Minutes June 26, 2018

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Minutes June 26, 2018

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
June 26, 2018
Trustee Meeting

Present: Danielle Morrow, Ellie Chesebrough, Betty Holden, Barbara Van Reed, Kate Anderson, Justin Snook.
Absent: Joe Biagioni, Ramona Williams, and Kevin Sughrue.

A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM

Minutes for May 22 were accepted unanimously with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report
From the $214,406 for the Library's FY 18 budget, $4,703.87 remains. There are 4 more days in the fiscal year.

Director’s Report
eBook circulations have increased.
Diane Edgecomb is providing the kick-off event for the Summer Reading Program tomorrow.
The excellent local authors program featuring 4 authors was attended by 27 people.
Maryellen Aubin has retired as a circulation clerk and will be missed

Old Business
Building/Capital Projects
Snook reported that he currently had two leads for possible capital donations which are in the preliminary thought process of how to proceed.
What is the status of the buffer trees in the parking lot and what is the best maintenance procedure.

Five Year Plan
Some thoughts for the Five Year Plan included:
Drive through window
BV Libraries with emphasis on regionalizing services. Publicize both in print and electronically (print oriented people are often old people).
Concentrate on community development within the town of Douglas by continuing services at the Senior Center, schools (including home schooled) and the Municipal Center. Be careful of for profit organizations that may charge for programs. Publicize using the website, public media, emails and in print (see above).
Prioritize the buildings needs as well as a logical piecemeal approach for Trustees' approval. Provide a timeline for fundraising goals and completion of projects. Include town funding needs too, through Capital not debt exclusion.
Continue friendly customer service.
Provide more pizzazz to the website.
Use more photos in publicizing both print and on-line for public relations.
Look into providing a railing for the last step to the walk.
Snook will send a reminder to Trustees to get five year plan ideas by July 4th.

The Friends are having a mid-Summer book sale on July 21st from 9 AM – Noon.
Membership renewals are welcome and are annual.
The Yes group, who supported the override, donated their cash balance of $33.36 to the Friends.

New Business
As a result of Maryellen Aubin's retirement some of her hours will be re-assigned satisfying an opportunity for better staffing flow:
Gail will have additional hours to cover Thursday nights. This will also provide her with benefits for paid vacation, personal time and sick time. Even though she currently averages 30 hours/week, four of those hours occur on the one Saturday she works each month and the town has deemed to not included them to her 30 hour average. This change will provide her with 3 more hours a week.
Currently there are two Library Assistants, one working 15 hours and the 4 hours. The remaining hours will be lumped together and divided in half to equalize the these assistants hours. One hour will be shaved from a page position to keep the budget neutral.
There was some discussion about pages and the how their work is perceived. It was suggested that future pages be high school students in order to provide them with work experience they can include in their applications to higher learning.

Snook noted no changes in job descriptions.

Basement Posts
It was reported that a child had bumped into one of the brick posts in the basement during a music and movement program. It was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously to spend $130 to make the basement posts more child friendly.

Wireless Router Replacement
Due to the age of the wireless router, C/W MARS will no longer support it. It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously to spend $990 from LIG/MEG funds to install a new wireless router access point licensed for five years.
Due to the number of eBook borrowers and their requests for not owned eBooks, Snook suggested spending $1,064 for those eBooks not in the collection and another $6,000 from gifts to satisfy all these requests. He did note he did not know the specifics because of the way eBooks are requested and its information stored. He felt the $1,064 could be used from the FY 18 budget. It was moved, second and passed to spend $2,000 from Library Grants to supplement the eBook Collection, 3 in favor, 2 against.
Trustees Accounts
There was discussion on how the private funds should be expended. It was agreed to continue this discussion at the next Trustees' meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 24th at 7:00 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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