Minutes, Wednesday July 23, 2008

Minutes, Wednesday July 23, 2008

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Meeting Minutes
Wednesday July 23, 2008 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Eben Chesebrough, Bob Werme, Fred Fontaine
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich
Audience: None

1.) Open by Tom Devlin @ 7:42pm
2.) (Agenda #1.) Meeting Minutes June 25, 2008: not ready to be reviewed.
3.) Welcome new member Bob Werme.
4.) Welcome new Cable Access Coordinator Pat Aldrich.
5.) Tom suggested re-organization of the committee. Mitch nominated Tom for Chair. Fred seconded. All voted in favor. Fred nominated Mitch for Vice Chair/Secretary. Seconded by Eben. All voted in favor.
6.) Correspondence: Tom noted that we had received the Northeast Courier from the Alliance for Community Media, and committee should be aware.
7.) (Agenda #3.) Bills: American Alarm Keyless Entry $150.45 per quarter. EXPENSES: Year End - Wages: $11,704.00, Maintenance/Repair: $402.43, Advertising: $69.00, Office: $1,014.78, Training: $300.00, Dues: $225.00, Equipment: $9,132.21 with a total fiscal: $22,847.41 - signatures needed.
8.) (Agenda #4.) Equipment: Mitch was looking at hard cases (no), Laptop (MacBook) but there will be changes by the company at the end of the summer, so he is waiting to see the changes.
9.) (Agenda #5.) Cable Coordinator Proposed Hours: Pat proposed Tue/Thurs 6-10pm and Sat 9am-5pm for a total of between 16-19 hours per week. Mitch mentioned that this was a better schedule than they already had. Unanimous favor.
10.) (Agenda #6.) Charter Sale of Internet Data: Was withdrawn, Mitch spoke about how the process is no longer in practice.
11.) (Agenda #7.) Charter Complaints: Tom spoke about the issue of charter not being able to install their wires on Verizon poles without special licensing - a process that is taking a very long time and bothering new people to town (Perry St. complaint). Tom emailed Tom Cohan - Government Rep at Charter, who will be setting up a meeting with Tom Devlin, and/or the Cable Access Committee after Labor Day to follow up on this issue.
12.) (Agenda #8.) Local Program Hour: Pete Tetreault had suggested we have an hour specifically devoted to local Douglas centralized video productions. Tom suggested we create a slide on public channel to advertise for submissions. Mitch suggested that we create a SHOW to this effect. A host (repeating or rotating) would read message board items in a standardized recording. Show would be open to the public to come in and present items as well. Members of Boards or community events welcome. A “Douglas Hour” Show. Mitch thought that a human element may assist in getting info absorbed. Eben noted that we would need to create rules/regulations to assure that the program was not used for politics or to be monopolized by anyone. Tom mentioned that sometimes slides have too much info and that a person reading it would be more effective. Mitch agreed to put together a more formal proposal.
13.) (Agenda #9.) Video Class: Class will be co-taught by Rich Preston and Pat Aldrich. Sept 20th - mid November, the class would run 8 weeks. Need to put together a press release to the Uxbridge Times, Tribune, Telegram - the goal to get more producers. Cutoff Sept. 10. Mitch made a motion for the Fall Sept 20th Video class be co-taught by Rich Preston and Pat Aldrich. Eben seconded. Unanimous favor.
14.) Eben mentioned that he’d turned in his old key, and that Mitch has his and Fred’s keyless entries. Eben also mentioned that he’d like to do another “This Old Home Douglas”.
15.) (Agenda #10) Other business: Mitch proposed that we buy (2) new DCT-60AV tripods from B&H Photo @ 80.00 each plus shipping (Approx 200.00 total) including carrying cases for both. We need these to connect with the (2) new Sony HD cams, as they currently won’t connect with stock tripods. Mitch made a motion to spend the 200.00 for the tripods, Eben seconded, unanimous favor.
16.) Eben made mention of Fred’s appearance on NPR in which he spoke about Douglas.
17.) Next meeting is for LATE AUGUST, a date will be set in Aug.
18.) Tom motioned to Adjourn @ 8:12pm. Mitch and Eben seconded, unanimous favor.
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