5/3/11 Meeting Adendum

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5/3/11 Meeting Adendum

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After the meeting was ADJOURNED, Shirley C., Gail S. and Debby H. met with Town Administrator Mike Guzinski.

1- Gail asked Mike about the memo regarding “discretionary monies”. It was explained to him that we currently have a stone, that had fallen over, laying on the ground. We asked if we could contact our mason to fix it. His reply was, “ If it is not a good idea to wait, then go ahead.” He then explained that the idea behind the memo was to let the boards and committees that they could not just go out and spend any remaining monies for unnecessary items.
2- Mike was given a copy of the letter from National Grid and he was told that Bill Cundiff will present it to Town Council.
3- Mentioned the increase of the Plot fee. We asked him if it had to go before the Board of Selectman. He said he did not think so as we were an elected board but that he would run it by Town Council.
4- Explained to him about a Buffer Zone regarding our cemeteries. He said that he will run it by Town Council.
5- Gail mentioned to him about spending money on signs for the cemetery re. cleaning up of plots. He gave his ok.

After meeting with Mike Guzinski, Gail S. and Debby H. went down to Assessor’s Office and filled out a form for a person from the Senior Work Off list to help with the clean up of cemeteries.
*Eagle scouts could possibly build a small cover over our stones that now lay on the grass. This could also be a senior project.
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