Minutes, Monday, August 3, 2009

Minutes, Monday, August 3, 2009

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DOUGLAS CABLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Monday August 3, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Rich Preston, Bob Werme Staff Present: Pat Aldrich Audience: Michelle Fontaine
Meeting Opened by Mitch @ 7:10pm 1. Reorganization of DCAC: Fred Nominated Mitch Cohen as Chair and Rich Preston as Vice Chair. No other nominations were heard, so as slate, nominations declared closed by Mitch, unanimous favor.
2. Meeting Minutes: 4/13 – Bob motion to accept as presented, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor. 5/11 – Rich motion to accept as presented, Fred 2nd, unanimous favor. 6/15 – Fred motion to accept as presented, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor with Bob abstaining.
3. Correspondence: Charter Bankruptcy Reorganization: Had asked for action on the form, DCAC advised Selectmen to take no action, BOS took no action, sent letter to Charter to this effect. Charter sent letter about satellite TV waging ad war against cable.
4. Payroll Authorization Annual Vote: Committee votes annually to authorize the Chair or Vice Chair to sign off on payroll instead of needing quorum signatures. Rich motioned to authorize, Fred 2nd, unanimous favor.
5. Financial Report: Tom had financial papers, said everything matched up with Town Accountant’s info, Mitch will have info for next meeting.
6. Coordinator’s Report: Pat asked committee to allow some spending to reorganize and update office for new needs/equipment with some simple shelving and basic wall mounts/hooks to maximize space potential. Fred motioned to approve up to $150.00 spending on these needs with Pat buying out of pocket and submitting receipts for compensation, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor. Level 1 Class completed, Producer’s Round Table filmed and in production with new experimental style. Mitch said he will get the text for advertisement for new Recording Assistants so we can put in the Tribune, Craigslist, and Slideshow.
7. Equipment purchase: HP8500 Office Jet with extra ink - $400.00. Label Maker Brother PT 2500 - $75.00 w extra tapes. Final Cut Studio 3 had been authorized at a prior meeting, price was $200.00 less than last version, has been ordered. Tom and Mitch had emergency ordered (2) Hard Drives for the Nexus at $80.00 each, Mitch sought the committees retroactive approval for emergency expenditure. Fred mentioned that an Engraver would be a nice addition to engrave “Douglas Cable” on items, only cost about $40.00. Rich motioned to approve up to $800.00 for equipment, Fred 2nd, unanimous favor. Rich brought up that we should think about In-Studio Productions as we move forward. Status quo – cable only has (1) lighting kit. Possible talk of expanding to more. Looking at camera mixer issues, problems with settings? Mitch said he had PDF manual for mixer and Pat would check it out to see if there are settings that can be re-established. Mitch brought up that BoinxTV software that he’d previously tested had been fixed and bugs have been updated. He mentioned that he donated his license to the town. BoinxTV would allow for multiple cameras to be firewired through a conversion box into one Computer and live production edited that way. He said that he is still testing the software, but we could possibly move in that direction. Audience member and Committee applicant Michelle Fontaine offered use of her Green Screen for cable to assess whether it would be a valid purchase for in-studio use.
8. Annual Review/Payroll Adjust: Town Meeting decided on 2% non-contract adjustment + step. In the past, DCAC matched town’s decision. Video Assistants would go from current $8.00 an hour with guaranteed (5) hour minimum to $8.35 – $8.50 an hour or $41.50 - $42.00 per meeting. Coordinator’s hours increasing back to 19 hours per week? Mitch mentioned that for the position of Coordinator, there should be an official review form and process that still needs to be determined and can be discussed at the next meeting, with any decision being retroactive to July 1. Fred motioned to increase recording assistant stipend from $8.00 an hour to $8.50 an hour, stipend from $40.00 minimum per meeting to $42.00 retroactive to July 1, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor.
9. Other Business: Vacancies: (1) open, Michelle Fontaine introduced herself as a candidate. Had taken Level 1 production course with Pat, specializes in professional photography and marketing with her company LAMICH productions, and is active in many volunteer projects. Board of Selectmen appoints members through the website application process, but the DCAC lets the BOS know if they are in support of the application. Rich mentioned that we should look at long range planning in regard to the next 5-10 years. Could we build a studio facility with an actual office? Need to look at the capital fund and have conversation moving forward at next meeting. Mitch mentioned we could look at the pro’s and con’s of having a non-profit running the cable station instead of committee as a lot of communities do.
10. Next Meeting: August 24, 2009
10. Adjournment: 8:10pm Motion by Bob, 2nd by Fred, unanimous favor.
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