Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 22, 2018
Fred Fontaine called the meeting to order at 7:35pm
Committee: Fred Fontaine, Tom Devlin, Chris Menn
Unexcused Absence: Bob Werme
Staff: Pat Aldrich, Al Galvin

Committee Vacancies: There is one opening on the Committee, email or call 508-476-4000 ext 222 if interested.
Financials: Town Finance Director’s report attached in “Meeting Packet”. Pat was asked to pair down the information into a more readable fashion for the next meeting.
Expenditures: FY18 Financial Reconciliation Spreadsheet submitted. Vouchers signed by Fred Fontaine - 9/26/18, 10/16/18. Vouchers signed by Tom Devlin - 10/10/18
Meeting Minutes: Tom motioned to accept the meeting minutes of 9/24/18 as written, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Correspondence: 10/2/18 - Charter Bill Adjustments, 10/15/18 - Meeting DVD Request fulfilled, FY19 “Boards and Committees” listing by Suzanne Kane.
Coordinator Report:
Meetings Report September 2018
Equipment: 10/6/18: Oktoberfest Recordings were successful, high quality videos are already being uploaded, faster editing times using new external drive techniques. Some discussion on ideas for enhancing the resulting programs.
10/12/18: Assisting Mr. Denoncour at the High School set up for a TV production class using older equipment to teach the basics of multi-cam production. Pat discussed offering the older iMac to Mr. Denoncour for this class purpose, if he’s interested in teaching cross-platform.
Upcoming: Special Town Meeting November 13, 2018 7pm @ High School Auditorium
iMac 27” approved 9/24/18, ordered 9/25/18, shipped 10/19/18.
Mac Mini approved 9/24/18, ordered 9/25/18, delivered 10/5/18, currently discussing install location with Building Dept and Town Administrator.
Mac Book Pro 15” approved 9/24/18, ordered 9/25/18, delivered 10/19/18, setup and ready for use.
Resource Room PA discussion: Fred gave a brief history of the project and the scope of the project. Fred proposed a 50/50 split with the Town for the project, as half of the equipment is for the infrastructure of the room, not just cable purposes. Pat will set up a meeting with the Town Administrator and Fred to discuss project parameters to consider quotes.
Other Business: Fred mentioned that when we set meeting dates, we will stick to them, unless it is cancelled or changed.
Next Meeting: Monday, November 19, 2018
Adjourn: Chris motioned to adjourn at 8:10pm, Tom 2nd, unanimous favor.

Meeting packet with attached reports can be viewed/downloaded here:
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