Personnel Minutes 2009-11-03

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Personnel Minutes 2009-11-03

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November 3, 2009

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Lois Garrison, Sharon Brotherton, BettyAnn McCallum

• MINUTES: Minutes from 10/13 accepted as written.

• JOB DESCRIPTION TEMPLATE: BettyAnn prepared a job description template to be used by departments that need to submit new or updated job descriptions. BettyAnn will contact the Assessors Office and Water/Sewer for updates.

• SELECTMEN: The Selectmen submitted our policy and procedure manual to Town Counsel for comments. BettyAnn responded and the Board has been asked to attend a Selctmen’s meeting on December 1st to formally submit the manual for approval and to discuss these comments. Some of the comments include changes that have been made to the FMLA Leave and Conflict of Interest Law. Our response is that we need to be kept in the loop on these changes. Does Town Counsel notify the Selectmen when laws are changed? If so, we should receive those notifications. Another comment was whether or not to require a CORI background check when an applicant is offered employment. The Board had mixed feelings about this. Either all employees should be checked or none. Who pays for it?

• PURPOSE OF PERSONNEL BOARD: The new Moderator has requested a brief description of all boards for a booklet he is creating. The Personnel Board used the definition in the Personnel Policies and Procedures, but Ellie noted that there is a different purpose described in the Bylaw and questioned whether they should be the same. No decision was made.

• HOLIDAYS: The Board discussed the number of holidays that employees are paid for and the policy when holidays fall on Friday, when many people don’t work. Ellie felt that since the bylaw states that employees will receive 11 holidays, it was unfair to not pay people who don’t work on Friday. She will draft a revision which will give everyone 11 paid holidays.

• NEXT MEETING: December 1, 2009, at 6:30 p.m.
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