Minutes, Monday, October 26, 2009

Minutes, Monday, October 26, 2009

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Meeting Minutes

Monday October 26, 2009 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Pat Aldrich

Members Present: Mitch Cohen, Michelle Fontaine, Fred Fontaine, Rich Preston, Bob Werme
Staff Present: Pat Aldrich.

Meeting Opened by Mitch Cohen @ 7:07pm

1.) Minutes: 9/14 and 10/5 handed out, taken home and Pat will email electronic copies to committee for next meeting.
Correspondence: New requirements of the “Conflict of Interest” Law by Town Clerk. Mitch referred to the Douglas Code of Conduct handout by the Board of Selectmen.
2.) Finance: None
3.) Cable Coordinator’s Report: Time sheets have been created for Cable Employees. There is enough room in the desk drawer for current filing purposes, so the filing cabinet may not be necessary. Programming has been pulled of PEG Media Website including Michelle’s “Arts” program suggestion and some others. Pat encourages feedback from the town on what they are seeing. Local Program Hour – Keith Menard and Paul Kujowski are both interested in hosting, but scheduling has not allowed yet. Pat has been testing with light kit to get a good “look” for recording the show. Green Screen – Pat will set up a test with Michelle to research that technology. Community Outreach – Pat would need to see the letter and policy in order to draft the proper indemnification form, and Pat handed out a form from another town that covers everything for research. Pat officially extended himself to the Outreach program with whatever it needs.
4.) Public Access Additional Programming Outreach: Rich drafted the letter that would be used for initial contact with entities. Discussion about Outreach program followed, including some changes to wording in the letter. Michelle motioned to accept the letter as amended, Fred 2nd, Unanimous favor. Once put into form, the letter would be sent to selected entities with a follow up contact by Rich.
5.) Video Class Alumni Pary: Details were discussed about the party and possible ways to run a successful event for all video class students.
6.) Special Town Meeting: 11/16/09 at the Douglas High School needs to be recorded, so Mitch met with Keith Menard, Donna Souza, and Al Denoker about the Audio Visual issues that have been problematic in the past. Keith Menard wants to use the laptop for presentation purposes. 15’ VGA cable $25.00 and a remote for the computer were recommended by Mitch. Some discussion over technical aspects of the recording process with Fred began.
7.) Equipment: Mitch spoke with Steve Zisk who does a lot of recordings in the Community Room and they put together a list of items to replace current setup in that room. 31” Television to replace the older one that is there now, $500.00 w/VGA HDMI capabilities – Wall Mount $200.00 Labor for installation $250.00 – New Video Computer interface $200.00 – 15’ VGA cable $25.00 – New Switcher $256.00 + DVD-R recorder = 1837.00 w/shipping. Fred motioned to allow for spending up to $2000.00 for a TV. Mount, Labor, Switcher, Transcoder, Cables, Wireless Remote, and other noted equipment, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor.
8.) Other Business: Some discussion about the possibility of changing other rooms in town hall to make them look nicer on camera. Other discussion about expansion of the Cable Studio. Pat asked about the Ventilation for the cable studio, and Mitch said that he would contact the office of the Executive Administrator to begin talks about that.
9.) Next Meeting: 11/23/09

Adjourn: Bob made motion to adjourn, Rich 2nd, unanimous favor at 8:37 pm.
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