BOS - August 9, 2005

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BOS - August 9, 2005

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Board of Selectmen
Workshop Agenda
August 9, 2005

6:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Bob Melican – Interim School Superintendent

3. Accounting Update – Interim Account Michael Daley

4. Town Accountant Job Description / Search Committee

5. Discussion on IT position

6. Financial Management Review - DOR

7. Boston Post Cane Certificate

8. Approve Ladder Truck Lease Agreement

9. Goals

10. Adjournment
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop Minutes
August 9, 2005
Approved December 20, 2005

Call to Order:
Madame Chair Shirley Mosczynski
called the workshop meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the Municipal Center. In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Edward Therrien, Richard E. Preston, David Furno, and Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski.
Others present: Tribune reporter-Tom Mattson

Recent Storm-Shirley thanked the following for a job well done:Mike Guzinski, the Fire, Police and Highway Departments.

#7-Boston Post Cane (presented to the eldest resident of Douglas)-Shirley announced the Board had just signed the certificate to be presented to Anna Janeczek this Friday, 2:30 pm at Beaumont Nursing Home (in Northbridge). All invited to attend.

#2-Bob Melican-Interim School Superintendent-Asked to come and introduce himself to the Board. Bob sent his apologies, had a previous commitment before starting full time in Douglas on an interim basis next Wednesday, the 17th and will try to make the next meeting after that date. Set up a date for Selectmen, FinCom, School Committee meeting before next Special Town Meeting. Letter of vacancy on the School Committee. Bob requested a Special Town Meeting-he has some bills that need to be paid. His concern is more FY06 than FY05. He anticipates a shortage of between four and five hundred thousand dollars for FY06 unless he makes some adjustments and cuts and wants to know if there is support through this Board and Town Meeting (possibly late September) once he gets a budget breakdown. Shirley-we need to know (as well as the Towns people) the deficit, what do we go for and how are we going to fund it? We have to take a 9/10ths vote to pass. Rich thought it was quit a lot for FY05 and FY06-need a more definite number. Mike talked with Bob regarding possible lay offs, end some programs, if there is no additional funding what the plans are. Paula agreed more solid info is needed to get 06 passed. Bob wants to work with the community but we need better answers.
Regarding utility contracts for the schools-electric and oil are the same. Middle School furnace is really old and inefficient-maybe a future capital project. It’ll cost now but save in the future. Hopefully Bob will have some answers at the Capital meeting he’s attending next week.

Capital Committee-Rich Preston informed the Board there is one position open and it is supposed to be a department head. Joint meeting with the School Committee and Selectmen scheduled on September 7th. Short interview with candidates for School Committee vacancy.

#3-Interim Accountant Michael Daley Update-He planned to come in but had a conflict. Mike informed the Board he will be in next Tuesday at 6:00 pm and everything is going good.

Other Issues-Mike asked the Chair for permission to bring up and discuss other issues before moving on to the next item on the agenda.
Octoberfest Banner-The Town Engineer (Bill Cundiff) had reviewed the request to put up poles (telephone poles?) for the banner on Main Street. Technically possible to do, but discussed ways to make the addition more esthetically acceptable by installing a base so the poles can be removed when the banner is taken down. More expensive but poles will last longer. Possibly put in front of the library. Time frame of putting the banner up mid-September is off. Will get estimate of cost.
Post Office Renovation-(Re-roofing)-Mike has the schedule and work to be done for anyone to view. Issued to bidders on August 17th-bids due Aug 31st. Repairs, re-shingle, cupola repair install heating coils on roof. Strip and shingle 3/8” plywood with 50 year shingles. Work on chimney-rebuild top section. Anticipate work to be completed by Thanksgiving. Rich stated this is funded through Capital FY06. Monies from Moses Wallis devise could be kept as a back up for funding, but also needed for reserve for small projects. Rich mentioned that a clock was supposed to be installed. Small issue with wood flooring repairs.
Pesonnel Policies- Bylaw copies for the board in draft form. Mike hasn’t received review from Town Counsel yet.
Bid opening for 4 Town Group-2pm tomorrow- Designer/consultant opening here. Other Town Administrators to possibly attend.
Interviews for Firefighter-Fire Chief Gonynor asked Mike as well as Christine Hall-Chair of the Personnel Board to sit in on the interviews scheduled for next Monday at 6:30 pm.
Meeting of Municipal Officials-Mike received a call from the Lt. Governor’s office regarding the meeting in Worcester to be held Thursday at 11am at City Hall on health care issues in general for governmental employees.
Weather Event-supercell microburst in excess of 80MPH- last Friday evening. There was a rotation in the supercell but never hit the ground. Sections of roads closed for a period of time. Mike got called back into work and commended the fire, police and highway departments on a great job. A lot of trees down-Mass. Electric came in and got a majority of the power turned on in a short period of time. The cupola was blown off the roof of the fire station.

