5/29/18 APPROVED

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5/29/18 APPROVED

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:23 am

LOCATION: Community Meeting Room CRA: Tess Worme

Meeting is called to order at 7:05 pm
PRESENT: Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary; Betsy Youngsma, new Commission member.
Shirley Cooney welcomes Betsy Youngsma to the Commission
REORGANIZATION: Commission reorganizes its positions. Shirley Cooney, chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary/Treasurer (for the time being)
4/17/18 MINUTES: Commission reviews minutes. Before voting on the minutes, Shirley makes announcements regarding them. She left a message with Dewey of Full Circle regarding the Poison Ivy at Pine Grove Cemetery.
Henry Torpe will not be able to make the row markers for the cemetery as the price would be too much. Commission tries to find other things that he could do. Betsy suggests a bench for the old part of the cemetery. Debby suggests that if Henry does not want to do that then perhaps he should look elsewhere.
Debby motions to accept minutes as written. Betsy abstains as she was not at meeting. Motion is so moved.
LETTER TO MASONS: Debby shows letter to Shirley and Betsy. Explains that it was mailed out on 5/15/18 and as of this date (5/29/18) there has been no response back.
FIRST MOWING: The first mowing was on 5/25/18. Debby explains that there were several complaints made both to Highway Department and main office regarding the condition of the grass. She spoke with Bryan Burnett and he assured her it would be done but that it would cost double as due to the height it would have to be mowed twice. Debby suggests that in the future we should try to have the first mowing the Friday before Memorial Day and not the Friday of Memorial Day. Shirley also explains that while we can do that, we also have to take the weather into consideration.
FILE CABINET: Debby explains that she received frames as a donation. Donor wishes to remain anonymous.
WATER: The water at Douglas Center Cemetery was turned on 5/21/18.
OTHER: Compost: Mr. Tebo will spread it in the new section for the Commission. Debby suggests that we contact the Water Commission re. the extension of the water line.
Shirley wants to have the Rose of Sharon bushes moved. She will have a discussion with Dewey regarding this.
Tomb: Debby explains that she has gone through paperwork and has gotten everything together. She will present it at the June meeting spreading it all out on the table as it is discussed. Betsy wants to meet Bill Cundiff at the DCC to check out the erosion on the tomb. Betsy to contact him. It is suggested that he also be invited to the June meeting so that he can join the discussion with the commission.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: 2017 Annual Report from Greater Worcester Foundation

TREASURER’S REPORT: Invoice from A&B. Total Cost w/fee for second mowing: $2,175.00.

NEXT MEETING: 6/19/18 7:00 pm

ADJOURNMENT: Debby motions to adjourn; Betsy 2nds. Motion is so moved.
Meeting is adjourned at 7:58 pm.
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