Minutes, Monday, August 24, 2009

Minutes, Monday, August 24, 2009

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DOUGLAS CABLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes Monday August 24, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center Prepared by Pat Aldrich
Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Rich Preston, Bob Werme, Michelle Fontaine Staff Present: Pat Aldrich Meeting Opened by Mitch @ 7:08pm 1. Welcome New Member: Michelle Fontaine sworn in as member of DCAC.
2. Meeting Minutes: 8/3 – Rich motion to accept as presented, Bob 2nd, unanimous favor.
3. Correspondence: Nothing formal, Feedback through Rich from Water/Sewer as to the lack of organization in taping their meetings. Patrick explained that part of this was the fact that even though he and Tom Devlin had approached the Commission in the beginning of the year to announce that we would now be taping them, their meetings had not been posted regularly on the town website, which Pat uses mostly in scheduling video recording assistants, thus the lack of sending an assistant down to the Charles Street location where they meet. The Water/Sewer Commission felt that they were not warned when an assistant was sent there due to the recent posting of their last meeting on the town website. Mitch said that he would send another letter reminding them that we are to tape their meetings on a regular basis and Patrick said that he would begin using the “1st Tuesday of Every Month” rule instead of relying on the website.
4. Financial Report: FY09: Total revenue from April 2009 – Charter Check $40,693.54 becomes FY10 total revenue budget. Expenses: Wages - $14,567.05 Repairs and Maintenance - $420.29 Office Supplies - $335.20 Training – $525.00 Equipment $12,076.99 Total Expenditure FY09: $27,924.53 leaving $12,769.01 for savings, which is accurate at about 20% of budget or $10,000.00. July 2009 FY10 Wages – $780.00
5. Coordinator’s Report: Hooks for tripods purchased and installed, labeling and re-organizing inventory system for efficiency. Drop box outside of cable office is installed. Request: Lockable Filing Drawer for Cable files as we move forward. Possible (2) Drawer is good enough, inside office would work possibly under or next to desk. PRT Summer 2009 is running on Channel 11. Class restructure is being worked on, but possible September date for next class. Mitch mentioned that past classes have been scheduled by Committee vote, but asked if we should just allow Pat to schedule as he sees fit and let the committee know when a class is scheduled, instead of going through a formal vote. Rich mentioned that there really had been no functional scheduling as far as how often the class is offered, but should go seasonally for now, but can be expanded due to demand. Michelle noted that having gone through the class, she would appreciate more “hands-on” time with video equipment. Pat noted some re-structuring goals for the next class. Mitch said that minor changes to class doesn’t need to come through committee, but larger changes should. Contact for Tribune and Uxbridge Times for publicizing class dates.
6. Public Access: Discussion on how to generate local programming as a major initiative, as the Government channel is successfully running. Most of our programming is out of town submission, and we need to start pushing for locally produced video content. Committee is charged with galvanizing interest in local public. Do we have the equipment, and how do we get the word out? Ideas: Bob mentioned that the students from class could be a source of producers, as the class is designed. Michelle mentioned that Laurie, another member of Summer Class 09 is working on local project. Rich mentioned that we should go after content that is already provided, like happenings around town. Mitch mentioned that by federal law, it is full public communication, including almost anything up to “significantly adult nature” – and we will provide the equipment and editing stations to produce content. Pat said he would try to come up with “Templating” ideas for types of shows to make it easier for non-experienced people to create shows. Michelle spoke of reaching out to local artists/photographers in the area to get the ball rolling. Mitch mentioned musicians. Michelle mentioned that we could write up a press release with intentions. Pat discussed a qualifying program to structure borrowing of equipment outside of taking the Level 1 Video class. Mitch stated that we can set the pre-requisite for borrowing as needed. Michelle stated that she is putting on a multi-media workshop and will be taping that. Mitch reminded the committee that we need to be careful of promotional videos. Bob mentioned local sporting events, but should be coordinated through the school. Pat mentioned using resource room for performance recordings, possible music show. Mitch said ideally, Pat should be conduit for ideas and producing until threshold is crossed where local producers start up. New equipment and facilities will be generated by demand for it. Ideas: Jenckes Store events, Church, Recreation Committee, Library readings, Octoberfest. Rich came up with “Give a camera” program, where we could get cameras specially for different places that have enough events to generate multiple shows – where content is there and doesn’t need to be produced. Rich also talked about the “Video Class” alumni party, and the possibility of coordinating 40-50 people who have gone through class, and trying to get some sparks from that.
7. Equipment purchase: Voucher of the purchases approved 8/3/09 had come in. Looking at chroma key 8’ x 16’ Green Screen Backdrop from BnH Photo. Would cost $100.00, rail system to hang would be $100.00. As is, there are (2) DVD-R recorders but we should replace the spare, which would be $400.00 for a JVC MV45. Pat asked about how to get rid of bulk of defunct equipment, Mitch said there is a way to go through and figure out the “value threshold” and the Board of Selectmen decides when we get rid of it. Arthur Griffin, video assistant who’d joined the meeting, asked from the audience about putting in a fourth camera in the resource room to improve those meeting videos. Mitch agreed, basic agreement that it is worth discussing. Recording rack needs to be re-adjusted due to some minor wiring issues. Total new equipment needed: Filing Cabinet - $100.00, $200.00 misc. replacement wires for rack, $500.00 for DVD-R = $800.00 Rich motion to accept, Michelle 2nd, unanimous favor. Fourth camera, lighting improvements to be agenda items in future.
8. Financials on Website: Mitch is planning on putting the cable figures on the web as it is already public information. Numbers should have a short description to avoid confusion or misreading.
9. Missing Members of DCAC: (2) members constantly are not in attendance, Mitch said he would send them a note to see if they are indeed still interested and intend to remain on the committee.
10. Next Meeting: Monday September 14, 2009 at 7pm
11. Adjournment: 8:25pm Motion by Michelle, 2nd by Bob, unanimous favor.
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