Minutes, Monday January 26, 2009

Minutes, Monday January 26, 2009

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Meeting Minutes

Monday January 26, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Bob Werme, Rich Preston, Eben Cheseborough
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich

Meeting Opened by Tom Devlin @ 7:01pm

1.) Minutes: 12/8/08 Mitch noted to change on #5 – wording, Library Trustees are interested in being a Guest on the show, not a Host. Change to “Participating” in the show. Motion by Mitch to approve as presented, 2nd by Fred – Unanimous favor, Eben and Rich abstained.
2.) Correspondence: Newsletter – Mass Access, Northeast Courier, welcome to the Alliance. Given to Pat to keep in Correspondence. Letter from Charter stating that there will be technical upgrades to the digital network beginning Feb 11, not related to the digital transition. This will make room for more HD channels, though people using cards rather than the box may lose access to a growing number of digital channels. Card is an older technology. Letter about response to Ice Storm of December, which didn’t really touch Douglas. Charter sent empty bill to show change in format, though there were no numbers, so there was no way to see. Eben mentioned that the taxes seemed to have changed, which Mitch explained as the company’s interpretation of charges. Eben noted that they should be listed as such. Mitch asked Eben to bring a copy of what he is noting.
3.) Finance: Expenditures (Fiscal Year) through 12/31/08 – Wages: (Year to Date) 6898.30, (Month to Date) 1028.75. Repairs: (Year to Date) 269.85, (Month to Date) 119.40. Office Supplies: (Year to Date) 92.90, (Month to Date) 0.00. Training: 225.00. Equipment (Year to Date) 1911.12, (Month to Date) 1702.28. Total (Year to Date) $9396.36, (Month to Date) 3075.43.
4.) Coordinator Report: No sign up for winter class. 16 – up policy in question as woman wants to sign up her daughter and friend (14-15). Email from Gerard Connel asking about bringing Fios into Douglas, frustrated with Charter. Pat and Mitch responded. Is a Verizon decision to come into the town. Mitch spoke with a Fios decision maker, possibly getting Douglas on the schedule for 2010 by writing letters of interest. Mitch made motion to send letter to Verizon, as well as invite Verizon representative to town, and get selectmen to send an official letter of request, Eben second, unanimous favor. Tom revised annual report clarifying our issues with Verizon and future possibilities. Rich asked what it would entail to bring Fios into Douglas. Mitch explained that Verizon usually runs wire first and then approaches Board of Selectmen, also encouraging residents to approach Board of Selectmen. Eben mentioned that Pat’s response to Gerard’s email was well written. They can do this because they own the poles. DSL online is available currently over copper phone lines. Pat mentioned guidelines of Government channel with (5) committees standardized and locked into program schedule can sometimes be a little tough to adhere to. Asking for a little room. Tom mentioned that it is just a guideline and there is some wiggle room, though Mitch agrees that it should be fairly close in order to maintain predictability. Pat agreed to try to preserve the schedule with a little wiggle room.
5.) Local Program Hour: running with name “Douglas TV”, rough script has been written and is being thought out. Since then, Mitch has named it, “Entering Douglas” and has shot some footage towards the show.
6.) Equipment Purchase: All of the approved equipment from Dec. 8, 2008 has been purchased and installed, including the PA system in the Resource room, which has been working very well. The Laptop has been purchased and set up by Mitch. Need to take a picture of all included in LapTop package to give with laptop for clarification of what should be returned and a running inventory. Mitch had some ideas from the recent “Mac World Expo” including the Lynda.com renewal which would save $40-50.00 next year. An interesting note: ustream.com – can stream live for $0.00 with certain hardware, which Mitch will research. Mitch also discussed possible iTunes podcast listings of government meetings with a podcast feed. Another possibility is a Laptop Shelf, which is like a foldout desk that is mounted to the wall and lockable, something we could keep out in the resource room for students who can access with a key and have a remote workstation. A software note: Boinx.tv would turn the Mac into a live switch/editor – possibly replacing the recording rack (but not getting rid of rack). We may need to replace the older Mac soon, either by upgrading it, or buying a new one. Rich mentioned that we should compare and contrast. Discussion of setting up for all meetings to be recorded in the Cable office. Discussion about titling videos.
7.) Video Class: March/April? Dates undecided.
8.) Other Business: Microphone hookup boxes under the tables in the Resource room still need to be installed. Mitch mentioned the state alliance Comm Media and MyMassTV state govt. programming. Maybe get an account for high resolution additional programming. Discussion of Public Submissions on the Web – mostly for local programming, sign off sheet for producers. Tom mentioned non-royalty music being used within productions. Mitch stated we should have a sign off sheet from each producer. Tom asked about School Committee meetings, which haven’t been sent in a while. Tom said he would check up on it.
9.) Adjourn: Mitch made motion to adjourn at 8:10pm, unanimous favor.
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