9/17/2007 - Meeting Minutes

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9/17/2007 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:26pm.

Chairwoman Marylynne Dube, Michael Yacino, Linda Brown, Brandi Van Roo and Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent) and William Cundiff (Town Engineer). Leon Mosczynski and Ralph Dudley were absent.

DISCUSSION: Stormwater Bylaw
The Commission received comments from Kopelman & Paige. The Commission reviewed the comments.
S.11: Purpose/Intent. The Commission asked Cundiff to have Kopelman & Paige delete the last clause.
S.11.10: Monitoring of Discharges. The Commission asked that Kopelman & Paige add in “Anything not under NPDES, this will be imposed”. The Commission asked Cundiff to contact Kopelman & Paige to clarify their comment. Cundiff will get this information for the Commission as soon as possible.

8 Linden Street
Present were the Applicants and their representative Robert Murphy of Murphy & Associates. Murphy presented a revised “draft” plan showing a narrow septic system, grading 28-feet wide from the buffer zone and the garage taken off the plan. The house is 45-feet away from the wetland. Murphy submitted copies of the river zone determination, stream stat reports and watershed areas (rainfall). The intermittent stream is less than half a square mile. The septic system’s shape was changed and was narrowed to stay away from the river. Zisk suggested pushing back the house so it would be outside the 50-foot buffer zone. Murphy said that the Applicants would like to construct a garage and barn in the future and will be outside the 50-foot buffer zone. Zisk said that he met with Board of Health and the Applicants and Murphy is to submit a separate plan for cleaning up the parcel and notes proposing how they will be doing it. The groundwater level is 36-inches on the other side and 2-feet where the trash is. The house will be 40-feet by 32-feet. Murphy will submit a plan showing the house and barn, clean-up and grading. Yacino said that the grading is 25-feet from the buffer zone. Brown asked the Commission if they should hire a consultant.
Yacino said that DEP will be determining the drought classification within three (3) months. The Commission scheduled a site walk for Friday, September 21, 2007, at 9:00am. Cundiff asked Murphy to show the tree line, move the erosion controls closer to the work area, add the impervious area and show the testing and test results on the plan. A MOTION was made by Yacino to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, October 15, 2007, at 7:30pm, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

45 Martin Road
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Michael Yerka of Yerka Engineering and Cliff Van Reed of ReMax Realty. The scope of work is to review the stream bed condition. It is currently shown as a perennial stream. Yerka wants the Commission to determine the stream is intermittent upstream from Horse Shoe Pond aka Southwick Brook to Maple Street. Yerka said that the stream stats were done. The Commission will do a site walk on Friday, September 21, 2007, at 10:00am. A MOTION was made by Yacino to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, October 15, 2007, at 7:45pm, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

8:30 PM DISCUSSION: Violation Notice – Enforcement Order Issued at the property located on Pine Street
Paul Chase
Mr. Chase said that he does not live in town and didn’t know anything about what was going on at his mother’s property. The Commission received a telephone call from an abutter stating that someone had destroyed a beaver dam, cut down trees and a vehicle was in there with no plate numbers. Cundiff and Yacino went to the site to find that this was true and contacted the Police and the Board of Health to investigate. Yacino said that the beavers were now rebuilding again and to let nature take its course. The vehicle was also removed. Brown asked Chase if it was alright for the Commission to check the beaver dam on this property every now and then and he agreed.

1. Standard Conditions regarding property transfer. Cundiff said that the home buyer is not usually aware of an outstanding Order of Conditions. The Commission asked that the following be included in the standard conditions: “The new buyer is to be given a copy of the Order of Conditions. The previous owner will be in violation if a copy of the Order of Conditions is not given to the new owner”.

1. Certificate of Compliance: Nature View, LLC, 35 Crescent Lane
2. Certificate of Compliance: Joseph & Tedeschi Construction, Inc, “Hilltop Estates” Subdivision
3. Vouchers
4. James Beane, 33 Walnut Street. The Commission did not sign. The engineer must submit a revised plan because the house is smaller and does not match the final approved plan the Commission has.

SITE WALKS: 9/21/07 9:30AM
1. 12 Gilboa Court
2. 133 Perry Street

1. Joint meetings with the Board of Health. Yacino asked the Commission to allow Zisk and Cundiff to consult with the Board of Health. The Commission approved.
2. Standard Conditions for New Buyers. A MOTION was made by Yacino to add this to the “Special Conditions”, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 9:05pm, a MOTION was made by Yacino to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,
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