Minutes, Wednesday September 10, 2008

Minutes, Wednesday September 10, 2008

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Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 10, 2008 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Fred Fontaine
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich – secretary, Angie Coe – recording assistant
Audience: None

1.) Open by Tom Devlin @ 7:45pm
2.) (Agenda #1.) Meeting Minutes June 25, 2008: not ready to be reviewed.
3.) (Agenda #2.) Meeting Minutes July 23, 2008: corrections made to (one date and one spelling) and then Mitch made motion to approve meeting minutes as amended, Seconded by Bob Werme – unanimous favor.
4.) (Agenda #3) Correspondence: Note from Charter: Channel changes, will be letters to customers explaining.
5.) (Agenda #4.) Bills: None. (see #7)
6.) (Agenda # 5) Equipment: waiting to see New Laptops (MacBook) to be released OCT 14.
7.) (Agenda #6) Cable Access Coordinator Salary: Misunderstanding about salary – Tom offered $13.00 on phone to Pat Aldrich, Pat thought he said $15.00 – the cable committee had approved $13.00 for the offer, but had budgeted for $15.00 anyway. Tom and Mitch both stated that Pat was doing a great job and had been pro-active with organization and meeting scheduling and both recommended that the pay be increased as of 9/10/08 – instead of waiting the 120 days review the committee had approved originally. The understanding is that there would not be a second review or pay increase until next fiscal year, which would be at the going rate (est. 2.25%) Mitch made motion to approve pay increase, Fred seconded – unanimous favor.
7.) (Agenda #4.) Bills: Ended fiscal 08 – lump sum payment from Charter: $39392.81, Expenditures: $22847.41 (coming in under budget), June 30 the Revolving Account: $148799.98 set aside for future capital improvement to equipment and/or facilities. Spent as of Aug 31: wages - $2281.95, Repairs and Maint: $75.22, Total $2357.17 – a very quiet summer.
8.) (Agenda #7.) Charter Sale of Internet User Data: Done with for now.
9.) (Agenda #8.) Charter Complaints: Perry St. – 2 new homes w/ home businesses, long driveway creates pole licensing issues (which can take up to 6 months). Orange St. – Solicited by Charter, some people said “Yes” – Charter said they can’t do it. Resident wrote letter to Charter, Charter wrote back. Tom read letter aloud. Summary of letter: Area does NOT meet “Density Requirements” and the total additional construction cost residents would have to bear would be $12909.00 in order to get Charter installed in that area – approx 1000 per resident in that area (1/5). Mitch looked up the license and disagreed with Charter’s interpretation – nothing about Density in the agreement. Possibly only really long driveway (drop from street over 250ft) could cause extra compensation for installation. Need to get Tom Cohan in to discuss the problem. Mitch suggested sending copy of Charter’s letter to attorney to get a legal view. Also, get together once before meeting with Tom Cohan to get thoughts together, also send Tom Cohan a list of concerns so he can prepare.
10.) (Agenda #9.) Local Program Hour: Need slide to go up for residents to submit more local programming. Local Program hour as proposed by Mitch, read proposal aloud for the record.
11.) (Agenda #10.) Video Class Schedule: 2 people had signed up, we need to get more people encouraged. Class is (8) weeks.
12.) (Agenda #11.) Other Business: Octoberfest – Mitch suggested that we possibly get things together to get some coverage of Octoberfest on Oct. 4th. Need batteries charged, tapes ordered? Volunteers rallied to videotape, coordinate a coverage. Fred mentioned that we could get a list of video production class for possible volunteers. Need a schedule of big events.
13.) (Agenda #12.) Next Meeting: Sept. 24th, tentatively. Need to discuss if Monday or Wednesdays are better.
14.) (Agenda #13.) Mitch made motion to adjourn – Fred seconded, unanimous favor – adjourned 8:23pm.
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