2/28/11 Minutes

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2/28/11 Minutes

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:10 am

2/28/2011 MINUTES

Present: Shirley Cooney, Gail Swenson – Members
Debby Heinz – Non Member

Meeting called to order: 7:07 pm

Shirley announced that commission member, Mike Boothby is not present again.
Minutes of 10/25/10 minutes looked over. Shirley C. makes a motion to accept minutes; Gail Swenson 2nd. Minutes accepted.
South Street Cemetery Seeding- We will have to wait until the Spring to see if it germinated. Shirley suggests that if it looks good, commission should consider having it done in other areas. Gail agreed provided we have the funds available.
Buffer- Gail spoke to Bill Cundiff. He came across no information, but that the state of Rhode Island has 25 feet. He feels that 100 feet might be too much that perhaps 50 would be better. In Massachusetts it is up to each individual town to determine. The Massachusetts Historical Foundation will be contacted regarding any guidelines for buffers or any other information that they may have.
Memorial Bench- R. Stockwell had the bench brought to the Douglas Center Cemetery and had it put in place.
Lot Fees- After looking through ledger, there is nothing to compare it to as in the past Douglas has had no set pattern for raising the fees. Should be taken into consideration that less people are now doing full casket burials. Perhaps we should make arrangements for cremations. The commission to research how many cremations are allowed per plot. Discussion to be continued at next meeting.
Annual Report- Gail wrote up and submitted it as well as putting together budget for FY12.
Water Department- Need to put in a Backflow Pressure Prevention Device. Gail called the Water Department for help. She also called Weirsma (located in Manchaug) for a price quote. When they receive information on the device they will give an estimate.

*Shirley had a conversation with a Mr. Andrew Crawley re. the pole and guide wire in the cemetery. He recommends that the first thing we do is to have a Title Run Down to see if there is any indication anywhere that National Grid had permission to put a pole or guide wire there.
*Shirley will get in touch with Bill Cundiff to see exactly what a Title Run Down is and how to go about it.
Next Meeting: March 28, 2011
Gail makes motion to adjourn, Shirley 2nds.
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