BOS - March 20, 2000

BOS - March 20, 2000

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Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2000

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:50PM. In attendance, Tom Navaroli, Ron Forget, Rob Guiou, Mark Bloomfield, and Norm MacNeill. Also in attendance, Larry Jeznach, Mitch Cohen, Anne Brunson, David King, Connie Verge, Steve Pucci, Lori Martin, Leslie Bereault, Jordan O’Connor, Terry Feursanger, Jack Blatchford, Walter Bird, Derek Brown, Janice Foran, and members of the community.

2. Set date and time of next Special Town Meeting to be Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00PM.

Tom Navaroli made a motion, seconded by Mark Bloomfield, to set the date and time of next Special Town Meeting to be Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00PM. Vote Unanimous.

3. Joint workshop meeting with the School Committee
• Student space needs numbers for Sept. 2000
• Thoughts/concerns/ideas on the temporary solution
• Time lines and responsibilities

It is projected that the increase will be from 1300 to 1356. On average the Town can expect a 12% increase each year. Five modulars will pull the 5th grade out of the elementary to free space in elementary. The School Committee does not want 5th graders in the HS. The School Committee referred the North St. site to Administration. The School Committee is looking to fund the modulars out of this years funds; this would get the school system through two years. The Schools will have to make due with the space until the schools open.

Ron Forget out at 8:55PM.

Discussion occurred about the North St timeline, the Old Elementary school, and using the 1st floor of the Municipal Center. Rob Guiou, Mark Bloomfield, Pam Holmes, and Mitch Cohen walked the schools. Mark Bloomfield reported what he saw. A discussion of scheduling issues occurred. Mitch Cohen and Mark Bloomfield agreed to work on the North Street building.

Ron Forget in at 9:25PM.

The North Street analysis will be in by Monday. Connie Verge will have Jordan O’Connor look at 29 Depot Street.

The Board discussed appointing new member to the School Building Committee; 1 Selectman, 1 FinCom Member, and 2 Citizens.

1. Adjournment

At 10:00PM Mark Bloomfield made a motion, seconded by Rob Guiou, to adjourn,
Vote Unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,

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