski to approve the Executive Administrator’s job description as amended. Motion seconded by Ron Forget. All in favor.

8. Council on Aging Appointment:

David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator received a letter from the Douglas Council on Aging requesting that Margaret Nelson be appointed to the Council in place of Lorriane Manning, who moved out of Town.

Motion was made to appoint Margaret Nelson to the Douglas Council on Aging by Shirley Mosczynski. Motion seconded by Ron Forget, all in favor.

9. June Special Town Meeting:

Original date set for June 27th conflicted with the Town Clerk’s availability. June 28th was chosen with request that the Town Moderator be notified.

10. Gymnastics Place – Land Disposition:
(Taken out of order after Thornton/Buxton Driveway and Fence)

Tia Hetu and Rod Spearin joined the meeting. They have talked to various contractors, visited with David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator, and Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer, about different issues/codes they would be dealing with. The only thing holding them back is the land. However, the acquisition of the ‘Yacino” parcel, voted to be acquired by the Town of Douglas, is not yet complete. A required legal notice was sent out by Mr. Owen and the closing on the parcel can not be scheduled before June 25th. Once the town owns the land there is a series of procedures that need to be followed to dispose of real property. This process could take 4 months. There was discussion on the “Real Property Disposition” enclosure and how it relates to the disposition and use of this land. It was decided to go forth and invite Tia Hetu and Rod Spearin back once the Town takes ownership of the land.

11. Executive Administrator’s Report:

David Owen, Interim Executive Administrator, followed up on the following items from the last meeting:
• Letter was drafted to Peter Weber, Commissioner for the Department of Environmental Management. Re: Costs of Extinguishing Fire at Douglas State Forest.
• Letter was drafted to State Representative Paul Kujawaki and State Senator Richard T. Moore. Re: Request for Special Acts.
• Letter was drafted to Chairman Mark Dowgiewicz. Re: Transmittal of Zoning Amendment – Landfill siting.

Motion was made by Edward Therrien to authorize Chairman Tom Navaroli to sign above mentioned letters on behalf of the Board. Motion seconded by Ron Forget. All in favor.

Mr. Owen reported that regular Department Head meetings are being held again.

Suggested that a meeting be set up with the School Department to clarify who is responsible for what at the Municipal Center.

Letters to Committee and Board members concerning their interest in re-appointment have been sent out. Angela Ernenwein is working on this project. Not only is she receiving calls for re-appointment, but she is also receiving interest in new appointments. There was a question if anyone has applied for the Planning Board Vacancy, Angela will look into.

David Owen reported that the Post Office called because they want to install a 10’ pole at the rear of the building for a Satellite hookup with conduit up the side of the building. Mr. Owen informed them that they would need a Building permit and to submit a plan to the Board of Selectmen as the Town is the landlord of the building. He is going to get more information about the pole.

Mr. Owen reported that Mass Electric called. There is a light pole that was never put into their inventory. They wanted to know if we would take responsibility for it at a cost of $9 / month. Edward Therrien, Highway Superintendent located the pole and reported that we do need it. It is located at Birch and Forest St. The Board was in agreement that the Town would take responsibility. Mr. Owen will notify Mass Electric that we will accept responsibility for Pole 16, located on Birch Street.


Rich Preston would like to schedule another “My 2 Cents” forum some time in June. Suggested the Presentation of the Down Town Study be scheduled for this meeting for public input.

It was noted that there is still no “Welcome to Douglas” sign on the Manchaug Rd. Motion was made to order a sign by Rich Preston. Motion seconded by Shirley Mosczynski, all in favor.

There was a question about the meeting on gun permits. Angela thinks that Chief Foley has set up a meeting for next Monday with the representative of GOAL – Gun Owner Action League.

Tree Warden Leon Mosczynski submitted a letter assessing the value of the trees on West Street at the Grove Street intersection. The Board will look it over and discuss at a later date.

12. Adjourn:

Motion was made by Shirley Mosczynski to adjourn into Executive Session for the purpose of hearing a complaint or charges brought against a public officer, employee, staff member, or individual as stated in the Open Meeting Law, Section 23B, item 2. Motion was seconded by Ron Forget. Shirley Mosczynski, yes. Rich Preston, yes. Tom Navaroli, Chairman, yes. Ron Forget, yes. Edward Therrien, yes. It was stated that the board would return to open session only for the purpose of adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted

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