Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday March 14, 2016
Mitch Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:04pm
Committee: Mitch Cohen, Tom Devlin, Bob Werme, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich, Sarah Guimond

Vacancy: There is an opening on the Committee, email or call 508-476-4000 ext 122 if interested.
Financials: Report from Town Finance Director Attached.
Meeting Minutes: Tom motioned to accept the minutes of 2/29/16, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
Correspondence: None.
School Committee Recording: Mitch discussed with Finance and Town Administrator and at this time it is too complicated due to personnel bylaws.
Budget FY17: Mitch and Pat met with Jeanne and Mike to tighten up the budget in accordance with the proper protocols. Some small changes were made and we are still waiting for some information, so there are a few estimated values that will be corrected once we hear back from Jeanne. New categories include FICA and retirement, new sums included in part time wages to offset the minimum wage raise. Tom motioned to approve the budget as presented at $85,897.00 with the understanding that the benefits/retirement line will be adjusted according to the standards of the Worcester Retirement Board, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor. Mitch will forward the updated approved budget to the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen.
Cable Policy Review: 3rd reading of changes. Bob motioned to approve updated policies as presented, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor. A new policy is being discussed to replace “new meeting recordings” to be reviewed at the next meeting.
Coordinator’s Report: Pat’s Report Attached.
Next Meeting: 4/11/16
Adjourn: Bob motioned to adjourn at 7:26pm, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
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