2/6/2012 - Meeting Minutes

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2/6/2012 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:17 pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Chairman Michael Yacino, Linda Brown, Brandi Van Roo, David Windoloski,
Tracy Sharkey, Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Lajoie (Administrative Secretary).

1. Exxon Mobil, Monroe Street. Present was Seth Lajoie (Representative), Bob Schagtten (Exxon Mobil) and Gerry Colonero (Contractor). Brown contacted Zisk to inform him that this morning she saw that machinery had gone through a stream crossing on Monroe Street. Zisk said that one of the “Special Conditions” was that the work was to be done in the two (2) stream crossings when the crossings were dry. Zisk also said that he contacted Lajoie last week to confirm the work schedule. There was much discussion about preventing this miscommunication from happening again in the future. After discussion, it was agreed that to stabilize the area, crushed stone shall be placed down gradient to catch all sediment, place waddles cross wise to install downstream erosion control and cover the affected area with straw – all to be done by hand. Zisk will be at the site to ensure that this work is done properly. A Motion was made by Brown to issue a fine of $200 per day, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.

114 Orange Street
Present was the owner Michael Smeglin who is requesting permission to construct a 25-foot by 26-foot addition with a two-car garage underneath with a frost wall basement. The fill will be used to grade the driveway on the left, go around to the back of the house to the right side of the house where the addition/garage will be. After discussion, it was agreed that prior to construction, straw bales are to be placed down gradient from the proposed work area and the location shall be approved by Zisk before the start of work. A Motion was made by Brown to close the Public Meeting and issue a Negative Determination of Applicability, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.

Located off of Gilboa Street
Present was William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Michael Weaver of Guerriere & Halnon. Cundiff said that this will be an industrial roadway with 3,900 feet located in Douglas. The entrance will be located on Gilboa Street almost across from the Shell Station/Dunkin Donuts. There will be 36-feet of pavement, two (2) catch basins, a culvert and swales at the entrance. Brown asked if water would be a problem on Gilboa Street and Weaver said no and that the water will collect in the catch basins. There will be excavation within the 100-foot buffer zone and 14,900-feet near the riverfront area. Weaver said he would submit an alternatives analysis for disturbance for the riverfront area. Cundiff said that the Grant for this project is due to expire in this fiscal year. Brown asked that as a “special condition” all pipes are to be capped and that a note be placed on the plan. After discussion, a Motion was made by Brown to continue this Public Hearing on March 19, 2012, at 7:30pm, seconded by Van Roo. Vote was unanimous.

1. 8 Arnold Road: Oil Spill. The Community Development Department received a phone call from DEP on January 30, 2012 stating that there was an oil spill at 8 Arnold Road and that DEP is at the site working to clean it up. Cundiff went to the site and found that the cottage was seasonal and the owners were not living there. Apparently, the cottage was broken into, the copper tubing was stolen from the furnace, oil was then draining into the basement, triggered the sump pump and 150 gallons of oil was pumped out of the basement and onto the ground. DEP has been cleaning up the area including wetland areas. An Emergency Certificate was issued by Michael Yacino on February 1, 2012.
2. Site Walks/Requests for Certificates of Compliance: 29 Shore Road & 76 Bigelow Road. Yacino and Brown will go to the sites with Zisk on 2/7/12 at 12:00pm and the rest of the members said they would go at their leisure.
3. Conservation Commission Application. The Commission received a copy of an application from David Gallant, 131 Walnut Street requesting to be a member of the Commission. Yacino drafted a letter for the members review and the members agreed that it has always been the policy to appoint an applicant as an Associate Member to see if they are interested in what the Commission does and then if so, become a member. A Motion was made by Van Roo to send this letter to the Board of Selectmen, as written, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.
4. Meeting Minutes of 1/3/12. After review, a Motion was made by Brown to approve the Meeting Minutes of January 3, 2012, as amended, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Yes-4, Abstained-1. Vote passed.
5. Meeting Minutes of 1/17/12. After review, a Motion was made by Brown to approve the Meeting Minutes of January 17, 2012, as amended, seconded by Sharkey. Vote: Yes-4, Abstained-1. Vote passed.

At 8:45pm, a Motion was made by Van Roo to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Brown. Vote was unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,

Maria D. Lajoie
Administrative Secretary
Community Development Dept.
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