Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

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Meeting Monday, August 9, 2010 – Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Michelle Fontaine, Kellie Malo, Rich Preston.

Staff: Daniel Harlow

Mitch opened at 7:07pm
1. Annual Re-organization: Rich nominated Mitch Cohen for Chair, second by Michelle Fontaine. Unanimous favor. Bob nominated Rich Preston for Vice Chair, Kellie Malo 2nd, and unanimous favor.
2. Annual Payroll Authorization: Bob moved that the committee votes to authorize the Chair or Vice Chair to sign payroll instead of needing quorum signatures, Rich 2nd , unanimous favor.
3. Meeting Minutes: 6/14/10- Michelle Motion to approve the minutes, Kellie 2nd, unanimous favor. 6/28/10- Bob motion to approve the minutes, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor.
4. Payroll FY-11 Adjustments: Current pay for Cable Coordinator: $15.67 for FY10. Current pay for Recording Assistants: $42.50 per meeting, minimum call of (5) hours. Increase on both would be retroactive to July 1, 2010. Discussion on payroll as it relates to requests from Town Staff and differences within the Cable’s Operating budget from the rest of the Town. More discussion was had about remaining consistent with the town Step System. Rich motioned to award Patrick Aldrich the Cable Coordinator a pay increase of up to $16.35 an hour for FY11, retroactive to July 1, 2010, Kellie Malo 2nd, unanimous favor. Cable Recording Assistants do not fit into Personnel Board’s Step System. The Committee debated whether to be consistent with revenues or personnel board recommendation for pay increases. Charter’s increase is approximately 3% annually. Michelle made motion to increase Recording Assistants’ pay by 3% to 8.76 per hour or $43.93 per minimum call, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor. All pay increases are retroactive to July 1, 2010
5. Air Conditioning Update: Air Conditioning unit was installed quickly with the help of Ricky Colonero. Installer had upgraded the unit for free.
6. Insurance and Inventory: What type of insurance should we have on cable equipment? Mitch discussed this with Suzanne Kane, who recommended consolidating our inventory and looking into purchasing an insurance rider for equipment that leaves the building. Committee charged Pat with updating the inventory with important data to get to the insurance company. Change the sign out forms to include new language.
7. Analog vs. Digital Difference: Few months ago, there were signal quality problems with channels 12 and 13, which was fixed by Charter by replacing the modulators. Since then, there have been varying reports as to signal quality, so Mitch sent informal survey to a large percentage. People with digital converter boxes found the signal to be very good. Users with analog signal maintained that the signal was still lousy. Mitch contacted Tom Cohan at Charter to see if they could do a study on Douglas to see the percentage of boxes or analog users in Town. Mitch asked if they could provide us a box to use as a comparative experiment within our own monitor, which is currently analog.
8. Equipment: Nexus was bought five years ago for $5,500.00 with 5-year warrantee. They called to let Mitch know for $3,000.00 for an upgrade to Ultra nexus. There is no extended warrantee, so if something happens to the Nexus, it would possibly be a large expenditure to fix it. Mitch mentioned that he hoped the current Nexus would last another four years, as it has been a very reliable piece of equipment. Replacement Hard Drive for $90.00 was ordered.
9. Policy Discussion: Public event recording by Recording Assistants as a new part of their job description. Talk of budgeting in certain number of events and post processing as an addition to Pat’s duties. Rich mentioned that we should establish a formal calendar that we could then base our recordings on. Discussion on how to pay recording assistants, possibly based on current pay base. Mitch and Rich are to work on Job Description and Policy to have ready for the next meeting.
10. Other business: Michelle was asked about the equality of political use of cable channels, and was asked to look into the policy. Mitch talked about the policy having only two real caveats, them being, fundraising and the use of public funds to raise campaign funds, and the encouragement of candidate videos around election day, which get equal, back to back treatment on the schedule.
11. Next Meeting: August 23, 2010 or September 13th. Agreed to have the September 13th.
12. Adjournment: Rich motioned, Bob 2nd to adjourn at 8:24pm.
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