Minutes, Wednesday September 24, 2008

Minutes, Wednesday September 24, 2008

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Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 24, 2008 - Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Bob Werme, Fred Fontaine
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich – secretary
Audience: None

1.) Open by Tom Devlin @ 8:07pm
2.) (Agenda #1.) Meeting Minutes June 25, 2008: Fred motioned to accept as presented, Mitch seconded, unanimous favor.
3.) (Agenda #2.) Meeting Minutes September 10, 2008: Not ready.
4.) (Agenda #3) Correspondence: Note from Charter: Tom Read aloud - changes will be on Oct 24th cable bill.
5.) (Agenda #4.) Bills: Doing well quarterly maintenance key system.
6.) (Agenda # 5) Equipment: still waiting to see New Laptops (MacBook) to be released OCT 14.
7.) (Agenda #6) Charter Complaints: Perry St. have strung cable down driveway, expect to have tested for activation 9/25 – then installation to follow. Seems best way to get action from company is to continually call to remind them of our situation. Orange St. – Tom Cohan (Director of Govt Relations for Charter) has agreed to meet with the DCAC on October 8, 2008 but we may re-schedule to ensure a quorum that night. Mitch volunteered to look into the “Density” issue as Charter had quoted as being one of the main problems with the situation. Mitch will send an email to the Town Administrator to look into this matter (check with counseling). Still looking for responsibility facts, is Pole problem Verizon or Charter? Tom mentioned that we should put up a slide for the meeting so that concerned citizens could possibly attend as well. Example: “Issues with Charter? Come meet their representative on – date of meeting”. Another issue with the Verizon poles are what if Verizon decides to become a cable operator in Douglas, as in surrounding towns? If Charter has issues with supplying entire town of Douglas with cable, perhaps they are opening a door for competition.
8.) (Agenda #7.) Local Programming: OCTOBERFEST approaching, Carol Field volunteered to help with videography. Pat was given the task of making sure that there would be available equipment on Saturday, October 4, 2008 and that it would not interfere with Video Production Class, also with this task ensuring that the batteries would be charged and plenty of mini-DV tapes available. Mitch stated that he will be volunteering for many things that day and he will help out with videography when possible. LOCAL PROGRAM HOUR is in development, and Patrick, based on Mitch’s proposal, will create a slide. The show is to begin as a bi-weekly production with plans to possibly become weekly (depending on reactions by viewers) with Mitch being the first host. Contact cable either by email or phone.
9.) (Agenda #8.) Video Class: Pat spoke about class. We have 4 or 5 producers, seems promising. Talked about watching Rich’s style and how the takeover should be fairly smooth as Patrick will stick to Rich’s guidelines and maybe just tweak a little here and there.
10.) (Agenda #9.) Other Business: Taping new meetings. Mitch talked about “Water/Sewer” which still needs to be set up to tape, as they are the only elected board that we do not yet. They are in other building, but Pat agreed that it could be possible to arrange. Tom stated that he would send out notification to tape as per the Cable Advisory Committee’s policy and we could see how they react. “Octoberfest Committee” is not elected board, and with sporadic meetings, they would not be a requirement to tape. Mitch mentioned that we need to make a list of all committees and meetings to see what still needs to be added to the current roster. Tom mentioned the BVT meetings, but Mitch wasn’t sure that they are set up to record. Tom said he would get in touch with Mr. Fitzpatrick to inquire, Mitch said he would advise them how to set something up, but we are not responsible for those meetings.
11.) (Agenda #10) Next Meeting: October 8th, tentatively. Based on possibility of quorum.
12.) Tom made motion to adjourn – Fred seconded, unanimous favor – adjourned 8:23pm.
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