11/3/2008 - Meeting Minutes

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11/3/2008 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Present was Chairwoman Marylynne Dube, Michael Yacino, Leon Mosczynski, Linda Brown, Ralph Dudley, Brandi Van Roo, Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent) and William Cundiff (Town Engineer).
Absent were David Windoloski and Angela Saunders (Associate Member).

1. Guilford of Maine/Interface Fabrics. There is a situation at the Gilboa Street Plant and Donald Rudge works for Interface Fabrics. DEP is requesting that the Commission be notified of the pumping of water from the waster water treatment facility into the Mumford River. A letter from DEP was submitted. The water is accumulated rain water and stormwater run-off. The discharge will take approximately a week at 100,000 gallons per day maximum. One stipulation is that the accumulation of blue-green algae (anabaena) be allowed to die off with the cold weather prior to discharge. Interface will submit a written report once the project has been completed. Brown asked if the Commission could get a copy of the final report that DEP is requesting from Rudge once the project is done. Mill City Environmental is doing this work. Dube asked that Zisk or Cundiff be notified 24 hours prior to the drawdown so that the Commission can have our representative present.
2. Christopher & Taryn Eisnor, 103 Franklin Street. The Eisnor’s were present to discuss plantings and Order of Conditions. The Eisnor’s would rather have lawn instead of shrubs. Their contractor (Norman Gadoury) did not fulfill his obligations and the homeowners want to plant lawn. Van Roo said that the shrubs on the plan do have value in regard to habitat and should be planted according to the plan. The Commission agreed that the plantings should be completed as stated in the Order of Conditions and the final Plan.
3. Robert Ebbeling, 2 Mumford Street. Mr. Ebbeling received a Violation Notice to reinstall hay bales and silt fence. He received this Violation Notice in lieu of refilling a Notice of Intent. Ebbeling said that he has placed new hay bales and silt fence. The Commission will go out to the property to view the site. The Commission will meet with Ebbeling again on 12/8/08 during the 7:00pm discussion period.
4. Hunting on Conservation Land. The Police asked what the Commission’s policy was for hunting on any of the conservation properties. Yacino said that because it is public land the Town would not be liable. By consensus of the members, hunting is allowed under public land usage.

Abutter Stephen Zisk recused himself. Present on behalf of the Applicants were Paul Hutnak of Heritage Design Group and Art Allen of EcoTec. Submitted were three (3) sets of revised plans along with a response letter replying to Cundiff’s comments. In the northeast corner of the parcel a buffer is within the jurisdiction of Douglas for a Sutton wetland. Pervious pavers are proposed for driveways in this northeast corner. Information has been submitted for a unilock retaining wall at the crossing. Retaining walls and critter walls are proposed that lead to crossing culverts. An updated endangered species list has been submitted. Cundiff asked Hutnak for an AutoCAD file. During the ZBA hearing, an abutter asked for aesthetic screening for detention pond #1. Cundiff is concerned with the amount of fill (4,908 square feet) and BSC Group has been asked for a quote in regard to the wetland crossing delineation and also the replication area is heavily wooded and may currently provide habitat for species. BSC Group’s quote is $3,015. Art Allen said that he re-delineated the wetlands and feels the wetland boundary has not changed from the original expired ORAD. BSC Group would be paid out of the Commission’s 53G Account.
Abutter Frank Silun, 8 Brown Road asked if a filing has been done in Sutton and Hutnak said that he has not filed in Sutton but said he would definitely do something in Sutton in regard to wetland notification. Silun is concerned that more water will be discharging onto his property. Silun asked how the line is defined for the town boundary and Hutnak said that he has identified two monuments for the town line and also said that stormwater runoff would not be increased. Cundiff will review the calculations in regard to pervious surfaces. Abutter John Slocum of 3 Brown Road is also concerned about stormwater runoff. Yacino made a MOTION to hire BSC Group and proceed with the work as proposed after funding has been provided by the Applicant under MGL Chapter 44, Section 53G, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS.
A MOTION was then made by Yacino to continue the Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, at 7:30pm, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Michael Finamore, 155 Webster Street: Update on Cedar Pond
Present was owner Michael Finamore to discuss the old saw mill dam located on the corner of Webster Street and Cedar Street. The completion date is 12/9/08 and Finamore said that he could do the work in the next couple of days and he asked for an extension.
Yacino said that he does not feel that this is an emergency at all because so much time has elapsed and nothing has been done since the first request for an emergency permit on 1/24/08. Yacino would rather see a filing with the Commission in order to proceed with the repairs. DCR representative Christopher Haker from Tighe & Bond, Inc., recommends a Notice of Intent be submitted to the Commission before any repairs are undertaken. The Commission also requested a letter from DCR that the Applicant must obtain in regard to dam safety jurisdiction.

1. Vouchers
2. Positive Determination of Applicability: Douglas Public Schools, 33 Davis Street
3. Negative Determination of Applicability: Florence Neely, 14 Northwest Main Street

SITE WALKS 11/6/08 (Thursday)
1. Douglas Properties, Webster Street: 2:30pm
2. Brian Donovan, 26 Cross Street: 2:45pm
3. Robert Ebbeling, 2 Mumford Street: 3:00pm

Removing boulder at Whitin Reservoir
Mosczynski said that he received a telephone call from Pauline Gavlak regarding rocks being removed on John Bombara’s property on the Reservoir. The incident occurred on Sunday, October 26 where boulders were being removed from a draw down area and were being removed by hand. Yacino said that he spoke with Bombara and suggested that he write a letter of intent to the Commission and also suggested that the Commission work with the Whitin Reservoir Association regarding policy and water habitat. Van Roo said that violation notices should be sent out to the parties involved. Pauline Gavlak, abutter to John Bombara said that she observed him removing boulders with chains and a truck. Van Roo made a MOTION that the two households that were in violation that day be sent violation notices: John Bombara, 288 Northwest Main Street and Donald Farineau, 294 Northwest Main Street, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS.
Zisk was asked to send letters to the Whitin Reservoir and the Manchaug Reservoir Associations asking them to meet with the Commission on Monday, January 5, 2009, to discuss proper protocol for shoreline and lake habitat and natural features.

At 9:15pm, a MOTION was made by Yacino to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,
Conservation Commission Member

Linda M. Brown

Meeting Minutes Transcribed By:

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