Minutes, Monday April 13, 2009

Minutes, Monday April 13, 2009

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DOUGLAS CABLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Monday April 13, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Bob Werme, Rich Preston Staff Present: Pat Aldrich Meeting Opened by Tom Devlin @ 7:07pm 1. Minutes: 3/9 Fred motion to accept, Bob second, Rich abstain, unanimous favor. 2. Correspondence: invited to Alliance of NE. Media Regional Meeting (May 21, 22). Charter - Check for $40572.59 as per licensing agreement (5th annual installment). Notice of bankruptcy from Charter Communications. Letter dated April 1st regarding restructuring of company. Charter – annual notice of billing, HD channels are now a pay service. Memo: From Lawyer who negotiated Charter license - Verizon licensees process, how to bring Verizon to town. Verizon trying to shorten the time period for licensing. DHS Town Govt. Week/Fair under direction of Rich Preston, Thursday @ 8:15pm. Mitch intends to be there to represent Cable Advisory Committee. Teen Town meeting - Friday. 3. Finance: Warrant to sign. Expenditures to March 31st; Wages: 10555.80 - Repairs: 345.07 - Office: 294.35 - Training/Ed: 525.00 - Additional Equipment: 5193.93 - TOTAL: 16914.15. 3/4 way through fiscal year 56% spent. 4. Cable Coordinator Report: Conversations with Rich Preston 1: Thomas Mattson is now airing. Pat's schedule is changing slightly, from Tue/Thu/Sat to Tue/Thu/Sun with Mondays available for Cable Meetings due to a seasonal part time position. ok'd by Committee remain the schedule through the Fall season (later known date). Tue nights will be 8pm start. Class Scheduling for next LEVEL 1 VIDEO CLASS: Thursday nights 7pm-10pm. Logo presented by Pat, verbal ok, no official vote taken. 5. Local Program Hour: There was some interest in guest hosts. Mitch and Pat recorded a test project to see how it might work. The show is open to any volunteers. Rich asked about show content. Mitch explained it would be slide reading with commentary and possibly a guest. ½ hour at most.
6. Equipment purchase: Received new Hard Drives to free up space on the main hard drive. Received replacement power supply. Replaced the power supply for the old Imac. Mitch handed out a detailed sheet on what to get for a new computer. Mitch also did some testing on BOINXTV software, very good but a few issues. Proposal for new Mac Pro @ 4500.00 – Fred motion for up to $4500.00, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor.
7. Summercamp video class: No info.
8. FY10 Budget: Salary – up to 18 hours wk $15.50 an hour. Stipend – 4 nights a week at 45.00. Talk of upgrading to digital recording for next year, possibly nice studio cameras.
9. Other Business: Mitch noted that we had limited recording assistants, which puts pressure on the Coordiinator and the assistants, who may have to come in multiple times a week during busy seasons. Talk about putting an AD with the new info . Monday 5/4 is town meeting, need to coordinate Audio recording.
10. Next meeting: 5/11/09
11. Adjourn: Motion by Mitch, 2nd by Rich, unanimous favor.
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