BOS - October 13, 2009

BOS - October 13, 2009

Postby Suzanne Kane » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:30 pm

OCTOBER 13, 2009
Approved October 20, 2009

• Call to Order

Mr. Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM in the Municipal Center Resource Room.
Board: Michael Hughes (Chairman), Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, John Bombara, Scott Medeiros (arrived at 7:20 PM), Michael Guzinski (Executive Administrator), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant) (left at 7320 PM).

1. Finalize STM Warrant
Mr. Guzinski distributed the latest draft of the Special Town Meeting Warrant. He reviewed in detail each of the Articles. Much discussion held regarding Article 3. Mr. Hughes noted the feedback from ZBA was mixed. It was noted that in theory it is agreed that a five member ZBA would be a benefit; however, it was suggested to change the effective date from July 2010 to 2011 to give the newly reconstituted ZBA a chance to get established. It was further suggested to postpone this Article to the Annual Town Meeting to give this new Board the opportunity to develop some cohesiveness. After discussion it was the consensus to postpone Article 3 to the Annual Town Meeting. With regard to Article 5 (Tax Increment Financing Agreement) discussion was held regarding the name to be inserted. It was the consensus to use the name Douglas Woods. It was further suggested that this Article be put at the end. The Board was in agreement. It was also noted that the Finance Committee is open to including further information regarding this Article with the Warrant. Mr. Cohen made a motion to approve the Warrant as presented with the changes described which were: eliminating Article 3, moving Article 5 to the end and entitling the Economic Opportunity Area as Douglas Woods. Mr. Medeiros seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

2. Executive Session – Contract Negotiations
Mr. Bombara made a motion at 7:41 PM to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of contract negotiations and to return to regular session for the purpose of adjournment. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Mr. Cohen – aye, Ms. Brouillette – aye, Mr. Hughes – aye, Mr. Bombara – aye, Mr. Medeiros – aye.

Mitch Cohen made a motion at 8:41 pm to return to regular session for the purpose of adjournment. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Mitch Cohen – aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Michael Hughes – aye, John Bombara – aye, and Scott Medeiros – aye.

3. Adjournment
Mitch Cohen made a motion at 8:41 pm to adjourn. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Lannon, Recording Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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