Minutes July 24, 2018

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Minutes July 24, 2018

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
July 24, 2018
Trustee Meeting
Present: Joe Biagioni, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara Van Reed, Kate Anderson, Ramona
Williams, Kevin Sughrue, and Justin Snook.
Absent:, Danielle Morrow, and Betty Holden.
A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM
Minutes for June 26th were accepted with 2 abstentions.
Treasurer’s Report
The total for all the funds not appropriated by the town, which includes those from gifts,
grants, and donations, is $99,330.66. For FY 2018 the amount received was $21,869.35
and the amount spent was $17,635.94 thus resulting in an assets increase of $4,233.41.
Funds from the FY 2018 town appropriated budget which were not spent and
subsequently returned to the town were $667.34 for Personnel and $83.55 for
Operational. The report was accepted.
Director’s Report
• Circulation was down in June. Snook noted that circulation in March tends to be
the highest due to no Monday holidays and circulation in December tends to be
the lowest due to the most holidays.
• Several more programs are scheduled for the Summer Reading Program including
Dance Sensation Dance Studio.
• Adult programs are being sought for Fall, sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
• Children's Librarian Deb Soderman was honored both by the school and by the
• Yankee Express ran stories on both library passes and the local author program.
Old Business
Building/Capital Projects
◦ Norfolk Iron Works has been contacted to provide a quote for a metal front
step rail that does not interfere with the sidewalk snowplow. Adam Furn has
another business that may also be contacted for a quote.
◦ Foam to cushion the basement posts has arrived and will be installed.
◦ Snook has reached out to several possible donors; if no response, he will try a
different tactic.
Five Year Plan
Snook will take the ideas received and will create a word cloud.
The July 21st book sale raised $669.00. This was the first time no change was
included in the donations. An anonymous donation for $20.00 was received through
Network for Good. Mary Sughrue- Yacino has agreed to stay on as President of the
Friends. That she is moving to an adjacent town does not prevent her from continuing in
this role.
Wireless router replacement
This has been ordered through C/W MARS.
Demand has increased for eBooks. There is an option “Request to Library” or
RTL when requesting an eBook for the patron to request eBooks that are not in the C/W
MARS network. Although $2,000 from special grants was voted last month for
eBooks, only $1,064 was spent. eMagazines are available in Overdrive as well. Snook is
looking into a free trial of Kanopy which would be used to stream videos.
New Business
Fall Town Meeting Fund Transfer
Since the full amount requested for FY 2019 personnel and operations was voted
at the Annual Town Meeting as well as $2,701 for heat if the Library closed, the $2,701
should be voted back to the town. It was moved, seconded, and passed to support the
transfer of $2,701 back to the town at the Fall Town Meeting.
Guidelines for donations and trusts expenditure
It was suggested to spend funds received as donations, but not specifically when
or how. It was moved, seconded, and passed that the Simon Fairfield Expendable Trust,
aka the Richard Douglas fund, can be used for home-schooling materials
Electrical Outlet
Snook reported that another electrical panel is needed to power Octoberfest
activities, notably the Sokol Hall table. It was suggested that Sokol Hall could be asked
to supply the panel as well as labor to accomplish this.
Trustee Resignation
Joe Biagioni submitted his resignation as a life member of the Board of Library
The next meeting is scheduled for August 28th at 7:00 PM
The meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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