#4-Town Accountant Job Description/Search Committee-Mike-asked the Board for comments on the job description. Rich thought the information was good but out of order. Mike used the model done by MMA. Discussion followed on the job description.
Motion-Rich Preston-I move that we approve the job description of the Town Accountant as amended and presented. Seconded-Dave Furno. All-aye.
Salary-Mike handed out a draft survey for the Board to review and discuss. Previously IT (Information Technology) was included in the salary. Mike feels good candidates will be attracted even by starting at the low end of the salary scale. Advertise and stay with that figure. Schedule will be set up between Mike and the candidate. Paula reviewed the salary sheet survey-no problem starting at that scale.
Motion on approval of the job description. So moved-Rich Preston. Seconded-Paula Brouillette. All-aye. Mike informed the board the job description would be emailed to MMA tomorrow, on the website by next week, in the Beacon September 1st as well as the two local newspapers (Worcester T&G and Blackstone Valley Tribune).
Search Committee-Deadline for applications this Friday. Shirley requested one member of the Board is needed-Paula volunteered-on this Committee:Pam Holmes-Chair of FinCom,
Sharon Brotherton-Treasurer and Mike-also advertised for another community person. Paula suggested to either having our previous Town Accountant or one from another Town on the Committee if no one else steps forward.
#5-IT Position Funding-John Ducharme is doing it now on a part time interim basis but we can not function this way for a long term as he spends a lot of time with the school. He is still doing the back ups as far as Mike knows-but will check into it. Mike said additional costs for this position will have to be absorbed by the Town eventually as we become more productive and grow. Rich would like to see a long term full time position in the ‘07 budget. Look to other towns and see what’s out there. Mike mentioned an option-to hire an outside consultant-more expensive salary wise but would not have to pay for other benefits as an employee. A forty hour person is not needed now.
The Cable Committee is still looking for someone.
#6-Financial Management Review-DOR(Division of Local Services)-Mike told the Board- individuals came in for five or six days and spent time with different appointed, elected and hired officials to try to maximize the efficiency of our financial systems, town Government and general operations. Shirley asked for any comments or questions on the report-Paula commented that some of the suggestions could be overseen by department heads. Others need to be looked at and how to move forward. Mike confirmed to Shirley the Interim Superintendent and the School Committee Chair did receive a copy of the report. Need to get input from the departments as far as the recommendations and pro-actively follow up on all to completion. Rich agreed with Shirley and interested in the responses for example:move from elected treasure/collector to appointed which would be a ballot vote at an annual town meeting or Charter. Mike will meet with the departments, get their feed back, report to the Board in a couple weeks, or welcome to meet with the Board.
#8-Ladder Truck Lease Agreement - (Fire Department-New aerial ladder truck) First payment will be through CalFirst (California First Leasing Corporation) the interest rate is 3.87%. Will be able to save $6000.00 in financing costs if sent out in a short amount of time. Mike read entire agreement. Town Counsel also reviewed and approved it.
Motion-Paula Brouillette-I vote that the Board authorize Mike Guzinski to follow through on the lease for the fire apparatus. Seconded-Rich Preston. All-aye.

Shirley announced again the recipient of the Boston Post Cane-Anna R. Janeczek.

