Personnel Minutes 2012-06-19

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Personnel Minutes 2012-06-19

Postby BettyAnn » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:41 am

June 19, 2012

Members present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Kristen Stevens, BettyAnn McCallum
Non-members: Mike Guzinski

• MINUTES: Minutes from May 15, 2012, accepted as corrected.
• MEETING MINUTE RECORDER: Mike provided the Board with a job description for General Meeting Minute Recorder. Board members will rate it and discuss it at the July meeting.
• ADMINISTRATOR’S PLAN FOR PERSONNEL BOARD: Mike would like each Board member to email their thoughts on how we should proceed by July 9th: what should be retained by the Board vs. what powers Mike should have. After receiving our input, Mike will present a draft for our next meeting on July 24th.
• STAFF REVIEWS: The new performance review forms should be distributed in October so that they can be filled out and returned by November 30th. The Board needs to outline any goals that they have for the training sessions that will be given on how the new forms should be done.
The question of whether or not the Board should be involved with these reviews was brought up. Ellie suggested that we be provided with a “blind” spreadsheet, showing results or averages but no names or departments.
• SALARY INCREASES: December 1st will be the date that the Board should recommend salary increases (formerly referred to as COLA).
• EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Debby questioned whether all positions should require a minimum of a high school diploma. She also noted that not all of the job descriptions that we reviewed were newly submitted. BettyAnn explained that not every position had revisions. Debby would like that fact noted on the bottom of job descriptions that were dated prior to 2009.
• CONFIDENTIAL DATA: Board members rerated each position in regards to how much confidential data the employee has access to. Several positions that are known to work with confidential material did not include this fact in their job descriptions and will be asked to revise them (Assistant Town Clerk and Board of Health Administrative Supervisor). We really need to define what “confidential data” is. Members found it difficult to rerate the Experience/Education issue. We will revisit this at our next meeting.
• NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post.
Topics to be discussed: Meeting Minute Recorder
Rating chart
Future of Personnel Board
Training session for employee reviews
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