2/2/2009 - Meeting Minutes

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2/2/2009 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Acting Chairman Michael Yacino, Leon Mosczynski, Linda Brown, Ralph Dudley, Brandi Van Roo, David Windoloski, Angela Saunders (Associate Member), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent) and William Cundiff (Town Engineer). Absent was Chairwoman Marylynne Dube.

1. Conservation Restrictions. Guy Lachance, Regional Forester, will be available to come out in March 2009 to evaluate the Town’s conservation owned land. Cundiff handed out a worksheet on 3 types of land restrictions: conservation land, conservation easements and conservation restrictions.
2. Manchaug Pond Association. Chesley received a telephone call from Phyllis Charpentier stating that the Manchaug Pond Association would like to meet with the Commission. Chesley gave her a time for Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7:00pm.
3. Meeting Minutes of 12/8/08, 1/5/09, 1/20/09 to be reviewed/approved at the next meeting.

1. Voucher
2. Extension Permit for Order of Conditions: Danlyn Realty, Cross Street, Lot #1
3. Extension Permit for Order of Conditions: Orbison Corp, off Cross Street (“Summerlyn Estates” Subdivision)
4. Certificate of Compliance: Orbison Corp, 4 Wildflower Drive, Lot #1

88 West Street
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Erin Gallogly of Marc Nyberg & Associates and Scott Rabideau, Wetland Biologist for Natural Resource Services. A revised plan was presented addressing comments from the last meeting. The Commission requested a letter from the Building Commissioner, Adelle Reynolds, stating that no foundation drains were needed. Steps have been added to side of house and a proposed shed. The project will be 10.9-feet from the wetland. Abutters stated that they hear peepers in that area and it is very wet. A stormwater diffuser is proposed for roof runoff (2 units proposed). Rabideau said that runoff from the driveway will sheet flow onto the grass and the driveway would be paved. Van Roo asked Rabideau what his wildlife conclusion was based upon and he said that it was his opinion. After discussion, a MOTION was made by Dudley to close the Public Hearing, seconded by Brown. VOTE UNANIMOUS. The Commission has 21 days to make a decision and issue an approved and/or denied Order of Conditions. The Commission will discuss this at the 2/17/09 meeting.

32 Kerney Road
Present on behalf of the Applicant was William Drexel, Engineer, for GBI. The scope of work is for the construction of a single family dwelling, driveway, septic system, well and earth cuts and fills and also includes sedimentation and erosion devices and walls. A slurry pit for the well was added. This project has not received Board of Health approval yet. Most of the house, septic system and grading is within the 100 and 50-foot buffer zone. The closest point of grading is 50-feet. A MOTION was made by Brown to issue a Positive Determination of Applicability, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 8:30pm, a MOTION was made by Brown to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. Brown

Meeting Minutes Transcribed By:

Maria D. Chesley
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