Minutes, Monday October 27, 2008

Minutes, Monday October 27, 2008

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Meeting Minutes
Monday October 27, 2008 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Eben Cheseborough, Carol Field, Rich Preston, Fred Fontaine (late), Tom Devlin (late)
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich – secretary
Audience: Arthur Griffin
1.) Open by Mitch Cohen @ 7:05pm
2.) Approved minutes 9/10/08, motion by Bob to accept, Carol 2nd, Unanimous favor – Eben, Rich abstained.
3.) Went through minutes 9/24/08, motion by Bob to accept, Carol 2nd, unanimous favor, Eben, Rich abstained.
4.) Went through minutes of 10/6/08, motion by Rich to approve amended minutes (not municipal center as typed – was held at DHS, and one small problem with wording - 10 year mark to halfway point.), Bob 2nd, unanimous favor, Eben abstained. Eben brought up that the online video of this meeting had volume/audio issues we may need to look into fixing, but could perhaps vary from set to set.
4.) CORRESPONDENCE: Email letter from Tom Cohan, Charter has agreed to do build out to Orange Street. Worked out well for those residents. Homeowners are not to be billed for the construction. Tom Cohan stated in letter that he would be contacting residents to let them know.
5.) Agenda 7: Local Program Hour: A few people have expressed interest in this, slide has been created.
6.) Agenda 8: Equipment purchasing: Laptops – MacBooks Oct. 14 released as rumored. Mitch passed out a spreadsheet detailing pricing and equipment. Laptop will be used as a mobile editing station – portable editing suite. Need as an answer to the 3year old iMac in cable room, which is really slow and may eventually need to be replaced. Committee agreed that we should purchase the low end Laptop, as it will provide needs of students adequately at a more reasonable price. Eben motioned to purchase Laptop, not to exceed $2000.00 – Rich 2nd, unanimous favor. Mitch brought up that the UPS battery backup is busted. Current playback system went down and there is no battery backup now. APC 1000V Amp should cost about $389.00, should last (5) years approximately. Mitch motioned that we purchase UPS Battery Backup not exceeding $450.00, Eben 2nd, unanimous favor. Talk of a possible sound amplification system for the Resource room, like a PA system of sorts, hard wired into the room. Talk of purchasing 50’ XLR cables to balance out the 100’ we currently have, Mitch motioned that we not exceed $300.00 for XLR cables, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor.
Mitch mentioned that as the digital video media evolves it is moving away from tape and more towards hard drive based cameras, we may want to look at purchasing more HD cams. Arthur Griffin mentioned hard wiring the microphones in the Resource room somehow as to not need to setup/breakdown. Was duly noted as a possibility. He also asked about replacing the joystick for the remote cameras in the resource room. Mitch noted that there are only two models available, the other model being very expensive.
7.) Agenda 9: Video Class Update: Pat noted that it was going well and that the current producers are doing very well, signing out equipment. Mitch asked about camera availability for the debate, Pat assured him the Sony HD’s were available. Rich added that class is halfway through, and that Pat had been helpful and supportive. Class will end on the 15th and student films will be ready.
8.) Other business: Pat announced that the Meeting Minutes Folder is available for public record. It is housed on the shelf with the rest of the books. Mitch noted that he will be setting up access for Pat to update the minutes online. Eben asked if we needed to go through the town Clerk. Mitch mentioned the Secretary of State’s position on online minutes - January first a new bylaw is going into effect. Tom mentioned that perhaps we should just ask her what she thinks, electronic submission may be perfectly acceptable.
OCTOBERFEST: Eben asked if we should be taping these meetings. They were not on original list of meetings needed for taping. Eben mentioned that there are a lot of pitches for mini-grants and public money to be considered. Motion to send a letter to Octoberfest by Eben, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor. Same with Assessor’s meeting, confusion with “executive session”. Need to compile a new list of committees, boards to be taped.
Tom Devlin brought up the Alliance Community Media Membership renewal, which would cost $225.00 per year. Tom made motion to continue the affiliation. Rich 2nd. Unanimous favor.
Tom also brought up a check from BnH Photo which was received for $118.95 with an invoice for a VHS machine that was broken and sent back to get refund. Money was to be given to Jean. Tom also told us the budget as of 7/1/08 – wages: $3136.45, Repairs: 75.22, Office Supplies: 92.09
12.) Next meeting 11/10/08 @7pm.
13.) Mitch motioned to adjourn, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor adjourned @ 8:31pm.
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