#9-Goals and Objectives- (Executive Administrator)-The last list was December 22, 2003.
Have list of high priority and secondary goals and objectives for the Executive Administrator from 2003. Mike’s understanding was that this was primarily going to be an exercise for the Board to discuss whether this would be to:review, re-examine, re-assess, re-prioritize, determine if changes or adjustments need to be made or to have a general discussion regarding the goals from back in the March-April timeframe.
High Priority Goals and Objectives-Discussion
#1-Establish and maintain the effective day to day administration of Town Government-Satisfied
#2-Examine and make recommendations on organizational structure-Ongoing
a-Examine and make recommendations on changes to General by-Laws to improve the administration of Town Government (DOR report)
-A lot of work was done last year with General Code Publishers in large part formatting exercise we went through and examine the bylaws themselves. A lot of issues under #2 seriously see the creation of a Charter Commission-discuss within the next 6 months or next years annual election. This will seriously affect all issues under #2.
b-Explore possibility of establishing a D.P.W.-cost/benefit information
Mike did provide some information and is waiting for information from Town Counsel. As far as having a DPW in operation next April it’s not realistic.
-Key component is The Water/Sewer aspect. It plays a serious role as they are an Enterprise Fund. Roles of elected officials, recreation and cemetery could be part of a central DPW.
Mike hopes to have some answers for the Board soon.
-Discussion-Rich’s concern is the general bylaws. The Committee created basically took the bylaws and organized them. That along with recommendation from DOR makes him feel we should seriously look at possibly forming a Charter Commission. Most has to be brought before town meeting. Paula stated the need to move forward, get organized, and explore what the options are- whether it’s called a Charter Commission or not. Rich asked Mike for information regarding forming a Charter Commission for the Board to discuss.
Motion-Rich Preston-I move that we authorize the Town Administrator to seek out any and all information. We agree to have an initial discussion regarding the possibility of a Charter Commission. Seconded-Dave Furno All-aye.
1a and b-Mike stated he could get a lot of progress done between now and next spring as far as getting a Charter Commission going and doing back ground for them.
c-Explore possibility of hiring a Planner/Grant writer-cost/benefit analysis –(Shirley added this goes along with the possibility of a Charter Commission) -Mike discussed this with other communities and we would break even at first-but over time it would pay for itself. If the Board agrees-try adding a position next spring. We have in coming mail to apply for grants. The position (Planner/Grant Writer) is not by rule but does commonly go together because they are mutually beneficial. Rich believes it is a full time position for FY07 budget. All agreed.
#3-Examine Town’s financial status and develop a 5 year financial plan (FY06 Override?)
-Mike thought very promising down the road working with the school and has seen great co-operation between the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen in the past year as well as School and Town Administration. The Interim Accountant has aided with his financial forecasting also. Paula stated her concern about some of the goals that are a year old. Mike thought it would be useful to move more urgently on some of the goals and get them done.
#4-Prepare and present quarterly financial updates to the Board of Selectmen-
Shirley stated it is expected. –Mike explained that once the new Munis Program is established he hopes to have monthly reports on the financial status as well as quarterly revenue reports.
Then have the Town Accountant meet with the Board on a quarterly basis or as needed to discuss the Towns status as far as finances. Rich shared his concern with the time line of the goals-Mike needs to inform the Board which goals are more realistic to complete sooner than later and what the Board needs to do to help him take it off the list. Paula agreed getting help from other committees.
Mike stated not a problem with the Munis System and cooperation of the Schools.
#5-Examine need for Capital Projects and work with the Capital Committee on 5 year plan. Mike will try to be more pro-active working with department heads in one or two years out not five.
#6- Examine town buildings/spaces which are currently unused and develop proposals for future use based upon the current and future needs of the Town.
-Mike stated this is a tough one because it’s wrapped around school issues and trying work with the schools to find out what their plans are to be able to move forward. Rich thought we need proactive discussion and make decisions can not wait for the school, we have vacant buildings. Policy issue regarding not walking away from old buildings. Mike will discuss options with the Board. His impression was that we were waiting for the school’s answer before making any definitive decisions. Shirley’s concern is funding. High priority.
#7-Work to improve relationship with School Committee/Administration-Shirley commented it is starting to happen.
#8-Work closely with the “4 Town Group”, the Economic Development Committee and other groups and officials to develop effective economic development initiatives.
Shirley thanked Paula and Mike for their work to get it moving and hopefully have success.
#9-Develop funding strategies for land purchases and work to establish a special stabilization account for the purpose of purchasing land. Paula stated it is a very specific task and Mike could delegate it out and almost goes into Secondary Goals.

Paula-looking at the list and asks what the success is. How do we measure the results of these goals? Some of these are huge tasks and multi year and may not be realistic as they are included in the day to day administration. Mike answered “if you want a more definitive measurement they are going to have to be re-written”. Some items will continue. Rich suggested Mike look at them and come back and tell the Board how to take out the subjectivity. They need a review and proposal of completion by the Administrator. Mike to revise the list put them into a format that tries to be more objective as far as what’s realistic for the timeframe-will need to be pro-active not reactive. Anything taken off will give a good case for it.
Shirley stated the need to set up a future meeting with Economic Development and find out where they are and what’s happened with the industrial park-every once in awhile we hear someone is interested. The Board agreed to set up a meeting with Economic Development and the Planning Board to discuss any problems or issues.

Secondary Goals and Objectives
#5-Develop strategies for effectively dealing with Chapter 40B applications.
-It is a huge task working with Community Development as well. Rich commented that you have to recognize the problem before you can identify solutions. He suggested Mike go to the Town Engineer-Bill Cundiff for his opinion. Then possibly to the Housing Authority.
#6-Review Unknown Owner Properties for tax purposes and/or Town use
-Update the Board from time to time how much land is out there. Mike will be working with Assessors, Tax Collector and Treasurer.

Mike will have a boil down list for the Boards’ meeting on the 6th.

Adjournment: Dave Furno made a motion to adjourn at 8:51 pm.
Seconded Paula Brouillette. All-aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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