June 21, 2017 BFCC meeting

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June 21, 2017 BFCC meeting

Postby Mary Wright » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:11 pm

JUNE 21, 2017

A meeting of the Building & Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on
June 21, 2017 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Holland called the meeting to order at 7:12 PM.

PRESENT: Sean Holland (Chairman), Linda Brown, Michael Fitzpatrick, Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairperson)
NON-VOTING: William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Adam Furno (Facilities Maintenance Manager), George O’Neil (GRLA)
ABSENT: Virginia Howe (Excused), Rebekka O’Melia (Excused)

It was decided to reorganize at the next meeting.

2. MUNICIPAL WINDOWS PROJECT: Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects (GRLA) ASA-8
Mr. Cundiff stated that the Board of Selectmen (BOS) awarded the contract to Vareika Construction Corp. A Notice to Proceed will be issued.
Mr. Cundiff reviewed ASA-8 and the overall project costs for the designer vs. overall project costs. They are at $880,000 for the overall project, and the range of 7-8% is recommended for designer fees, as long as everything goes smoothly. Included in the packet is a summary of the base contract and additional scope items with GRLA. Currently, they are obligated a fee to GRLA of $114,925. ASA-8 is for another $16,275. There were a number of anomalies with the projects (HVAC, windows and roof).
Mr. O’Neil stated that GRLA’s total cost to the project, without profit, is $142,000. ASA-8 includes the impact of additional meetings (32 hrs.). Ms. Brown asked if Mr. O’Neil has found out if the roofing contractor can compensate GRLA for extra visits. Mr. O’Neil will review the Owner Contract.
Mr. Fitzpatrick wishes the BFCC had known they were being billed for Mr. O’Neil’s attendance at BFCC meetings. He asked for immediate notification of new invoices going forward. Mr. Furno does not feel there will be an issue with the windows project.
It is Mr. Fitzpatrick’s interpretation that other items are the responsibility of the subcontractors, i.e. extra hours associated with the 21-week delay on the roof project. Mr. Cundiff explained that Mr. O’Neil does not have any agreements with the subcontractors, and therefore no mechanism to recover expenses from them. Neither does the Town. A lengthy discussion was held, including how to avoid extra expenses going forward, specifically when related to improper work performed by a subcontractor. Mr. Cundiff will ask Town Counsel for some standard language to address these concerns.
Mr. Cundiff recommended that some or all of the request be approved, but he suggested holding off on processing it until later in the project when the BFCC has a more definitive budget.
Mr. Fitzpatrick made a motion to defer a recommendation of ASA-8 until Mr. O’Neil reviews the Owner Contract to see if there is language that protects the Town from some of the overcharges. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.
Mr. Cundiff stated that the fiscal year ends June 30, 2017 and if these hours were already billed, then an invoice needs to be processed by the middle of next month. The ASA is a proposed scope of work. The invoice that is submitted is within that scope of work.

Mr. Cundiff stated that the percentages for the architectural and engineering ($15,000) do not include the estimate for reimbursables ($1,000) nor the previous work that had been done ($5,500). Total available funding is $101,500. With that, they are at 21% for architectural and engineering.
A proposal from GGD is included in the packet.
Mr. Cundiff will have Interim Town Administrator, Jim Purcell, authorize the scope.

It was decided to meet on July 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the BFCC meeting at 8:28 PM. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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