5/3/11 Minutes

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5/3/11 Minutes

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5/3/2011 MINUTES

Meeting called to order: 10:00 am
Present: Commission members Shirley Cooney and Gail Swenson, Member to be: Debby Heinz and guest member, Bill Cundiff, Town Engineer

1-National Grid: Letter of 1/9 from National Grid was discussed. Shirley explains how she mentioned to Town Administrator how she looked into possibly seeing to have guide wire removed and never got any response.
Bill C. pointed out that in the 1/9 letter our options were laid out for us. He feels that it would be worth it to bring this letter to the National Grid rep’s attention. Our choice would be option #3. We want to get rid of it all together. However, we want it spelled out that National Grid would eat the TOTAL cost. He also suggested that prior to contacting National Grid; we should show this letter to council.
Forward the 1/9 letter to Kim (N/G rep) with a cover letter being sure to let them know that it is at their expense.
Gail mentions that she thinks that The Douglas Commons committee also has been trying to get the poles moved as well.
Bill will review the letter with Town Council and possibly have a draft letter from council for our next meeting.
Our other way to handle it is if the Town does not think that it is advisable- what we want, he will have them draft a letter or send an email with what our best option is.
2- Gail has not heard back from the plumber yet.
3- Gail will speak with Mr. Guzinski after the meeting regarding memo about “discretionary funds”. What he meant specifically about that.
4- Gail’s suggestion made at last meeting about contacting Eagle Scouts & signs is now off the table.
5- Gail will contact our lawn-mowing person. Shirley will notify John Furno re. the plot of Kayla Polker to see if he can help her with family contact information re. clean up of site.
Gail brought up the possibility of posting signs in the cemetery to remove dead flowers. (Contact Ricky Colonero as to whom we could get the signs from).

No bills, correspondences, etc.
Next Meeting: 5/24/2011, 10:00 am / Debby Heinz to post with Town Clerk
Meeting Adjourned at 11:02 am.
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